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Need a little dating advice on how to play your hand online? Heard of slow playing in poker? Here it is applied to dating online.
Moving from a virtual online relationship (dating site) to an offline real relationship poses some new problems.
You don’t want to come across desperate or aggressive…
You have to give your virtual partner or potential partner time to assess how she feels about the situation.
Often times she will make the move and suggest that two of you meet up (best scenario)… If time has passed and she is still showing interest she is not sure if you are that into her.
This is when you need to ask if she is keen to meet up offline.

Slow Play

If you’re going to play it slow in your online offline transition then you will be exchanging quite a few emails and defiantly chatting on the phone, skype, facebook etc:
This happens when the two of you are quite serious about the relationship but still want to make sure of each other.
Neither is certain that the other wants to take it further so the online conversation goes on longer than it should.
Even so, eventually either one cracks and asks the other to go out or meet up or you find out that they never wanted to meet up in the first place.
Sometimes guys/girls are just interested in phone chat etc and they are married or in a relationship.
Online daters who slow play and don’t commit to offline dates are not taking it seriously and tend to just be doing it for the excitement and attention.
The slow play in online dating is a great way to find out a lot about the person before you meet up. It’s possible to make the first offline meeting a blast by becoming friends online first.
The first date is like catching up with an old friend because you have already shared so much together.
Online video and audio chat is great for this.
However most people do not like the idea of sitting in front of a computer for any longer than they have to so if you’re not into the slow play why not speed things up and get to know each other over lunch…

Fast Play

This is a very exciting way to play the online dating game. The quick contact is usually casual sex motivated so if you find yourself asking for her phone number and getting it straight away you can infer what she’s into.
However the excitement of meeting and suggesting a meeting place within 5 minutes can wear off.
The reality of meeting a stranger in person should kick in when you go to meet them soon after (same day or weekend)
Women and men who agree to the quick meet up are eager for companionship.
They may have been online for awhile and not been approached by a guy like you before. Just remember that decisions that you will later regret are often made during fast online play.
But hey this isn’t poker and if you like a little crazy fun then ring her up and chat to get to know her.
There is a middle ground between the fast play and the slow play. Basically you act interested in meeting up but also be rational and reserved.
Get her number but be sure that you have something in common before you commit to anything.
If they sound weird on the phone or there are any inconsistencies move on…
NEVER meet for the first time at your own house or hers: Unless you have slow played and seen her face to face via skype etc
If you plan a big restaurant dinner (or movie) from a fast play and she turns out to be crazy what then? Meet at a bar or for coffee or for a walk in the park…
That way their are easy outs and you don’t waste to much time and money.
In the end… be rational. If you feel strongly about her after a few emails and a phone call or online video chat then trust your gut and go on a dinner.
If you met her via and exchanged 5 emails to arrive at each others cell phone numbers to text a quick location out then for Christ sake don’t organise a romantic dinner and a movie.
A quickie behind the bike sheds might be more in order (before you FIRST meet her during the light of day in a public place).
Remember the world can be a dangerous place for the naive.
In the most part online dating is safe and fun and will only add to your life.
Find a new relationship , spice up your love life or find a women that loves nerdy fat guys.
It’s all online and it’s all waiting for you to discover. Using site such as black people meet, mature dating uk or be naughty you are able to contact singles online who are also looking for dating and relationships.
You pay a small fee for the ability to contact other singles of course but their are other sites where you can test out the slow play fast play method…
Why not use okcupid, plentyoffish or oasis active?
They are free and full of ads but hey, it’s free.
If money is a problem right now use the free sites otherwise eHarmony and vipsingles are sites that will allow you to find someone amazing in your life.
Long meaningful relationships can and do happen online every day as a result of singles slow playing and getting to know many singles on the site at once.
In time they choose a few people that they really click with and badda bing badda boom they are married. (eHarmony marriage statistics will blow your mind) e.g.
148,311 marriages and 1,130,006 non-married, monogamous relationships (ESTIMATED TO BE) started by eHarmony, between January 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009
However you want to play your hand… whether it be offline or online, remember to stay safe and choose wisely.

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