Stigma of Online Dating

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Stigma of Online Dating
Many folks think there still is a stigma attached to online dating and using cyber space to find love. With the advent of the internet finding love online has become more common than you might think.
You are behind the game if your not using this medium to connect with people.
Many people still think that users post photos of themselves from 15 years previous.
Some people still think most people lie about their age and occupation.
Some people still think that online dating is for geeks.
The stigma of online dating has all but disappeared and dating in 2010 and 2011 will only get more exiting and engaging.
Think about it – with the use of chat and VIDEO chat you will know more about the person you are going to meet than if you were to meet them via a mutual friend or worse speed dating.
With video chat it’s like they are sitting right in front of you and you can ask them anything about themselves. You can get to know someone very well just using skype. You don’t even need to risk the first date just video chat prospective matches until you strike gold.
Apple iPhoto and iVideo have now been integrated into many dating platforms so connecting with people really is as easy as a few clicks.
As far as stigma in online dating there really isn’t any. Any feeling you have of online dating sites attracting freaks or lonely losers should be dispelled. Almost everyone has a facebook account now and it won’t be long before every single is signed up to an online dating site.
Try to dispel any stigma you may have of online dating by thinking of it as an extension of your social behaviour, rather than a place where people hide away.
Online dating is just another efficient connection tool. A way for you to find like minded people fast.
Online dating is NOT a place for weird folks to hide in the corners of the virtual world and chat about freaky sexual fantasies. Once you sign up and video chat a few members you will realise that you have been telling yourself lies all along.
But online dating is also not a tool that can replace and cure all of your dating anxieties and worries. Don’t expect so much from online dating but don’t be surprised when you realise how powerful and efficient dating on the internet can be.

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