Succeed In Dating With Sacrifice

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  1. Do you really want to get laid?
  2. Do you really want a better  love life?
  3. Do you really want to date more attractive women?

I believe that you THINK you do… your body is at least telling you to pursue women… But I believe that most of you are not prepared to sacrifice (even a small amount) in order to get that success months or even years into the future.
You may be interested in finding your true love… your soul mate.
You may be interested in banging the girl next door that you have been fantasizing about for the last 3 months.
Whatever it is your after, you can do so with sacrifice.

Do you understand sacrifice?

If you want to lose weight you sacrifice via a diet… you stop eating those fatty foods and increase your exercise. During the start it hurts both physically and emotionally. 3 months down the track (if your still doing it)… it’s been a life changing experience. You have learnt much from your sacrifice and refuse to go back to where you were.

Can the same be applied to dating?

Dating is a very broad term… It’s multivariate in that almost everything you do in your life affects it in a positive or negative way.
Let’s try some extreme examples to get the point across: You eat that sugary snack every morning for a year and what happens? You get a few  minutes of enjoyment but you not only put on weight but your general healthy suffers… your teeth rot and so do your internal organs. What I am saying here is that good health is extremely attractive.

  • Men seek a proportional child bearing women
  • Women seek a strong healthy male that is able to provide

In time that sugary diet is going to give you LESS energy… it’s going to cause you to be lethargic and unhealthy. The same can be said for fatty diets.

But it’s your choice right?

It’s your choice to enjoy that fatty food now in exchange for whatever long term consequence you will have down the line.
Because you struggle to see any negative affect (it happens over time) you fall into bad habits.
Masturbation and excessive “pron” viewage has negative affects on not only your energy levels but also your ability to connect with others. You begin to treat women like objects and this hinders your ability to find true love.
Would you sacrifice and abstain for one full month if you knew that it would mean sexual or dating success? Most guys would if they had a guarantee… but in the dating game their is no guarantee. You have to go on faith. I would suggest severely reducing your self pleasuring to close to zero! An extreme view – but if you can’t please yourself do you think  you would be motivated to find a women to do it for you? It’s called SACRIFICE.


Are you aware of the negative affects of alcohol and tobacco on  your love  life and sex life? I am sure you are so their is no need to go into details. If you really want to date more attractive women you will abstain from these drugs…
Most of you reading won’t see the point of this and that’s fine 🙂
You can still continue light drug use and date attractive women… but you will never know the true bliss and peacefulness that awaits a drug free life. I have suckled at both tits and can attest to the latter.

Wrap Up

In this short but powerful declaration I have suggested that you should sacrifice short term gains in your diet and lifestyle to attain long term dating success.
Many of these views that you see as extremist views have reasoning and are not involved in some cult following. Vegan-ism or abstaining form drugs may hold no inherent value for you… You may see ZERO reason to even give them a try.
I would suggest that you brush aside your ignorance and judging for long enough to realize that they could bring happiness into your life.
The people that perform such acts are actually looking for the EXACT same thing you are.
An increased life experience… more happiness… more feeling.
They simply choose to do it with a less short sighted view.
They seek inner peace every second of the day rather than spikes in artificial enlightenment.
They should not be seen as extremist as they have found what few others have the courage to seek.
How does this tie in with your dating success?
I think  you understand – the happier, healthier and more natural you become in personality and in spirit the more success you become in every aspect of your life.

Is it worth it?

How will you know if you never give it a try?
ONE MONTH! is all you need out of TWELVE! Can you give me one month out of your year? It could be a life changing experience…

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