Reasons To Try Online Dating (Plus Online Dating Sites)

People have different perceptions about online dating. Some are pretty cool about it, while others think the entire concept is awkward and embarrassing. If you are reading this post, it’s quite likely that at one point you have considered online dating. If you’ve been hesitant to give it a try because you still prefer dating the “old fashioned” way, it’s about time to put those inhibitions on hold.

Online Dating

Yeah, this form of dating can be confusing and mystifying at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the variety of options available at your disposal, not to mention the sheer number of folks out there longing for love and companionship. So what are you waiting for? Boot up, log in and start looking for “the one.” That special someone may be out there waiting for you via the world wide web.

Why You Should Give Online Dating A Try

So without further ado, here are top reasons why you should give online dating a try…

Everybody’s into it. 

The negative stigma associated with online dating is now a thing of the past. It has emerged as an ever-growing phenomenon, with scores of people logging on to dating sites with the hope of finding their ideal partner. In the United States, statistics revealed that there are 54,250,000 single individuals and out of that figure 49,250,000 have tried online dating! In Europe, there are at least 5,000 dating states, with the United Kingdom boasting more than 1,500 of those.

Evidently, the demand for online dating services is high –and it’s not difficult to see why. Today’s busy lifestyle and the rise of social media are the major factors that make online dating one of the top priorities for singles. Online dating has become an integral part of today’s dating scene, so you can rest assured that you are in good company. As a matter of fact, some of the most social, friendly, outgoing, and extroverted people have tried online dating. Even those without any problem hooking up with other people and making connections have joined the fray.

No obligation and its free (sometimes).

One of the cool things that most people love about online dating is the fact that they can keep their privacy. You don’t have to upload photos and in some cases you can opt not to use your real name. Since you have the choice to become more or less anonymous, there is no guilty feeling if you don’t end up liking the person you’re chatting with or if you stood them up for a date.

Next, there are lots and lots of online dating sites out there that are totally free to use. Even subscription sites typically offer free trial for a month so you can get a feel and determine if you like the service before signing up. Note, however, that free dating sites tend to draw less serious members. So if you are looking forward to a long-term relationship, you’d be better of shelling out some cash. On the whole, the fact that majority of online dating sites render affordable services provide an impetus for everybody to try them out.

Best Online Dating Sites 

To help you out, we’ve compiled the best online dating sites for 2017 (updated for 2018).

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Search, plus daily match suggestions

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
All Singles 49%



13.5 Million

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Personality test suggests matches

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
All Straight Singles 48%



4.1 Million

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Search, plus daily match suggestions

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
All Singles 48%



3.8 Million

Elite Singles

Relationships: Serious Relationships

Match System: Search personal criteria, plus get Partner Suggestions

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
All Singles 43%




Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Search by age, profile, zip, more

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
Mature Singles (50+) 48%



1.4 Million

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Search by age, profile, zip, more

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
Christian Singles 44%



2.4 Million

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Search by age, profile, zip, more

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
Black Singles 47%



1.4 Million

Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Free to browse. Easy search options

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
Senior Singles (55+) 41%



2.4 Million


Relationships: Hookups, Chats

Match System: Search by interest, zip code, photos, more

User Base Gender Ratio Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
All Singles 48%



13.3 Million

Notable mentions include Oasis Dating, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid. Spark, Mate1, and Chemistry

Larger pool / get to meet a wider circle of people. Consider the number of opportunities you have to mingle and socialize in any given day. Perhaps you’re a member of a club, maybe there are potential partners in your office, or you regularly visit bars on weekends. Great, but you’re likely dealing with a limited dating pool.

If your pals are all high-school or college buddies but you wish to meet someone who works as a commercial model, for instance, your options are fairly limited. If you really wish to expand your dating circle, there are literally millions of potential matches online. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to meet lots of people even if you have a very busy schedule.

Search options

Most sites feature a variety of search options to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for: from age to physical appearance to location, occupation, among others. You can make searches using different criteria and find someone who shares your passion and interests. Online dating is also a means to broader your horizons by meeting people from other nations and culture.

Specialty sites

You may have noticed from the list of best online dating sites that there are certain websites dedicated to Christian singles, black singles, senior singles, and the like. If you have a particular fetish, you’ll certainly find others who are willing to participate. Regardless of the niche that you’re after, there’s likely a specialty dating site designed and devoted to it.

Compatibility matches

Majority of the high-end dating sites today offer to find matches based on compatibility tests. You don’t even have to do the searching; the website will do it for you! Hence, it’s really easy to find the type of person that you’re looking for.

We usually have an idea of what our ideal date will look like, but it can be a bit tricky to find the right one among the dozens of people we come into contact with everyday. It’s literally like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, compatibility matches can pinpoint the person you’re looking for by reviewing the matches that meet your specific criteria.

You can then review your matches before getting in touch with any of them, and when you do contact them, you can choose to send a message without disclosing any personal information, like your email address or mobile number.

If you think that you won’t click with your match, you always have the option to politely go your own way. And in case you’re not sure what type of person you’d like to meet, some dating sites provide a personality quiz that matches you with compatible members.

Background checks

There are online dating sites that offer to check the background of anybody who registers with them to ensure that you are not being set up with a psychopath or convicted criminal.

Get to know the person even before you meet

Real-world dating relies on one of two basic premises: either you get set up on a blind date, or you meet someone you find physically attractive. Unfortunately, neither really works in terms of finding the right love match. Herein lies one of the advantages of online dating, you’ll know that you share something in common even before going on your first date.

Perfect if you are the shy type

If you’re the type of person who acts and behaves awkwardly on first dates, then online dating is the ideal way to meet and connect with new people. Of course, you’d still need to go through the first date, but it’s likely to be a relaxed one once you have spent a considerable amount of time getting to know the other person. Moreover, you’ll get to figure out if you’re likely to click and get along even before your first date.

Dictate your terms

We all have standards and preconceived notions. So if the person you are chatting with is homeless, jobless, boring or completely humorless, there is no need to waste your precious time and money. You can start looking for someone else.

Find Dates Anytime, Anywhere

Majority of online dating sites have mobile apps that are easy to use and will allow you to take online dating from your desktop to phone seamlessly. Here is a list of the top apps to help you start dating more efficiently:

  • Tinder (Android, iOS)
  • OkCupid (Android, iOS)
  • Coffee Meets Bagle (Android, iOS)
  • Hinge (iOS:$10.99/month)
  • Grindr (Android, iOS)
  • Tastebuds (iOS)
  • (Android,iOS)
  • PlentyOfFish (Android, iOS)
  • ShowReal (Android, iOS)
  • Bumble (Android, iOS)
  • Happn (Android, iOS)
  • DragonFruit (Android, iOS)
  • Sapio (Android, iOS)

Practice makes perfect

One of the major perks of online dating is that you’ll get more dates within a shorter period of time. You don’t even have to wait for someone to ask you out! When you go on a date with someone new for the first time, you’ll still feel jittery, but with every date that you go on, you learn more about yourself – what works for you and what doesn’t. Over time, you get ‘desensitized’ and you’ll no longer feel that you’re getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn what type of setting you’re comfortable with, what type of food or drink to order, and how to get to know more about a person in a non-threatening manner.

Online relationships tend to last

Proponents of a recent study inferred that couples who met online do find true and lasting love. They are also happier and appear to have lower divorce rates when compared to those who met through more conventional ways.
Online dating is certainly more popular than ever and your are likely to know someone who has already tried it. You may feel skeptical, but it’s worth giving a go because you’ll never know who you can meet. It is not about desperation or being your last resort. It’s more of casting more lines in the water.

Online dating is perfect if you are no longer satisfied with your dating life and you’re thinking of trying a different approach. And even if you don’t end up meeting ‘the one,” it is a truly memorable experience that can have a positive impact on your growth as a person. So, happy dating!

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