Success With Women Using Positive Authority Driven Mind Imagery

Success With Women Using Positive Authority Driven Mind Imagery
Every guy has been in that situation where they don’t have the balls to go over and talk to the hot women across the room. This notion of approach and rejection anxiety is the universal fear of men when it comes to dating.
The successful daters have just learnt to push past the fear and do it anyway. This and a few communication techniques are really all that stand in the way of you and dating success!

Success With Women – The Real Question

Why is every guy scared of approaching women?
Are we that full of pride that we just can’t stomach the rejection?
Why do we all value rejection that highly anyway.
Being in your head for 20 minutes before you try to approach her will end up with you in a nervous wreck – we end up talking ourselves out of approaching.
By running over all the negative scenarios in our head basically we give ourselves every chance in the world of failing when in reality all we want to do it talk.
When it’s put down on paper like this it sounds ludicrous that we would do this to ourselves right?
Every great success you will have will come AFTER you jump off the cliff into the unknown. You will have to feel horrible inside and risk the rejection to win.
In the process of putting your nuts on the line time and time again you begin to grow in confidence because you are standing up to a fear that has been holding you back.

Success With Women – It’s All About Confidence

This CONFIDENCE is really the big secret of female attraction
So what mastery of dating women is all about is risking your honour and perhaps leaving your pride at home for the night so that you can play the game of confidence building.
Those of you who are not prepared to lose in the short term by experiencing some small failures with women will end up with the scraps later on… Enjoy those scraps
You are reading this because you want to learn how to improve yourself which is highly commendable. Most people will just not take the time out of their day to improve themselves.
So perhaps the most important skill is the ability to focus on what you want rather than what could happen or what could go wrong. You will have heard of this before but do you actually do it?
Most of us still worry in our heads about the what ifs and getting shot down. All this achieves is to further magnify the one fear we are trying to escape. So I urge you when you feel the fear of rejection coming on dispel this fear by occupying your mind with positive and winning images.

Success With Women – Focused Imagery

Not just vague “this will win affirmations” either
These don’t work – what you need to do is fill your mind with IMAGES vivid images of you successfully picking up this one women and exactly HOW you are going to do it.
Your image does not need to explain exactly how you are going to win over the heart of this women but it needs to…

Success With Women – Be very positive

Have you and her in the frame with positivity
Fill you will a sense of AUTHORITY over her
Fill you with a sense of pride and confidence in your ability to follow through.
Images in your mind are powerful tools. Do not allow these images of negativity and bead consequence to cloud your thought because you are stronger than that right?
Rather reaffirm your successful future with women with positive authority driven pictures of yourself winning with women. Even if you do not believe in this actually working now, with time and practice you
WILL make this work.
This is just the beginning of learning how to pick up women…
You have come a long way – you are out of the house, well dressed and at a bar, you have had a couple of drinks and are ready to approach women.
You now understand how to overcome the barriers of approach anxiety by using positive authority driven mind imagery.
This all sounds a bit wishy washy but the fact is – Your mind uses images every day. In fact this is what your mind does best! So this should come naturally! If using images to reinforce confidence with women does NOT come naturally don’t force it! You will find you are VERY good at doing it subconsciously and NEGATIVLY.
So just wait for this to happen and try to catch your mind at it.
Once you have caught yourself at it simply replace that image with a positive image, an image of you easily winning the heart of the beautiful girl across the room

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