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After four years of research a desperate, 22 year old geek found out  How to Become an Alpha Male. His tactics, based on his years of research, enabled him to sleep with an average of 20 women per month with very little effort. For some his work is called “The Lazy Man’s Way to Easy Sex and Romance”. This is possible with the use of underground psychology and silent mind control that works night or day (and even on those reserved nerdy types)

Did you know why huge companies spend too much money on advertising? The answer is simple, ads are created by trained and creative minds to convince people to buy products or services they offer. This is the same technique that one must use to be an alpha male and properly advertise himself. The end result, you will have unlimited supply of horny girls begging for your attention and to have some sensual sex with you! I know this might seem a little crazy to you but in time you actually end up turning sex down because your balls cant keep up! Truth is… girls actually have a huge appetite for sex.

How to Become an Alpha Male is made for everyone. This can be applied by every man in all walks of life. It does not matter if you’re young or old, uneducated, broke, bald, fat, or having physical disability that turn women off. When you become an alpha male you are the leader of the pack, and all the girls in your territory will be walking behind you.

Here are few proven techniques included in this material….

  • Mastery of 3 magic tricks that will attract women and have them asking you to bring them home for steaming hot sex, even if they are already committed with someone else. These tricks will help you keep her attention and interest. She will be crazy for you from the moment you made your first eye contact until you are both naked in bed. This will make her want for more, and keep her coming over to your house at the drop of a hat. This is great when you really need that midweek quickie.
  • Learn the simple-7-step-seduction-technique that can be used to pick up women and successfully have sex with her within the same night of meeting her. It’s a complete speed dating and pick up technique that will become handy whenever you will like banging a new girl in town. You will never have to arrange a next day date, because you can make it happen on the same night.
  •  Learn to use 9-silent-mind-techniques to be a woman magnet. This is a product of underground psychology known only to a few people. Ever wonder how psychologists pick up women? They are not on any college text book but John figured it out and his willing to share it here.  
  • Learn the truth behind why advice from a woman dating expert will never work. It will take a closer look at what women dating gurus will never reveal to their male counterparts.  They too are women and they don’t want to reveal their own weakness. So you don’t expect them to tell it all. But that too has been uncovered and is all written in this book.
  • Train yourself to spot the right moment to make the first move. This can be done, by studying 8-silent-clues that women are ready to have sex with you.  This is a fine technique to avoid awkward moment when making the first move and not getting the right response. But now you know when they are ready and your there to give it to them.
  • Learn to use proven psychological technique that will make women horny for you by using just your mind. Your mind can do a lot of amazing things. You can use your mental powers to attract women effectively and make them want you in the same bed with her.
  • Master “first date techniques” that will lead to sex, later that night!  First dates are often the hardest because everything can go wrong. But you don’t have to worry anything about messing up your first date because you will learn a technique to turn the table to your advantage anytime you want it.
  • 7 simple techniques to change your looks and be more attractive to women. Your physical looks are everything! Your advertising yourself, so you must need a makeover. Here you will learn steps to that alpha make makeover!

There are more tips including ideas on spending money during dates and on girls.

How to Become an Alpha Male: “The Lazy Man’s Way to Easy Sex and Romance” can also be used in online dating. There is an entire part of this dedicated on applying all the skills and techniques when it comes to online dating. This will be discussed starting in page 104 of this ebook. This will help those who wanted to stay at home and use free online social networking and dating websites to pick up women (this stuff works). When you do this you should be ready, because women will be trying to contact you all cute to “hangout and watch a movie” – a sure sign they want to be slept with.

As a compliment for those who will try this ebook through this link, they will also receive the following materials for free.

Creating Attraction Through Body Language – Body or sign language is an integral part of communication and it plays a major role in attraction and flirting. Learning the proper use of body language and knowing what to avoid will dramatically increase your attraction skills. This is the ultimate technique in dating and picking up girls. An eye contact, flick of finger, body positions, a wink can end up in sex when used properly!

Work Place Romance – This will teach you how to attract and maintain romantic relationship with girls at your office. It also includes how ways to eliminate risks office rumors, rejection, and harassment issues. It’s nice to have someone to have sex after a tiring day at work. And the only one who understands and share that need is your secretary, or perhaps your boss from the finance department.

What if She Has A Boyfriend? – This happens to many people, the girl that they are dreaming of is already committed with someone else. This material will talk about techniques and tips on how to slowly draw her attention into you and make her crazy about you. The end result, she will break up with her boyfriend and end up sleeping with you instead.

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