The Insanity Of The Male Sex Drive

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I can only really give the perspective of the male mind here: The majority of men are out for some sort of sexual experience…
The majority of women are much more careful about the sexual partners that they choose. They are not driven by the same urge that men are.
Women do not jump straight to the idea that they are going to go home with the first man that approaches them. The nightclub scene is pretty darn bat shit mad when it comes to emotion.
The whole experience is one big display of sexuality – guys hoping to attract and seduce women while women looking for attention and a man that is worthy of her current status.
The whole dating scene can be very brutal on your emotions – from seduction to break-up to rejection to success. Your mind is put through hell just to find your life partner.
Most guys out there is sadly just looking for a sexual experience – whether it be a one night stand or a short term dating experience.
While women are under the assumption that if they allow a guy to “bed them” he will stick around. It’s so brutal for guys to just leave after such an emotional experience for a women.
But what’s a guy to do? They are driven by an urge to reproduce that is so strong it cannot be ignored. Women are very much open to the attention and affection that men give them.
I just feel like it’s a somewhat flawed system in a way. The whole courtship system could be so much more romantic and loving if guys weren’t so interested in sex.
Yes sex is fun and amazing and everybody loves it but it’s also complicated and brief, fleeting and altogether a bit of a let down. I think guys have a lot to learn from women in this respect. We will never learn the lesson as this insane urge to reproduce will never cease to exist.
The whole sexual experience of youth can be truly an amazing experience – especially if you meet women that you really connect with.
But you also have to deal with the inevitable loss of break-ups and jealously that comes with that and the rejection of you seduction efforts.
I think most guys are very aware of the insanity of their sexual drive and all they really want is a long term partner that they can connect with on a deep level.
A spiritual and emotional connection – a complete understanding – sexual connectedness rather than brief spells of ecstasy. But does the male sexual drive really allow this occur?
Is it not men that leave relationships based on sex alone. They want to “explore” and spread their seed.
They are not happy with the close relationship they have created and would rather be single – a status that allows them to date new women that have been with many other guys already.
It’s a crazy game of pass the parcel until we eventually realise that a family needs to be raised and so we settle down for extended periods of time often filled with family violence and abuse.
The sexual drive holds much power and if harnessed could be used to much greater effect and efficiency.
The idea of sexual transmutation is one that few men care to look into.
Transferring the constant stream of sexual energy into something more productive is not a new concept however it’s easier said than done.
The dating game can be brutal!
This is a “dating advice” magazine of some description which makes no attempt to sugar coat the reality of the dating scene.
Sometimes guys feel like if they could just turn off their sexual drive for a few days they most certainly would.
Others feel like if they could just jump straight to the point in their life where they are happily in relationship with a beautiful women that understands them they would.
Men are driven by insane emotions – they are often disconnected from the emotion of love – they are always plugged into the emotion of sex that can trigger violence and jealously on a dangerously high level.
We are clumsy arrogant blunt forceful creatures that are in fact admired by women.
We are insane… but that is what also allows us to be men.
So if at any stage you get fed up with the dating game, annoyed by the confusing emotions of women, driven to insanity by the lack of sexual satisfaction, feel strong jealousy toward another man with your ex girlfriend or just tired and confused about your role in society remember…
The emotions you experience make you the man you are. Control and channel the strong emotion you experience on a day to day basis. Once you can control and transmute your sexual desire.
Once you can be calm in the presence of anger and jealousy you become very much masculine.
The idea of the alpha male is that he is stable in rocky situations – he can control his emotion and deal with the situation at hand.
So rather than be confused, frustrated or even driven to a point of insanity by your masculine emotions attempt to deal with them in a more mature manner.
Understand them for what they are, experience them fully and learn to control and channel them toward positive action.

image source: graur razvan ionut