The #7 Key Male Qualities You Need To Attract Women

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The Leader Of Men

Do you want to play a game?
It’s called:
“Follow The Leader”

Yes the leader of men is a very attractive quality! Whether your the captain of your sports team or owner of a business you are the man that everyone goes to for answers.
Throughout history the leader of the tribe had mating rights for obvious reasons. It was vital for the survival of the species that his genes were multiplied and propagated forward (survival of the fittest)
Now of course the description of “fittest” is murky and confused. Which is good for you because you no longer have to fight for a womens attention. You can use your intelligence to get yourself to the top… No matter which way you do it just make sure your at the top of your game.

Protector of Loved Ones

Not only do you need to be the dominant leader but you must also show humility. Caring and protecting as well as providing food and shelter are all roles of the alpha male. I know it’s  tough world out their and only those men who can tick these 7 boxes can call themselves the top 5%
You might be thinking – if I have to do ALL of this… what the hell are women doing? They get a pretty sweet deal dont they?


Preselection from other women has actually been tested in animals.
If a male is in the presence of a mating female other females will be more likely to mate with him.
If you have a girlfriend you will be MORE attractive women than if you dont.
However preselection from other men is also a powerful attraction factor and a male quality that you need to attract women. Women assume that if other men look up to you there is good reason for it.

Risk Taker

I am not talking about the crazy base jumping risk taker but one of the attractive male qualities is willingness to put your balls on the line for what you believe in. If  you have all of the other qualities listed here but wuss out when the going get’s tough women will question your status.

Demonstrate the Willingness to Walk Away

I want her but I dont NEED her…
If you can walk away from a hot girl without regret you have options. It implies you are also preselected. A girl will take her chances and choose the man that has proven himself to other women – if you can walk away you are proving to her that you are in a position to do so.

Ability to Emote

Women need to be told that you love them and want them – they need that emotional feedback.
– convey the appropriate emotion
– use emotions to aid your flirtation
If you are feeling tired and stale after a long day of work and you know that your not really in that talking mood then dont go out. You need to feel that positive confident emotion inside you otherwise you will be doing more harm than good. Leaning on a bar sipping whiskey is what worn out old men do… alpha males enter and are immediately recognized as someone to talk to.

Emotionally Stable

Your emotional state is immediately recognizable which is why your ability to control your state will determine your success with women. Can you keep it together in stressful situations? Do you have automatic anxiety and fear responses that get triggered without warning?
Your inner self talk is recognizable to other people to so you must get yourself into that positive talkative state both inside and out.
Play a game when your out – Believe that whatever you think in your head others can hear! I believe there is some truth to this. Your body language will mirror what your telling your brain so you might as well give yourself the best chance of success and think positively about your chances.
The #7 Key Male Qualities Video
image: Louisa Stokes

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