The 6 Attraction Elements: Edge

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Attraction Elements are comprised of 3 individual elements which are
Sexual Innuendo Elements (S)
Edge Elements (E)
Touch Elements (T)
Keep in mind that there are also Comfort Elements which are:
Qualification Elements (Q)
Lifestyle Elements (L)
Move Elements (M)
In a recent post series I went over lifestyle elements in more detail.
The trick with seducing women is incorporating your natural game and personaltity with an understanding of thesee attraction elements.
Getting them in the correct ratio during conversation allows you to hit it out of the park every time. Of course this assumes that you are able to hold down a conversation and use body language smoothly amongst other things…
There are alot of aspects of your personality and game that can make or break it but as a general rule these elements are what you should call on… Not rely on and use as a gauranteed system but call on and be aware of.
Why does it work? The idea is that you will be stimulating multiple emotions in a short space of time. happiness, sadness, sexual thoughts embarrassment frustration and even anger.
Edge Elements
Teasing is one attraction technique that guys just dont use enough… Why? They are way to serious. They take themselves to seriously and therefore take others to seriously. When someone teases them they take it to heart rather than spot the tease for what it was… once you learn to spot the teases (almost everything is) you relax and play along rather than lowing your own value and confidence.
The reality is that edge elements and girls teasing you are ATTACTION element! So you should be They are actually trying to attract you or at least increase the conversation energy with something edgy. Whenever you spot the chance to tease a women do it… Just make sure your ratio is inline with the other elements. There is nothing worse than being in the presense of a guy who only takes the piss.
You can be edgy with compliments so long as you use contrast. If she is a friendly girl mention it but within the same sentence “actually… your the friendlist girl I’v met in the last 5 minutes”.
There are plenty of these change-ups you can use in conversation to keep her on her toes. She is expecting you to come out with a compliment and you do… but then she feels hurt or rejected just a little. This is the basis behind edge elements – get her emotions going whether they are positive or negative. Because you nest them within a compliment it makes it ok.
Edge Elements are used at the start of an interaction to initiate attraction – once you she starts asking you about yourself you have moved into the comfort phase. Do not ruin the trust building phase with a bunch of negs and edge elements.
You can still bust her balls every now and then when you notice her slipping up but dont make it a conscious decision. You should be more focused on Qualification and lifestyle elements which suggest and imply higher value.
According to popular systems you should include roughly one edge element into every 5 attraction elements.
A –> E –> A (with touch) –> A –> A –> A (with touch)
Example: Note this is a rough example and can and should be changed up according to your personality and hers. Everything should seem natural – if your 9 straight attraction elements in and everything is going fine then keep going.
Greg… Hey I noticed you looking at me across the room and thought Id come and say hi.
Sarah… Hey…
Greg… I couldn’t keep my eyes off that funny looking dress your wearing.
Sarah… Oh haha yeh it’s not one I usually go out in.
Greg… Dont get me wrong you make it look amazing… most women just couldn’t pull it off you know? (with touch – usually a light touch on the shoulder)
Sarah… Thanks… 🙂 So what’s your name anyway
Greg… wow that’s a bit forward isn’t it? haha na kidding it’s greg… and you?
Sarah… haha Sarah, I’m here with friends who are just over there.
Greg… Great… Give 2 minutes to introduce you to my friends and then I’ll let you go (gentle hand on lower back toward your group)
Once the two minutes is up you send her away with another edge element like “you’ve had enough fun… get back to your friends already” and let her know you’ll come get her.
Can you spot the edges?
Mentioning her dress was a cautious edge element because it was so early in the interaction. Once you gauge her playfulness you can ramp up the piss takes and ramp up the sexual innuendo.

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