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Speed dater is based in the uk and is a speed dating event organizer. There are both real and online speed dating events which you can sign up for in your area.
For example there is one at dover st london which is currently sold out for women but still open for men to join.
Here is some more information about going to a speed dating even in the uk:
You can bring friends along to speeddateruk
You are also able to book an additional ticket for a friend but your
friend must have an account on the speed dater site.
You can pay by telephone booking from 9am till 10pm Monday till Fi
Heres how the speeddater uk matching system goes:
Match + Match = Dating Match
Match + Friend = Friendship Match
Friend + Friend = Friendship Match
Match + No = No Match
Friend + No = No Match
No + No = No Match
What is the SpeedDater guarantee?
SpeedDater Guarantee
Speeddater guarantees you will meet someone that you want to see again assuming its a paid event. If not you can come to the next even free.
It’s easy to book an event with speed dater simply go to the top panel on the events page. Select which city and age group you want
You can choose which speeddater events are currently in your city by choosing your city and age group and clicking go:
Once the speeddaters event is over you are able to see who is interested in seeing you again. Simply visit the my matches tab in your members area of the homepage.
At this point you are able to send emails to members of the event
Remember if you attend a speeddateruk event and you choose match buut they do not choose match then it will show up as friend in your members area.

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    Online speed dating is a cool thing to do. You will meet many people and have some friends. And if you’re using skype that will be a great addition to the enjoyment.

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