The Japanese Herbivore Man

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It may seem strange to you to witness a man withdraw from sex and dating 100%… Maybe he needs more read meat your idiot brain tells you… Maybe he has low testosterone. It sounds to me that it’s a much deeper and more serious problem than a few pills. This is a kind of societal breakdown and the birthrate is showing it.

Social Breakdown

Perhaps they are grass eaters because of the vile women in this video

I think they are deluded in thinking that their vagina is some kind of bargaining power. I mean sure it has some power but you can buy it for a relatively cheap price. Most men now realize how easy cooking and cleaning is and are happy to spend the few minutes it takes to throw garments in the washing machine… The Herbirvour and MGTOW movements of men are just men realizing a simple cost benefit analysis. The cost of marriage and kids is not worth the effort once you start stacking reasons like the female behavior above.

A relationship should be about enjoying the struggles and successes of life together through thick and thin.

Notable Youtube Comments:

“What happened to a man and a women building a future together. Woman these days want a man that has everything without them sacrificing anything.”

“You’re responsible for earning money for the family, and Im responsible for for being beautiful like a flower.” [6:06] WTF?! Run from this one, fellas !

“asian chicks are better- myth – busted!”

“Dated plenty of Asian women myself.  They are entitled to everything and give nothing back in return.  They believe a male should feel happy to have her based on nothing other than the fact that she has a vagina and there are other lonely men around.  “


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