Smart Date

Smart date offers an easier more intuitive dating process based on the success of facebook… You login with your facebook account and are able to connect and view “friends of friends”
Smart date is more popular in places like France and Belgium so be aware if you live else where there might not be a lot of users yet. This authentic facebook style dating site has a blog at however  the default language is French!
This dating site defiantly has a “web 2.0” feel to it with success stories for smartdate users at
Smartdate offers intelligent smartsearch technology so the matching tech is great with close integration with facebook. The great thing about this facebook integration is that the dating experience becomes alot safer. Typically facebook profiles are authentic with real profiles pictures. Using facebook as the default login ensures real people and real friends are connecting through the smartdate interface… A great idea
Smart date simply provides an area outside facebook for users (mostly in Europe) to find dates
Apparently tens of thousands of people are joining smartdate every day! So no matter where you are in the world smart date will find you a match.
Smart date is currently in these languages
Nederland smart date
English smart date
Espanol smart date
Francais smart date
Italiano smart date
Smart date is run on the same technology as facebook so look for a lot of flash application based pages.
If makes the whole dating experience much more enjoyable and user friendly.
As a result find singles in France Netherlands and Belgium using smart date is great experience for everyone.
Its free to sign up to smart date to check them out today