Looking For Sites Like POF? Try These #10 Plenty Of Fish Alternatives

Are you searching for dating sites like POF, aka Plenty Of Fish?

Maybe you are all too familiar with Plenty of Fish, and you have been using it for a long time, but you want to try something new or something more specific.

Or POF doesn’t work for you at all. You’ve made your profile, uploaded a few photos, wrote a bio you thought is good, but you only keep getting fake profiles and girls that are unattractive to you?

Maybe POF even works great for you but you are following that financial advice always to diversify your portfolio, and you want to try a few more POF alternatives.


These are all great reasons, but whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to try different dating sites and choose the one that fits you and your preferences the best.


There are hundreds of dating sites on the market today.

Some of them are legit options and reasonable alternatives to Plenty Of Fish.

Other are scam sites that don’t work, or just lack enough users to consider them a good alternative to POF.

Trying them all would be a difficult task that would use up a lot of your time, money, and patience.


In this article, we’ll give you a list of the best sites like POF.

Some of them will be free dating sites, while some will be paid. We’ll also discuss the differences and pros and cons of free vs. paid dating sites.

But all the sites on the list are a valid option if you are searching for sites like POF.

The main criteria are:

  • number of users
  • quality of users
  • quality of dating site
  • free basic membership
  • site functionality and matching system
  • Strictly hookup or catering more towards relationships

Online dating is getting harder and harder- cover all your bases.

The fact that you use online dating in today’s time is not something you should be ashamed of. Not only that online dating is not a taboo topic anymore, but it’s also becoming more widely accepted by younger generations.


But what does that means for you?

It’s simple,- more people using online dating means there will be more competition. More competition means you’ll have a much harder time to stand out on a particular dating site and you’ll have to pay more attention to the way you are presenting yourself online, and how you use the dating site.

The biggest reason why guys fail at meeting girls online is that they keep repeating the classic online dating mistakes.

Guys make these mistakes whether they’re using Tinder, POF or OK Cupid. This should be a top priority to fix and improve upon if you expect to get any success online. And this stands for any dating site or app. The rules still apply.

Reason number 1 – Bad profiles

  • their photos suck
  • their profiles are incomplete and lack any substance
  • they rely only on free dating sites, when apparently it doesn’t work for them
  • guys don’t know how to text girls online and write messages that can’t be ignored.


There could be a myriad of reasons why you suck at online dating, but that’s a whole another topic.

Read about How to get better at meeting girls online

and ultimate guide to texting girls online


Reason number 2- Guys rely only on one dating site

That’s why we at Fckme are always encouraging guys to avoid placing all their eggs in one basket and avoid relying solely on one dating site.

It’s a much better idea to use simultaneously at least two to three dating sites. That way you drastically increase your chances of finding partners for long-term relationships or casual sex and hookups. If one dating site doesn’t do it for you, there are a plethora of others that will maybe make you smile.

Which leads us to our next point.

Reason number 3 – Using only general type of dating sites

Try to niche down when searching for dating sites like POF.

Be very specific about what exactly are you searching for.

  • Is it a relationship?
  • a partner wanting just casual sex just like you?
  • someone who’s sharing your kink for BDSM?

Be very specific, that way you’ll again increase your chances of finding someone compatible.


Plenty Of Fish Is Still At The Top In Spite Of All The Similar Dating Sites and Apps


Almost 15 years since it’ was founded Plenty of Fish is still one of the top 3 dating apps on the market, alongside Tinder and OK Cupid.

Since the beginning, POF prides themselves to be a completely free dating site. That’s why it gained its popularity.

But, there have been some changes starting from 2015 when POF was sold and became a part of the Match group. Match group is a giant company and owner of a considerable number of dating sites like:

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Match
  • Chemistry
  • OurTime
  • Meetic
  • and Datehookup


Many of these sites aren’t free. They require users to purchase a paid version which enables them to use more perks and features.

The similar things started happening with Plenty of Fish, where it’s still free to use, but it’s becoming pay for play more and more. You have all the free, primary sites functionality, but if you want to use extra perks and features, it will cost you dinero.

But apart from that Pof is still one of the largest and most popular dating sites.


Reasons why people are searching for alternative sites like POF?

  • Site looks archaic
  • Free membership sucks
  • Lots of fakes and scam profiles
  • Slow or not at all improvements on the site
  • Doesn’t work for them


Free Vs. Paid Alternatives to POF- which one to choose?

      Screenshot source: ourbestonlinedatingsites.com


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the best free and paid sites like POF lets, make some things clear.

We at Fckme always encourage people to try the free version before deciding to spend money. In most cases, the free versions give you enough functionality to use the site, and even get matches and meet people. I’ve been using Tinder successfully for a very long time without spending a dime. In spite of that, I successfully got dates, casual sex and even found a relationship.

But the trend that more and more dating sites are becoming a pay for play types of arrangments is evident.


Also, should you pay for a dating site depends on how serious are you to get your love and sex life handled and how much dispensable income for playing you have?

We’re not talking about large sums of money here when we say paid membership. The majority of premium dating sites cost no more than 10 -20$ a month, which is enough time to meet a special someone. But nevertheless why spend money if you can do it for free.


Why Paid Dating Sites?


As you can see from the graph, there are a 3 percent more users who pay for dating sites 51 $ or more on average than the number of free users.

This is a clear indicator that people are actually willing to pay for online dating which means that it works.


Higher quality of users

This one should be pretty obvious. If users are willing to pay money to use a paid dating site, it means they are more serious at finding someone compatible.

Also, the fact that they paid money shows they are employed and have enough disposable income to spend on their love life.


Proven success rate

Paid dating sites promise to give you a much better dating experience overall. For starters, you’ll be able to use all the perks free members are not.

You’ll be able to see which users checked your profile, and even message them directly, while on some free sites this is not possible.

Some dating apps like Tinder will prioritize their paid members and show them first to the most attractive tinder users. This can still happen if you’re a free user, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to cross paths with them or wait for Tinder to show mercy.


Easier to use- Ad free sites

Dating sites must make money somehow to survive and placing annoying ads all over the dating site is one of them. At least if you pay to use a dating site, you will be spared of those annoying ads.


Why Free Dating Sites?

No cost to join

You can make a free profile on the majority of dating sites in 5 minutes with only your email address. No credit card, no phone number, although some dating sites will ask you to connect your Facebook profile to authorize.


More members

Free dating sites attract a lot of members. That’s good because you have greater chance of meeting someone. But, the bad side is that a lot of these members will be fake or scam profiles or people who are using the sites only casually.


Best Dating Sites Like POF

Although Pof is a pioneer in an online dating game, and it still holds it’s popularity, there are many newer and more modern sites like POF that present a real threat to the POF’s throne.

Plenty of Fish maybe is one of the oldest and well known, but some of the newer alternatives to Pof really rise in popularity thanks to their modern designs and perks that really make everybody’s online dating process an enjoyable experience.

We’ll group the dating sites like POF in a few categories so that everyone finds what fits their needs and wants the best.


Best Sites Like POF for People Looking For Relationships


Match .com

Match .com is just one of the dating sites owned by a Match Group which also owns sites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, Twoo, and Hinge.

The site was launched in 1995, and they are proud to say that they are responsible for more marriages and relationships than any other dating site in the world. Is that the truth, I don’t know. It looks we’ll have to believe them on their word.


Match has a large and fast-growing user base, and they help people find their ideal dating partners in 24 countries all over the world.

They guarantee that you will successfully meet someone in less than six months, and if you fail they will return you the money.


You can use all the basic functionality of the site for free. For extra features, it’s advised that you upgrade to paid version.

The price of a paid membership goes from 26,65 $ a month for three months. If you don’t find a match in six months, they will return you the money you spent.


Match.com works on mobile and also on the desktop. You can use both versions with the same functionality.

Match.com welcomes people looking for all kinds of relationships- straight, gay and lesbian, and people of all relationship statuses- single widowed and divorced,

Match com is the perfect alternative to plenty of fish. It’s an excellent fit for all people looking to find love, relationships, marriages, and friends.

Not only online dating but match organizes local events for their users.


Overall, Match is one of the best dating sites in the world, and it holds to its reputation. Match is an excellent alternative to POF.

Read our full Match.com review here.


Ok Cupid

OkCupid is a free dating site with one of the best matching systems on the market. They promise to match you with other users with high accuracy if you honestly present your preferences.

OkCupidThey use tests and questions to get to know you better and to match you with similar people. The tests range from funny to serious, and you’ll have much fun participating.


Free membership is more than enough to use the site and meet people, but as a free user, you’re shown advertisements which can be annoying.


With paid version called ” A-List” advertisements are removed, and you get a few extra features like:

  • ability to see everyone who liked you
  • you can see who read the messages you’ve sent
  • and some additional search functions

OkCupid was voted multiple times as a best free dating app. It’s available in desktop and app version, and it’s functionality and ease of use certainly justify the awards.

OK Cupid has a pretty big user base with over 10 million active users. It’s mostly used in the US. Canada and the UK.

The basic membership is free and paid version costs from 19,95 for basic a list and 34,90 for premium A-list.

Read our full Ok Cupid review here.



Zoosk didn’t even start as a dating site. It began as a Facebook App but quickly exploded in popularity.

Now it has around 50 million users, and it’s one of the most prominent dating services.




What makes Zoosk so unique is their matching technology called- the behavioral matchmaking engine. The matching engine learns users preferences as they interact with people and use the site. Then it uses that data to suggest compatible people.

Zoosk made their platform like a game where you can buy gifts and arrange a special delivery to someone using coins.


Basic membership is free, and you can sign up using your Facebook account or email. With the free membership, you can create a profile, search through the user’s profiles and send messages.

Paid membership is from 12,49 a month for six months.

Zoosk is an excellent alternative to POF for all people looking to find compatible long-term relationship partners.

Read our full Zoosk review here.



Eharmony is a great dating site for people looking for relationships and marriage.

Recent studies say that over 400 marriages happen in the US every day thanks to  Eharmony.


Eharmony is best known for its complex matching system developed with the help of married individuals. They helped to test it and make it better.

After you join the site, you’ll have to fill out a very detailed profile and questionnaire which helps to make your detailed personality profile. This way you will avoid over 95% of incompatible people and fake profiles.

In 2018 Eharmony started to guarantee to their users that if they’re not happy with their matches after three months, they get additional three months for free. This only shows that Eharmony is a legit site that has their users best interests in mind.


The basic membership is free and making a profile is easy. To use additional features, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid membership.

The paid membership starts from 59,95 for one month.

Eharmony has around 50 million users with the majority from the US. Canada and Australia.

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Badoo was launched in 2006 and quickly became a well known and fast growing dating site for everyone wanting to meet new people quickly. We’ve placed Badoo in the relationships category, but you can use it to find casual sex if you know what you’re doing.

Badoo has close to 400 mill members from 190 countries all over the world.


You can create a profile and connect with others for free, which is more than enough. With the free option, you can create a profile, upload photos, and videos, search for members and chat. With the paid version, you get extra perks like increased visibility, your profile appearing at the top of search results and ability to send messages to most popular users.


Paid version costs from 9,99 that you can exchange for credits to use on the site.

But the free version is more than enough to meet people.

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What makes bumble so interesting is the reversal of the roles. Usually, men are making the first move on dating sites and in real life. They start the conversations and invite girls to meet them.

On Bumble it’s reversed, and women are in control of who and when they’ll message and meet.

It’s interesting to note that bumble has the highest “‘post-match chat rate“‘ of all dating sites. It also has the lowest rates of reported harassment and abuse on the site.


Bumble also tried to fix a problem that bothers almost all dating sites- ghosting and not contacting people after you match them. It often happens on Tinder.

To accomplish that women are given a 24 hour period to make the first move, while men have the same 24 hour period to answer them back. If the communication doesn’t happen in that window, the match gets deleted.


Bumble app is free, but with the paid version you get extra features called Bumble Boost.

With Boost you can :

  • try again with expired matches,
  • you can see who liked you
  • and you get an extra period of 24 hours to make the first move and answer the message.


Apart from Bumble dating, Bumble has bumble Bff for finding friends and Bumble biz for business networking.

The paid membership costa from 9,99 a month

It has 25 mil users with the majority in us, Canada, UK, Australia, Brasil, France, Germany, and Ireland

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Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an exciting dating app created in 2012.  The basic idea behind it is to connect busy young professionals who don’t have a lot of free time for dating.


Every day at noon women receives 5 Bagels, aka five men that liked them. The men have 24 matches available to use every day.

This way the time spend on texting, swiping and going through a bunch of matches is reduced. All the bagels you need is available for you every day at noon.


Coffee meets Bagel uses your social circle to find potential matches. That’s why you must log in with your Facebook account. Studies show that the match percentage goes higher if people have mutual friends or acquaintances in their social circles.

When you receive your daily Bagels, you have two options. You can like them or pass them. If you pass, the match gets lost forever.

If you both liked each other, you could continue the conversation in the app chat. Coffee meets Bagel even helps you by breaking the ice and starting the convo.

Coffee Meets Bagel is mostly used in the US and Canada.


It’s completely free to use, but you have the option to upgrade to a premium account for 24,99 and receive 3000 credits in the app.

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Best hookup dating sites like POF

In this list, you have dating sites where users mingle with the intent of hooking up.

If you’re looking for something more serious, these dating sites won’t be the best fit (except for Tinder). I’ve successfully used Tinder app when I was looking for a compatible relationship partner.



Passion is an adult dating site with over 50 million members and 100 000 daily active members. You have to be 18 years old to join the dating site successfully.

Passion.com motto is sexy personals for passionate singles, and that should tell you all you need to know about what kind of a dating site it is.

It’s the best place for single people wanting to hook up with other singles or couples casually.


The basic membership is free but very limited. You can browse user profiles and create a profile, but if you want to initiate conversations with others via chat, email or video chat, you’ll have to upgrade to gold membership.

The gold membership starts from 26,99 for a month, and silver membership for 17,99 for one month.

All in all Passion is on the list of sites like POF you can’t miss.

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Do we really need to introduce Tinder? It’s one of the most popular and used dating app. Tinder has spread like wildfire all over the planet.

Although it has a reputation for being a hookup app, Tinder is really much more.




On Tinder you’ll find:

  • single people looking for casual sex,
  • single people looking for relationships,
  • couples in search of a lucky third,
  • and even people looking for travel buddies and friendships.


Tinder is free to use, and basic free membership is more than enough to find what you’re looking for.

Paid options, Tinder gold, and Tinder plus give you a few extra features; like placing you on top of other peoples stack of cards to swipe through, ability to see who liked you, and an option to rewind your last swipe.

Tinder is very simple to use, and you can connect it with your Facebook account, Instagram account and Spotify for further verification.


Anyway, it’s a neat little app where everyone will find what they’re looking for with a bit of luck and skill. Tinder is pretty shallow because it relies heavily on your photos. If your photos suck, you’ll get no Tinder matches.

Indeed an excellent alternative to POF.

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X match is a real legit adult dating site. It looks like a big porn tube site where you can actually be social and meet other people.


Registration is pretty straightforward and easy, and you can chat with other users in a matter of minutes.

It’s a full desktop website, and there isn’t an X match app yet available.


X match has plenty of users, but their matching system is not the best. You will get matches with ease if your profile is good, but you’ll have to check for compatibility manually.

You can friend other people, send them winks, like their profiles and send them emails.

Users are free to post erotic and x rated images, and videos which can be rated and commented on by other users.


For people looking for sites like POF, where they can get straight to the point and find casual sex as quickly as possible, x match is an excellent choice.

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Adult Friend Finder




If you’re looking for hookup sites like POF, Adult Friend Finder is a must!

Aff is full on adult dating website where singles and couples are looking strictly for other singles for sexual encounters. The site is totally unfiltered, and users can share their x rated photos, videos, use webcams, chat rooms and blog about their experiences.


After over 20 years since its launch adult friend finder has over 80 million members and a growing community.

New users can join adult friend finder for free. Basic free membership gives them the option to create a profile, upload photos, and videos, and view other peoples profiles-but in a limited way.

Users can communicate via chat rooms, instant messages and have the option to watch users live webcams.

That’s the basic functionality you get as a free Adult Friend Finder user. For more options and features you’ll have to upgrade your account.


If you’re looking for sites like POF, Adult Friend Finder is your best bet. Although it’s a bit more expensive than POF, the price is more than worth it.

The price of paid membership starts from 14,95 a month.

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The Best LGBT Community  Sites Like POF



Since it’s launch in 2009 Grindr has gained a reputation of being the best way for gay men to meet. It has 3.5 million active daily users, and it’s the largest all male gay dating community in the world.

It was a first gay dating app to appear in the app store, and since its launch, it continues to grow. Three times Grindr received the award for being the best mobile dating app.



Grinds is a free dating app, but as a free user, you’ll have to endure annoying ads.

Grindr uses IoS and Android tech to connect men with other men in their vicinity.


The paid Grindr upgrade will cost you from 6,99 a month, and you can enjoy the site ad-free with a few extra benefits.

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Best Unusual Niche Dating Sites Like POF


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