Six Ways to Make Girls Like You

Six Ways to Make Girls Like You

Become genuinely interested in their life and their dreams and goals
Remain positive… SMILE
Use a womens FIRST NAME in conversation… remember names
Rather than talking about your own life – encourage others to talk about theirs… (IMPORTANT)
Use the women’s life as the focal point of conversation
Be honest and open… make everything you say come across as sincere

Selfish Thinking

Do you listen? Or do you simply wait impatiently for your chance to speak?
Other people know that you are not interested in what they are saying by how you listen. If you dont pause and reflect on their statement before bringing up your own point they will feel like what they have said does not matter to you.
In your eagerness to prove your point and let your voice be heard you fail to acknowledge them.
Some people are extremely rude when it comes to conversation – they selfishly hog the lime light and care not for anyone else’s point of view.
In the book how to win friend and influence people Carnegie the author raises some important points about making friends.

Techniques in Handling People

  • Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.
  • Give honest and sincere appreciation.
  • Arouse in the other person an eager want.

Almost all relationships are formed through some sort of friend association…
It could be your family friends daughter or your mates friends friend…
Jobs are won and lost through previous friend associations and networking. It’s just how the world works – people like hiring those that they already have a relationship with.
This is why the old cold approach in a bar seems so unnatural to many guys – there is reason to approach a random girl in a bar and start talking to her for the sake of talking. She knows it’s more than that + she doesn’t know you.
Which adds emphasis to family connections and friendship – this is where many of your breaks will come from.
House parties are the best places for creating strong bonds with new people. Your cousins friend that recently moved into the city gives you the glad eye and it’s all on from their.
Because there is a natural flow of conversation it’s certainly not rude to ask about her life… there in no glaringly loud music so a real connection can be made.
Of course it’s difficult to physically and sexually escalate in this sort of situation but this is not the place.
Once you have gotten to know each other then you cold invite her out next weekend. Now you have a point of reference – she already knows you and you can use this anchor to escalate in a more sexually motivated atmosphere.
So for all of those guys out their that are trying to jump from anonymous lurker to sexual partner in less than an hour and failing, take note of how the game really works.
If you have few friend connections now is the time to pick up your game… look outside your friends circle and find some fresh personalities.
If you have many so called “friends” but are not currently utilising them to meet new people now is the time to take up that party invitation and get amongst the action.
So it’s simple – in order to make girls like you – you need to take an interest in their lives. This is easier said than done as you eagerly await your chance to claim the spotlight and receive the admiration of others.
Use the associations of your friends for inherent trust…
Ask questions about HER life… your life isn’t that important to her right now. Many guys get this wrong… like massively wrong – they will spend the entire night talking about important their work life is. Because your date is polite she will sit through your bullshit work stories… she may even smile and nod but dont expect a second date.


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