How To Succeed With Adult Online Dating Sites And Get Laid

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There are hundreds of adult online dating sites on the World Wide Web, all claiming to get you laid tonight, but the truth is – they almost NEVER do! What is wrong with these sites? Or is there something wrong with you? Everyone else seems to be getting any girl they want, but you are left alone having to keep yourself entertained…

Well, maybe you don’t have the right strategy. Let me get you on the right track and help you get some real ladies and real sex.

Here is the strategy.

Find The Best Online Dating Sites

90% of all the sites you find are garbage. The profile collection on these usually consists of thousands of horny guys and thousands of pretty girls. The disappointing part is that all the accounts of these sexy, easy looking girls are indeed fake, created only to get you to sign up. This is especially true when it comes to new sites. Be cautious of brand new sites with tens of thousands of members.

Stick to trusted sites out there. For example, or to mention a few. You can read reviews and browse forums where you can see which sites are discussed and recommended by users. Of course, our site should also be on your top list! We have plenty of attractive young girls for you to chat with, date and hook up.

Profile Matters

And it matters a lot. It’s your best tool for making an impression and getting laid.

Don’t be lazy and skip a big part of your profile setup. Fill every field, upload plenty of photos. Think every sentence through. The more information you have up there the better. Still, don’t just fill your profile like any other boring form you have filled out in your life, you have to make it count, so be creative!

Write down fun facts about you, even make some up if you are an otherwise boring person. Include at least 3 images, at least one where you are seen from head to toe and one with a close-up of your face. Believe it or not, images of your genitals are not an attraction to ladies, even on sex online dating sites.

Don’t forget to write down what you are looking for in a woman, be as precise as you can. No lame phrases such as “looking for a fun loving girl”. Like with regular online dating sites, here too you need to stand out from the crowd. Especially because their ratio for guys and girls is around 10 guys for each girl. You need to be special!

Be Active

Now that you have a great profile up there, you may think that you have done your part and want to just sit back and see messages flowing in. Wrong! It won’t happen! You have to be active and take initiative. Women get plenty of messages each day and they have hard enough time checking these out and replying, they won’t even start searching for guys themselves. At least that’s the case with truly beautiful women. If any girl will do, then you might find a message or two every once in a while from really desperate women, who might not really be your taste.

You need to be the first to send the message. I would suggest finding 5 to 10 girls in your area whose profiles are promising and who you wouldn’t mind meeting (read “banging”). Then the next thing would be to contact them. Keep the first message short, but interesting. Don’t write long novellas about yourself, your life, about how hot you think the girl is, etc. It’s best to have a brief, yet intriguing first message.

When she replies, be fast to react and reply back. This way she doesn’t lose interest and won’t move to other prospects.

If you are active in several sites and are messaging or chatting with many girls at once, keep some kind of record of what you are doing or who is who. There are no bigger turn-offs than confusing one girl for another. Each of these ladies must feel that she is the only one you are pursuing, that she is special.

Know What You Want

If your only goal is to get laid, don’t waste time on those romantic types who want long romancing, several dates, and are overly shy. You don’t want a girl who is especially hard to get, or even if you do end up in bed together, might think something more of it than it really is and will cause trouble later on.

The majority of the girls in general online dating sites are like this, fortunately, for an adult online dating site, this type usually doesn’t sign up. Still, it’s best to know and avoid these things.

I’m hoping these little tips and guidelines will help you reach your goal and successfully find a girl that you like and who is after the same thing as you. Good luck!

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