The 5 Key Principle Of Lasting Relationships


What Makes Relationships Last?
A good friend is one that understands you right?
A good friend is one that you can joke around with and one you can chat with easily. Conversation flows and you feel at peace in their presence… Am I right so far?
Thought so
Now why do people in relationships completely disregard the above statements and let their emotions decide?
The problem is – Attraction is not a choice
Let me introduce you to Mary and Andrew
Mary and Andrew are physically attracted to each other but the problem is they are just not compatible. They are forcing the relationship to work when they know deep down that they don’t really get along.
When Mary and Andrew are left alone together the room goes silent because quite frankly they have very little in common.
They met through mutual acquaintance and both want to be together because they want the security of a relationship.
They are just forgetting:

The Five Key Principle Of Lasting Relationships

Without any one of these key principles it is unlikely the relationship with last! No wonder so many people are breaking up…

Lasting Relationship Key #1 Compatibility

Obviously Mary needs to be compatible with Andrew and vice versa but what is compatible really mean anyway?
Able to exist or occur together without conflict
Ok so after that explanation of compatibility its obvious that we need to be able to exist together without fighting to much

Lasting Relationship Key #2 Understanding

You need to be able to understand where your partner is coming from emotionally and also when they are trying to argue a point. This is very important. The key to reducing arguments within relationships is through understanding of someone elses point of view first before you try to convince them you are right(even if you are)

Lasting Relationship Key #3 Sacrifice

Are you willing to sacrifice?
Sacrifice means giving up part of yourself and your time for someone else. Many men are not willing to give up their time for women. They stay late at night and as a result sacrifice their relationship. In order to have something great, a true meaningful relationship you are going to have to accept that personal sacrifice will add to your life.

Lasting Relationship Key #4 Work

For anything great to happen a little bit of work and determination has to go into it. On the whole relationships are very little work and are mostly pain free. But occasionally there will be fights and misunderstandings. This is where you need to fight for the continuation of a loving marriage.

Lasting Relationship Key #5 Compromise

Compromise is similar to Sacrifice in that you need to compromise some of your “life direction” for a better life together.
For example:
You may not be able to travel all year round like you planned but you can for certain months. You may not be able to stay late at work in order to earn more money, but you can work at home on Sundays.
But why compromise was left for last was because it is the most important of all the relationship principals. Chances are there are going to be some personality traits you do not like about your partner. Will you ditch him/her and continue your search for the perfect partner? Or compromise and understand that you are not perfect either…
Compromise and understanding are at the core of every successful relationship. Practice these relationship principals daily to ensure the long term success of your relationship.

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  1. I am a woman and have a question about a man. My boyfriend is a commitment phobe. We have been together for 2,5 years, but everything is always on his terms (he is spoilt), he is very moody and never knows what he wants. Eventhough I give him as much space as he needs, he keeps finding excuses why he needs to be free. But when he is free for a couple of months, he wants to see me again. We have lovely times together, he can’t leave me alone in the bedroom department, I know he fancies the pants of my. But I love him. Is there any hope for a relationship with a commitment phobic?

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