The Complete Online Dating Rules for Men

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Online dating has its good and bad side just like anything else about dating. But we believe that it’s how you can take advantage of this technology and make it work for you. We also know that you have been reading a lot about tips for online dating success and some other guides on the same subject. We also have them here in case you don’t know.

Right now we want to come up with something that can help a specific group of people. We are talking about you guys and help you succeed in your online dating quest. So we come up with this ‘complete online dating rules for men’. This is for the men who are new to online dating and to those who are thinking of ditching online dating because it proves to be unsuccessful for them.

Now you can read through the following guiding rules and review your online dating profile. Align it together with what you have been doing so far. You might be surprised with its result.

15 Online Dating Rules for Men

#1 – Niche Dating Works Best

The recent trend shows that niche dating works better compared to mainstream dating websites. I’m not saying that general dating websites or mainstream dating sites doesn’t work anymore. They do work in fact most of these sites are crowded and booming with members. But as you may know you can easily get lost in a crowd.

Niche dating provides a more interest focus dating community. So you already have the advantage of mingling with people who shares your interest or preference for a date or a partner. That is already a huge factor that will draw you closer to having that date. So try to join niche dating websites such as black dating sites, single parent dating, Christian dating, etc. Whatever you prefer, just Google it and I’m sure there is one that will tickle your fancy. You may even want to try joining alternative or fetish dating sites.

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#2 – Decide to Go Free or Pay

This is another point to consider before joining a dating website. Most dating sites will let you join without paying anything. But they would charge a subscription in order for you to use their services. If the site is totally 100% free then we don’t have a problem with that. If they charge, then be sure that you know what you are paying for. Read their TOS and check other user’s reviews to know what they think about the site. But then again the deciding factor here is money. If you can afford the membership fee then go for it. Women like to see that their man likes to spend money, because it proves that they got the cash to spend. Make sense?

#3 – Make a Catchy Profile

The first rule is to make a catchy profile. This is your personal page online or inside a dating community. It should reflect your personality in a creative and entertaining manner. There is no perfect formula in this but you can use the following guidelines in putting up a profile.

  • Use a catchy tagline or profile header. This should be short and enough to get the girls interested on your profile and probably get back at you.
  • Make your profile as complete as possible.
  • Fill your profile with the sunny side of your life or focus on the things that you like and positive things about you.
  • No whining or complaining.
  • Put less attention to what you don’t like unless specified on a profile form or template.
  • Don’t be tempted to narrate your dating nightmare because you got stuck with unhygienic woman on your last date.
  • It’s also not wise to use your profile as testament about your bitchy ex or your negative sentiments in life.

#4 – Your Profile Picture

Part of that catchy profile page is your profile picture. Did you know that you can double your profile views by just uploading a photo compared to having none? So take your best portrait possibly the one that shows your whole face and shoulders. Girls like to see that you have photos on your profile, not that all of them are shallow but we are all interested to have an idea how a person looks like.

The only and simple rule in choosing a profile picture is to make sure that it’s recent and it clearly shows your face. A photo taken 3-6 months is perfect. Even your photo taken a year ago is also acceptable. Just make sure that it will not mislead your viewers or potential dates. They will find out how you look in person once you meet up on your date.

#5 – On Photos and Albums 

Most dating sites and social networks would allow users to put up a few more pictures and sometimes albums too. This is your opportunity to show off what you’ve got. If you have six-packs or nice biceps then show it. You can also show your social life through your photos by having photos about your hobbies and interests in life. Put up photos of the things you like to do to have fun.

Your photos should also show how you socialized with your friends. But be careful if you are on adult dating site, your friends might not like the idea of having their photo up there. So you may want to cover their faces. Or put up a picture while you are on a concert, running on a marathon, and other social gathering.

#6 – Read Her Profile Thoroughly

Most men would contact women on an impulse because of how she looks on her profile picture and other photos posted on her page. The smart thing to do is read her profile thoroughly before sending her an email. Reading her profile will give you an idea what she is like and what she likes to hear. This will also tell her that you go over her page and paid attention to her details which she will regard as a thoughtful act. Her profile will reveal what sort of person she is interested with.

#7 – Treat Women with Respect

It means that you have to view women as emotional and rational creatures because that is who they really are. They are not sex symbols, trophies or objects. Yes that is right, no matter how hot and cute she look on her pictures. Make no mistake here. Remember to respect her all the time. She might be liberal in putting up some daring photos that may appear to you as slutty. If you don’t like what you see then leave without hurting her feeling, or thrash talking.

#8 – Engage Her in a Sensible Conversation

Remember that like you most of these women are lonely and looking for a connection. So connect with her and talk to her. Engage her in a sensible conversation. Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t want her to ignore you in a heartbeat. Show her that you think using your real head and not your small head in between your legs!

#9 – Don’t Make it Too Personal

If she did not reply then it means she’s not interested. She ignored you and you can ignore her too. Don’t take things too personal. Just move on and try your luck with someone else. Think about it as their loss not yours. You may get rejected and it happens a lot not only to you but to everybody else. So don’t dwell on it too much.

#10 – Be Honest

Honesty is still the best policy. It’s less hassle to be truthful so stick to this rule. I don’t believe that “faking it till you make it” will work. At one time or another your date will find out who you truly are. So play it safe and be honest with it. I’m not saying that you can’t make white lies and joke around. Just be sure that you straighten it up and don’t pretend to be someone else whom you are not.

#11 – Play the Number Game

Online dating is a number game. Just like picking up women offline the more women you approach and reach out to the more chances you have in finding a date. So don’t be lazy to browse and send messages to them. But don’t be tempted to send generic email to multiple women. That’s just lame.

#12 – Play it Slow

Most women play it slow and with caution and so should you. If she does not replay don’t bombard her with buzz, nudges, and senseless messages or emoticons just to get her attention. This can be annoying sometimes. She might be out of the country or on vacation. Be patient, use your time in connecting with other ladies. You can’t expect that once you become member of that site you will find a date right away. Becoming a premium member is not a guarantee either. It all falls down to how much effort and time you want to invest on your profile and chatting to women.

#13 – Play it Safe

Play it safe. If you think that something smells fishy you should run. Security should be your first priority. If she ask to meet you after exchanging a few emails. You should meet in a public place, and tell someone where you are going and whom you are meeting. In case you go missing the police will know where to start looking. Be careful with fraud and identity thief. And watch out for personal details that you share online.

#14 – Understand that Online Dating is Huge Business.

Online dating is a huge business. Remember that putting up a site, promoting it and maintaining the same will cost money. So the websites or companies behind them have to make a profit. They will try to sell subscription or lure you into buying credits or whatever system a website has. Remember that when you buy a subscription that is usable for the entire period. If you are a premium member yet not using the site then it means that the website is more on a winning side than you are!

#15 – Know When to Stop or Never

There are thousands of eligible girls online that may tickle your fancy. You may even be very good at online dating that you are dating a few of them and sleeping with some. This is the best thing about online dating you have limitless alternative and the supply of women never cease to stop so long as you know where and how to look for them.

But you have to think if you really want to live a swinging life. Don’t you want to settle down and love what you already have. You need to make a choice and know when to stop. Unless you want to stay uncommitted and play the game until the end. Just keep in mind that sooner or later you will be out of the game but it will continue to play only without you on it.

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