Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Taurus


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April 20 – May 20

The bull is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty and love. Taurus is the father figure of the 12 astrological signs – a good and steady provider, patient, dedicated, supportive and patient – never asking for recognition and alright working in the background ensuring a secure future for the family.

Those born under the sign of the bull might seem a bit materialistic for some, but they explicitly express their inclination for money as a means toward stability and a peaceful home and life. They tend to be conservative in their views and actions, they maneuver unknown terrain with utmost care, and they practice the same care when it comes to finances. Having a bull for a sign, they are often envisioned as driven, stubborn and hard-headed. They are driven by rewards and they view stability, possessions, and relationships as rewards – putting hard work, effort and hours to earn these. Their tendency to be possessive manifests in their relationship as they put much value on people, relationships, and possessions. 

Despite their driven nature, they’re not ones to just go out and get things as they’re a bit introverted. They devour on material pleasure but prefer few quality friendships over big social circles which only amplifies the value they place on these. They tend to take time getting to know and scrutinizing people to make a real connection. Once you’ve earned their trust, they are reliable and caring, you can depend on them to pull you if you’re struggling and push you to greater heights – through thick or thin.

They may be seen as routinary and slow especially from the standpoint of fiery and swift signs. Behind this seemingly slow processing of information are thorough thoughts and deliberation they allow for every action or decision they make. They are persistent and would prefer steady progress – no matter how slow – over sudden spikes or changes, as a fixed sign.

Their seemingly positive traits give birth to their negative ones too. Their slow nature is seen as lazy. Their need for rewards, earthly possessions are seen as overindulgence. The importance they give to saving money and being thrifty can make them seem as cheap. And their conservatism may come off as being overly cautious and unadaptable.

Taurus for Partners

The bull shows their character’s perseverance in their relationships. When it comes to sex and relationships, they will continue working on their relationships ensuring happiness, harmony, and stability in their lives. They are loyal and the idea of straying and cheating is too problematic of a concept for their conservative nature and need for routine. They indirectly also expect partners to share to a certain level their inclination to tradition.

Their stability is a very welcome trait to larger than life fire signs, floating air signs, and waves of emotions water signs. They put much-needed practicality in a relationship that cannot exist on love alone in the real world.

Ruled by Venus the goddess of love, they express deep love. They enjoy spending quality time with their partner, building an intimate bond, even if it meant just lounging at home talking. Sex with a Taurus is bound to be slow and thorough, patience must be prepared with a foreplay that activates the senses – from vision, touch, smell and taste.

Taurus Men

Astrology Zodiac Signs says that Taurus men are faithful and strong companions who love the idea of being a steady provider. He might not be so sharp to take subtle hints or flirty quips, so if the woman is to make the first move, it is ideal to be direct but not coming off too strong as this will shake his conservative side. Sincerity is something highly regarded as he dislikes pretenses and prefers insightful and honest conversations.

David Beckham, born May 2

It might take time to win his trust and he will process thoroughly every aspect of his potential partner, ensuring not to rush into deciding especially about his feelings. His tendency to go traditional tells us that the way to his heart is kind of predictable. Playing the mummy to his daddy tendencies – are surefire ways to win his affection – cook for him and show him how much you care. He is not into grandiose gestures but seeks reciprocity of the emotions he shows from his partner.

He can get possessive and that applies especially to his partner. He is not into surprises or grandiose gestures but will shower his mate with pleasure and comforts constantly. A true romantic, he does not rush into things and this applies to sex. He sees sex as something that must be enjoyed as it happens and not craved when it is not. Strong and steadfast as a bull, his stamina can withstand long lovemaking sessions.

Taurus Women

A Taurus woman is sweet-natured and romantic, their traditionalism goes on forefront preferring that potential mates woo and court them at the start. They prefer to take things slow, not seeing the logic behind rushing things, most especially love.

Gigi Hadid, born April 23

She will examine her potential partner considering a lot of things before earning her trust and love – she is careful to open up herself in fear of getting hurt. She wants a man who values her steadily – no need for pomp and parade. Putting value on stability, Taurus women prefer men who can make them feel secured – and this includes financially as she puts high regard to comfort.

Upon winning a Taurus woman’s heart, expect her not to play around – she is practical and reliable. Her innate tendency to be domestic can come off as being vanilla and boring for some, but she is the perfect partner who can go through all the motions without giving up. Despite a penchant for comfort, a Taurus woman is one to depend on to faithfully devote her time and efforts to caring for the ones she loves. Deeply sensual, she sees sex as a means to become more bonded. She loves kisses, cuddles, touch and foreplay, which she regards as more important than orgasm.

Taurus Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, listed below are the rankings based on Compatibility with a Taurus individual.

#1 Taurus – Taurus

A very down to earth union, while some same sign relationships cause friction, this one tends to be cooperative. They both value a slow start, ensuring to win each other’s trust and affection through simple but sweet gestures. They’ll enjoy getting to know each other and sharing stories.

Their practical and sensible nature ensures that the relationship will work, and will be drama-free. Both manifest the loyalty they expect out of their partners, making them see eye-to-eye. Both are also traditionalists who love building a nice home filled with the rewards of their hard-earned work. Staying at home, enjoying their introverted nature, lounging, cooking and just pacing the day – this is an awesome time for them. This is the kind of match that is for the long haul – some may think it’s boring – but its steady pace is just perfect for the romantic bulls.

Their shared preferences will be much appreciated in the bedroom as well, as both doesn’t mind taking the time igniting the flame. They understand the need to satisfy each other’s earthly desires through the all the senses. Emotion-wise they are on the same wavelength – the way that they took time to know each other and connect makes their bond deep and unwavering

Their steadiness can become the root of problems as well as it may put the relationship in a rut.  Their homebody tendencies can also cause unhealthy lifestyle choices, which can easily be resolved through slow and steady walks or hikes. Further, their fixed characteristics makes them less likely to yield to changes or compromise, both headstrong enough to fight for their convictions. But these are minor problems compared to the devotion they have decided to put on each other.

Domesticated bliss: Taurus-on-Taurus

#2 Taurus – Capricorn

A solid combination likewise built to last, similar to a Taurus-Taurus pairing, Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs guiding the relationship towards stability and long-time success. Taurus will find Capricorn’s determination and ambition admirable, and Capricorn will be amazed at Taurus reliability and loyalty. A cardinal and fixed match, Capricorn can initiate and motivate the duo towards goals while the bull pushes on, making sure that goals are accomplished and not just started and idealized. They likewise both value honesty, trust and living a straightforward life.

Both are very careful with their emotions and both possess the patience to deal with this fact. Capricorn’s ambition will be aligned with Taurus’ reward seeking personality. Their differences complement each other making their relationship solid as a rock. Industrious Capricorn will likewise benefit immensely when the going gets tough – as Taurus can easily take the pressure and strain off with their time-tested relaxation techniques.

The relationship might struggle due to lack of spontaneity with one too caught up with work and the other with routine. Further, pessimism runs in both signs – both too cautious just in case things go wrong. These seeming obstacles, however, are just basic family dynamics – proving that this combo can be great parents always on the lookout for their kids, they just need to loosen up a little bit and allocate rest and relaxation when they can break their patterns.

 #3 Taurus – Virgo

Earth to earth pairings share success due to their solid and grounded nature making them unshakeable. Virgo is a mutable sign who allows for a little bit more spontaneity than Taurus allowing fun into the relationship. Virgos are reliable partners, can be perfectionists and get stressed if things aren’t as flawless as imagined. Thankfully, fixed Taurus takes care of the logistics and execution – making sure the real world basics are met through pragmatism.

Virgos have an amazing intellectual strength that can provide often complacent Taurus bigger visions and goals. Taurus may seem a bit lazy for health-conscious Virgo, but a little nudge and building well-being activities into the daily routine can certainly make Taurus see otherwise. Sex will be interesting for this two as Virgo the Virgin is too shy to show sexuality. Fortunately, Taurus is willing to take the time, gaining trust, slowly unwrapping Virgo’s hidden sensuality and emotions. Virgo will appreciate this patience allowing a realization that sex need not be rough, but can be approached slowly with tenderness.

The virgin can be overly analyzing questioning traditions the bull adheres to, even the materialism and superficiality. But the earth will triumph, grounding both individuals into finding balance and negotiating their way until finally arriving at a win-win compromise.

#4 Taurus – Pisces

Both are sensual signs that create poetry in motion, full of beauty and romance. A cordial combination of earth and water that provides the security and gentleness for each other.

Taurus can offer practicality in life and in the relationship subtly that doesn’t overwhelm or antagonize spiritual and ethereal Pisces. The duo makes for great teamwork with Taurus providing a grounded nature needed for daily life, as Pisces provides the ways to sit back, relax and enjoy life.

They can communicate best without words, both signs are pleasure-driven who both enjoy the tenderness involved in love-making, making all their sensual fantasies come to life. Pisces’ playfulness in the bedroom is very much welcome for Taurus. These amazing sexual encounters create the emotional connection needed by the Fish. Their values are not all alike, but the bond of love is what is congruent with the two – thus creating trust in the relationship.

#5 Taurus – Cancer

These two have soulmate qualities written all over them. They both value family, security, stability and hearty homecooked meals. Staying home is fun enough with these two characters, choosing to be thrifty in order to acquire bigger possessions and investments instead of mundane little things.

Cancer is emotional but loyal and will play the cheerleader, support role as Taurus firmly pushes on executing what needs to be done. They have different interests, and despite not always vocally communicating, they intuitively understand each other. Taurus and Cancer are somewhat asexual signs not into primal sex. Though the slow and steady sexual rhythm of Taurus is something Cancer can understand, preferring sexual contact be coupled with a deep emotional connection.

As a water sign, Cancer isn’t driven by material possessions, something Taurus does not quite understand. But as the relationship grows through time, Cancer can shift mindset, understanding that there’s stability through wealth.

#6 Taurus – Scorpio

Earth and water, this is is an opposite attract scenario, and it is just beautiful. You will drive each other crazy with your passion and convictions – in both negative and positive ways.

Both love the comforts of home, books, and music allowing them to share activities without boring or scaring each other off. Jealous Scorpio may suffocate other signs, but possessive Taurus will just embrace this, viewing it as nothing but a product of devotion. Passionate and primal Scorpio will be a completely new experience for the deliberate bull. The instinctive sensuality Scorpio coupled with the steady romance will produce lovemaking sessions so fiery. Scorpio’s emotion will likewise allow Taurus to feel love in a whole new level.

Arguments may arise as both are fixed signs with strong convictions and not willing to compromise. Jealousy and possessiveness may also spell disaster. But soon as they’re able to manage each other’s expectations, gain each other’s trust, and learn to respect differing opinions, this pairing will be red hot.

#7 Taurus – Libra

Both are ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty and love -this match is characterized by harmony and can be quite fruitful – despite it not being apparent from the get go.

Libra is an air sign and can get pretty impatient and feisty for the thorough and deliberate bull. Libra may think Taurus is a bore, meanwhile, Taurus will find Libra’s flighty attitude unpredictable and even stressful. Libra who likes going out is sociable – which may be perceived as an untrustworthy characteristic by homebody and introverted Taurus and can put their possessive tendencies on overdrive.

Thankfully, there’s a good side to matching what might seem like opposites as the two can learn so much from each other. Conscientious Taurus have immovable convictions that flexible Libra can easily compromise with. Despite extroverted tendencies, Libra is loyal and highly committed. Libra is fun and spontaneous putting much-needed color to the otherwise vanilla days that Taurus spends at home. These two are often charming creatures and attraction won’t be much of fuss between the two making the sex sensual and fun at the same time.

 #8 Taurus – Aries

A partnership where differences are apparent, which could either lead to a yin-yang balance or utter chaos. Aries tend to be bold, even coming off strong, they want their actions and decisions to be swift, sometimes impulsive, meanwhile, Taurus can be quite the opposite – extreme opposite, that is.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign who is practical, takes its time to decide and adheres to a routine. Taurus can also get introverted, enjoying rest and enjoys nothing more than the laid-back appeal of home and tradition. When it comes to sex, Aries is not about the climax, but the steady, gentle passion and enjoys putting in the time in foreplay and build-up. Taurus approaches emotions the same way – through gentle words, actions, and service in day-to-day work. None of these appeals to the uninhibited acts, grandiose gestures and sense of adventure Aries is used to.

However, both parties can learn a thing two about each other. Their polar differences in their approach to life might help them to achieve the balance they need in their life. Taurus’ stability can help ground the erratic Aries, while Aries’ adventurousness can put fun into an otherwise vanilla Taurus. If both are able to accept this fact, and compromise, this can turn into a very harmonious and balanced relationship.

#9 Taurus – Gemini

An earth and air pairing, mutable Gemini will put fixed Taurus on a ride of the lifetime, as the bull grounds the always-running-around twins. This match-up can be a case of opposites attract or just down-right havoc.

Articulate, quick-witted and well-spoken Gemini loves knowledge and ideas, quite different from Taurus slow and steady charm and concept of earthly possessions and pleasure. When it comes to sex, Gemini is game for anything and everything – even if it’s a quickie in the bathroom stall – and Taurus is just not. Taurus may seem like a drag for the always excited and looking for fun Gemini, and Taurus is racking his brains trying to keep up. At its worst, tempers can come flaring from the two, and Gemini is not afraid to speak its mind and can get ugly.

At it’s best, the two will find each other’s weakness as a place that they can complement with their strengths. Planning can be made fun through spontaneity, and adventures can be less dangerous through caution.

 #10 Taurus – Sagittarius

An earth and fire, and fixed and mutable signs, the difference between the two is not necessarily sun and moon – but Venus and Jupiter, their ruling planets. Sagittarius tend to be irresponsible and a jokester, which may be infuriating for the always dependable Taurus. Sagittarius will be likely bored with this match-up, Taurus on the other hand will be rattled with the tactlessness and recklessness of the archer.

Wary and restrained Taurus might learn a thing or two about the world sharing moments with carefree and optimistic Sag. Being with adventurous Sagittarius may keep Taurus away from the comforts of home but can be a way for Taurus to expand their horizons. Further, Sagittarians will super appreciate the bull’s financial know-how and loyalty. Sex will be fun once these two characters get past their differences with the bull’s steady sensuality and the archer’s surprising kink.

 #11 Taurus – Leo

Taurus and Leo is an earth and fire combination, both of which are fixed signs. This can account for the inability to be flexible with convictions causing conflict between the two. Further, Leo’s larger than life personality simply doesn’t mesh well with the homey, low-profile Taurus. They can find their relationship to be exhausting, their values differ greatly. Leo is living in the moment, Taurus preparing for the future. O

They can find their relationship to be exhausting, their values differ greatly. Leo is living in the moment, Taurus preparing for the future. One puts a premium on stability, the other bravery – and courage can cost one’s security. The bull will seem lazy with their processes and the lion is a king who can’t be bothered – one can say that this partnership will not be very productive. Sex will be fiery but other than this, not much connection can be found between the two.

#12 Taurus – Aquarius

From two different worlds, an Aquarius – Taurus match can be a good match if only they are able to find a way to see things as the other sees it. One wants to be tied down, and the other wants to fly – if only they can find a fair compromise.

Taurus are down-to-earth but temperamental, while an Aquarius is on the unconventional side and can be aloof. Aquarius will find dealing with Taurus’ temper and moodiness a waste of time and find Taurus’ tendency to go for safe boring. Domineering Aquarius will not appreciate the stubbornness of Taurus. Taurus wants a secure partnership from the get-go while an Aquarius wants freedom – and this can really dampen intimacy.

* * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.

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