The Best Time To Have Sex

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The best time to have sex is anytime of the day! We believe that it’s not the time that affects great sex, instead it’s the things that happens leading to sex. Here are some of our wild and naughty ideas on when is the best time to have sex and why we think it’s hot to copulate at these times.

Sex when it’s raining outside. Don’t you think it’s nice to get warm on bed when its cold outside? A lot of couples including us think it’s really hot to have some sexy time when it’s raining outside. With all the noise outside no one can hear your moans and dirty talking.

For us during rain storms it means more sex, and time to get creative in bed. You’re trapped inside the house, and you have all the time for yourself. Get naked, and start teasing each other while a storm is developing outside.

Perhaps you may want to check weather forecasts if it has any storm warning coming.

Nice morning quickie before going out. Do you like quickie? It’s best done right before leaving the house every morning. You’re both fresh from shower and dressed. Bang her while she’s on her office uniform. She would also love to go down on you while sporting your smart suit.

Try some sex positions that allows quickie without undressing. Perhaps trying a variation of standing rear entry position, she just needs to turn her back and bend over, so you can penetrate her from behind. If she’s wearing a skirt you can easily pull it up and drop her panty a bit lower, if she’s wearing pants just pull it down around her knees.

Doing a quickie before you part for a day’s work is a good exercise for all couples. It’s also emotionally healthy, because it serves as an assurance about your love and longing. You can use it as strategy to keep him or her from having an affair. You’ve just satisfied his/her libido before going on separate ways.

To seal the deal, call or send a text saying, “would love to do it again later” this will heighten anticipation. This keeps both of you excited about coming home early and avoiding any side trips or nigh-outs.

Sex after dinner. After a nice dinner bang her right on top of the table. I know that many couple would love to do it on top of the table, at the kitchen, laundry mat, and all over the house. But one things stands out it’s so exciting to have sex right after a lovely dinner. Consider it as your dessert!

How many calories do you burn when you have sex? A lot! A good sex will burn some of that extra fats and calories you just eaten. So go ahead and try it out.

In our posts regarding sexual foreplay, we have mentioned that one of the best foreplay techniques  is done at the kitchen while cooking or baking. After you have been stuffed and have gained the energy you needed. Build up sexual tension over a romantic dinner. After that be ready to explode in a blasting sex on top of your dinner table.

After a tiring day at work. Drain that extra energy you have before going into sound and dreamy sleep. Sex is considered to be relaxing and helps remove all the stress that you’ve had from work. Other couples would love to have sex at the shower after a tiring day at work. But of course sex is always good when done anywhere and anytime. So be creative and enjoy it the way you want it.

Sex after workout sessions. Sweaty sex is sexy, she loves the way you smell when sweating and perhaps you do love to bang her on her sweat pants too. After workout your body is oozing with testosterone it’s a hormone that dictates your manliness and has a lot something to do on your libido.

You can think about it as your “cool down” exercise. After jogging, or working out leave the cool down part and go straight to hot sex. It’s best if you’re both working out, there is something satisfying after a nice workout. But sex after workout can lead to multiple orgasms.

How about second round while at the shower?

Sex when someone might catch you. Sex in semipublic places adds excitement and thrill. The risk of having someone who might catch you on the act is something that adventurous couples would love to experience. This is also the same feeling for cheating wives and husbands or people having an affair.

Some would even recommend having sex on semipublic places to avoid cheating. Do you want to try it? Here are some ideas that you might want to try.

  • Have sex when you have visitors at the house.
  • Sex when you’re at someone else’s
  • Have sex in the car parked at public parking places.
  • Fancy restaurant bathrooms
  • At the elevator.
  • At hotel or motel room leaving the door unlocked or partially open.

Sex on or after your afternoon siesta. While visiting Spain we noticed that people here would have a tradition to have an afternoon breaks called siestas. People stops working, and relax for a while, have a snack, drink coffee, some take a nap or do any relaxation activity.

Is it not hot to have a quick sex at mid afternoon? You can do it while on “siesta” or right after it. Some places they call it coffee break, but of course in your mind it’s “sex break”.

Having sex at the middle of the day makes you relax and breaks the routinary work you’re doing. It’s something to keep your mind and body from being stressed too much.

Make up sex. Distance makes a heart grow fonder. This is why sex is good when you make up after a fight or misunderstanding. It’s also the same when you meet after being separated for some time, perhaps due to a business trip, vacation etc, the missing and logging makes a steamy hot sex.

Sometimes it feels like the first time you did it. It’s something that can be done as a welcome home present. Or it could be an emotional reassurance that you are together after being away for whatever reason.

So there it is, our short list of best time to have sex. We have different preference on when we enjoy sex most of the time. For some who are wondering when do they enjoy sex the most, you can try to experiment.

You may also use the comment form below to tel us when is your best time to have sex.

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