The College Casual Sex Situation

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It seems students value their freedom –
Because they are still not certain what they want to do in the future committing to a long term relationship is just not practical.
You can have far more fun casually dating or hooking up with other college students than you can in a serious relationship.
It all depends on your personality but having a date through your teenage years and early 20’s means you end up missing out on a lot of fun times with the opposite sex.
However you also dodge the herpes virus or worse end up knocking up hardly know.
Casual sex and campus just go together – if you are living in college community it’s inevitable.
With young intelligent and healthy individuals living together sex inevitable but add alcohol and partying to the mix + free time and it’s an absolute certainty.
Some would have you believe that this is some sort of recent phenomenon – that thanks to the internet people are having more sex than they used to…
I think the web and sites like fling make it easier to find sex… especially for those that wouldn’t ordinarily get it… But this shit’s been going on for centuries. You cant stop the power of nature bringing man and women together or in many cases 2women and a guy together.
And you know what the good news is? There is normally more women than men at colleges – if you happen to be in anything like art history or law then you would be crazy to go through college without the odd casual sex encounter.
It’ just a matter of showing up to the parties in the weekend and not saying anything stupid. Get involved in sports and extra curricular activities and escalate when necessary.
There are still a fair share long term relationships but I think the mindset of students is one of open-mindedness. They are well aware that they are at college to get a degree and may be moving state or country in a few years.
They are happy to party it up now and cut ties if they have too. It’s a ruthless game and hearts get broken but these are transitional times for young guys and their strong career mindset will not be held back by love.
Large families have become less “fashionable” life expectancies continue to rise and women have become more independent… it’s only natural that young guys are interested in shrugging of the commitment and expectation of long term relationships.
Less hassle and more freedom further add to the benefit of casual dating Causal college dating doesn’t have to mean just one night stands.. It could mean that you are with someone for a few months over winter before spring break rolls around.
I wouldn’t call this a “paradigm” until the real statistics are out but it sure is fun to be a single college student now.
Bisexuality has been reported to be on the rise – It’s called “bi-curious” because you are still straight your just open to anything happening. Many would still call this gay but it’s an example of how sexual our society has become. With nude women in almost every advertisement and radio song it’s easy to see why women are leaning toward the beaver.
A study has suggested that because the average number of women on campus in america is reaching 60% there is more competition among women for men. This means that relationships turn sexual faster than they normally would. (oxford university press , Regnerus)

Intentionally Vague

The whole idea of “hooking up” or “hanging out” is that anything can happen…
Casual sex meetups are intentionally vauge because neither party really knows where they stand as far as going all the way. Both are usually open to it happening but if it does it does and if it doesn’t it doesn’t… It’s really that simple…
Come back to mine and watch a video usually translates to let’s have casual sex but again it depends on who you talk to and in what context…
Hanging out is safe… let’s hang out means nothing… there is nothing implied in that statement other than the intention of having fun.
It may mean let’s drink some beers or hang out with friends or go to beach… the power is in the flexibility!!!
UCLA undie run anyone?

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