Taking the leap and sending that first message on adultfriendfinder

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So you’re all signed up, you’ve got a rocking profile and you’ve even found a sexy user to contact! I’m going to teach you some tips to craft a perfect opening message.

First off don’t just send naked pics and give a lie like, cumonbbyletsfk2dai

I’m not even going to start as to why it won’t work just don’t do it. You’ll only waste your time and shorten the length of people you have left to contact. While there is a pile of members if you copy paste message that to everyone in your area you could blow your chance at some easy tail!

Don’t be a moron put some thought into you’re first message, it often only takes one message to get laid, if you get a response you’re more than likely going to get some ass! Think about it. If you received an ass load of messages all day would you want to reply to every one? No way, that’s way too much work then just ignoring or even deleting them!

Craft a perfect first message, by the end of your message you should have them on edge reeling, QUIVERING wanting you.

In combination with your great profile and pictures you too can achieve success, you just need to put a little thought into your message. The best way to do that is to analyze the profile of the person you are contacting. Find some things out about them, see her in a dominatrix outfit? Craft the best damn application for slave-hood conceivable. Don’t waste your gifts on users that don’t have photo’s stick to the pictured profiles. Users that have actually put effort into their profile, are much more likely to be active users that will respond!

But what do I say?

Start with who you are first while you may be on a platform where intercourse is the open topic, that doesn’t mean you are not speaking to a human being on the other side! Don’t copy and paste messages to people, it’s really obvious and it almost never works.

Try creating custom messages like above, if that tasty cock you crave is behind a highly coveted profile, the tables will have turned and as a lady you’ll now need to work to get his attention, don’t just expect your gender to illicit auto-responses when going for the top dogs ladies!

Almost finished, just a note on videos.

Uploading a video to YouTube, or any other file hosting website can further increase your chances! Just make sure if you don’t want it to be seen by anyone else you don’t try this method, but it’s a very clever method.
And no I’m not talking a snap chat sized video of you jerking it.

Stay clothed and just dictate your proposal verbatim, if you’re riding on your sex appeal seeing a real life moving version of you on a video could have the receiver responding fast!

Even faster than you, yeah I went there, but don’t get mad,

Go get laid.

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