The Alpha Male Vs The Beta Male Vs The Jerk

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  1. Do nice guys finish last?
  2. Should I aim to be the alpha male?
  3. Am I currently a beta male?

There is a saying that 90% of being successful is believing that you can be successful. The same goes for alpha male status. Alpha males assume and believe that they have the right to be their. Beta males assume the lower status even though they may be more intelligent or better looking.

The Alpha Male

The alpha male is confident, socially powerful, outgoing, fun, a leader, secure in himself, has high self-esteem, and is a guy who has his shit together. He’s able to joke around with women and be playful.
There are WAY to many nice guys out their – your aim should be to transform in an alpha male in society. An alpha male needs very careful explanation because your definition of an alpha male might well be different than mine.
An alpha male never steps on other people for his own amusement
An alpha male does not associate and gain value from a high ego… he is value centered and does not need the praise of others to feel good about himself neither does he seek it.
There is a BIG difference between the alpha male and the jerk, much of it to do with emotional maturity.

How To Become An Alpha Male

If you require more money for confidence (aim to get a raise) if you feel that you have to lose some weight to become an alpha male then work on this. But the truth is that you don’t actually need any of this to be an alpha male in society.
What do you really think of yourself? The mental projection of your current status in life is what you outwardly portray to others. You should be consistently visualizing a confident dominant person…
I want you to adopt: “I am developing into a high value alpha male.” Keep repeating that to yourself throughout the day as an affirmation.

  1. Have Healthy Routines
  2. Live on your own terms
  3. Live with passion
  4. Have goals for your future
  5. Have pride in yourself
  6. Become A Leader

Social Science Studies have found that alpha males subconsciously perform certain dominant actions such as taking up space with their bodies, using a louder voice, controlling conversations, and giving strong eye contact.
People around the alpha male tend to get sucked into his reality because he’s interesting and makes them feel comfortable.
NOTE: Keep your head up! Be positive about your ability to become an alpha male – it takes time and time does help. As you get older and are around more submissive people it’s easier to assume the role of the alpha male.

The Beta Male

Spends money one women to impress her – there is nothing wrong with paying for a date so long as she had done something to deserve it. I would suggest you take a women out to a nice play to reward her for good behavior such as great sex.
If you area a beta male you have to earn her approval by purchasing it.
A beta male get’s told how NICE he is all the time and how much women love him yet the only real action he get’s is a kiss on the cheek. A beta male has not yet grown up yet and still relies on others whether it be financially or emotionally.
The weird thing about the relationship between beta males and women is women thing they are manipulative. The see through the “nice” behavior as a plead for acceptance and love. They notice the money coming their way as a purchase of sex.
Beta males are also boring to women – they talk about their work or logical factual information rather than allowing a women to speak about themselves. Beta males crave attention and when they receive it from women they are reluctant to release it. As a result they also come across as a little selfish.
Beta males take when they should give and provide both physically and emotionally. They are also very jealous because of the insecurity they feel when their gf is talking to other guys. If you are in this situation where a girl your trying to seduce or even your girlfriend is more attracted to other guys than to you do not despise them or her for it.
Look inward and realize that you might be acting a little needy and wussy. Rather than intervening act non-caring and go off to talk and positively influence other women in the room.
Words commonly associated with the beta male include:

  1. Reliance
  2. Insecurity
  3. Jealousy
  4. Neediness
  5. Emotionally weak
  6. Nice
  7. Kind
  8. Gentle
  9. Soft Spoken
  10. Passive aggressive

If you want sex from beautiful women and your currently a beta male you will be doing this: The fastest way to screw up attraction with a hot girl that you think you might have a chance with is to feel insecure about your chances or to be needy and seek her approval. NEVER become clingy… it’s like your begging her for sex.

The Jerk

think – jersey shore
Don’t forget about the jerk – it’s the opposite of the beta male and in my opinion worse.
The beta male tends to rely on people either financially or emotionally… The jerk is usually fairly self reliant and confident but his persistence and personality attracts the wrong type of women. The women he attracts is one with daddy issues or some psychological issue that you dont want to have to deal with (depression, mood swings, drug abuse etc)
The jerk is usually short on class even though he thinks he has it. He is obnoxious and outspoken – the one thing the jerk does have is confidence. It’s usually outward confidence to mask some inner pain and fear.
The jerk get’s laid often but in the end fails to attract the right kind of women into his life. His ego overrides any rational thought or sign of his shortcomings and hence he never tries to correct them.

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