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The Tao of Badass is a revolutionary creation of Joshua Pellicer. Joshua is a known dating and relationship expert around the world. I first heard about him on his show aired on satellite radio Sirius XM. I did not pay attention to him until I saw him talking on the morning news at a national TV network.

It was then when I found out about his works and how he is helping average guys to date the girl of their dreams. I was curious, I started reading reviews about this guy and ultimately having my own copy of Tao of Badass.

For a person like me who is not easily convinced with too good to be true offers or ideas, here is a helpful honest review of what is inside Tao of Badass eBook. Generally the material will discuss theories on how to subconsciously influence women to like you.

It’s not really a new theory but is something that has been tested through time. He uses basic psychological or behavioral theories thought in any academic pursuit. After years of experimentation the author was able to come up with the ones that work perfectly to lead women into liking you.

His claims are rooted on simple facts and real situations.

Why do you think a woman likes wealthy a man?
Why do you think some women like to be used by rude guys, or why some choose to hang out with a gentleman?

Joshua has pointed out the basic characteristics of these personas that make women horny. That means that you can walk like a rich guy, without the girl even noticing that you don’t have millions in your bank. Once you got it, you can actually mimic those characteristics, act like one and easily get laid.

This may sound superficial. Of course because there are a lot of other dating and relationship experts who have come before him and claimed that they too have found the perfect formula to read women’s mind.

Tao of Badass on the other hand is something different. It has been created not out of the research lab and thousands of survey results. It’s besed on personal experience that the proponent himself tried and used to his advantage. It’s made simple, with just four steps to commit to your mind so that when your out you can actually make use of this stuff. Unlike other handouts and relationship tutorials that involves a lot of techniques, procedures, and situational analyses that is hard to master.

The Tao of Badass, compared to other dating manuals, teaches the user to appeal to women’s subconscious but without her knowledge of it. To put it simply, the strategies taught in this material can trick any girl to like you but avoid her noticing what you’re doing.

With other materials the process makes women freak out and label you as a creep, because they can notice that they are being manipulated. Joshua however found a way to make it so natural, free flowing and thus making it effective. After mastering the four steps in dating hot women on the same time, you will find out that girls will be chasing you…FINALLY!

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