The Lost Secret Of Seduction

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Not such a secret anymore, Let me explain
I call this the lost secret of seduction because it’s the source reason why men win or lose with women.
Your ability to transfer lusting and sexual energy into romantic and social interaction motivation will determine your success.
Whether you go home with that beautiful women is not determined by the lines you use or the shoes you wear.
Utilize the 80/20 rule here and focus on the one part of your personality that needs the most work.
The emotion of sexual desire and lust is one of the biggest sources of energy for men. It’s the source evolutionary motivation for many of the actions that you take in your day to day life.
Work to earn money to impress and provide or even sport to become the victor. You could trace back almost any motive back to survival and reproduction.
The secret of those men that are able to seduce compared to those that cant is this unknown ability to transmute their sexual desire. What I mean by that is they are able to use the motivation for sex and channel it into something useful. They end up with something of value that women want as a result.
Perhaps they felt as though they needed to rise to the top of their academic field before any women would notice them. Or become the captain of their sports team to win the heart of a girl in the crowd.
But it’s more than this – It’s more to do with your ability to honestly and authentically mask your need for lust. The way your energy comes across and is perceived by women is very important.
If you are desperately seeking approval, intimacy and sex from women there is very little chance you will get it.
You have to be the GIVER in the emotional transaction. This is often why you see older guys (2-4 yrs older) with younger women. What I mean by the giver is that you need to be able to provide some sort of support security and reassurance. This in contrast to where most guys try to come from which is a place of weakness and pleasure seeking. Most guys go out and attempt to gain sexual pleasure from women without giving much back.
There lusting emotions are driving their thought – they care not for her needs or wants. It’s no wonder then that they fail to stimulate her need for a romantic connection. I am not suggesting women are not interested in no strings attached casual sex relationships – but as an initial interaction they do require you to be a certain kind of man. Just like we require women to emit a certain kind of feminine beauty to turn us on women need similar attributes in us.
If you are conveying the emotion of lust outwardly in the form of seediness rather than playful flintiness you will never attract the kind of women you want.
This makes it tough for any guy to attract women when his source motivation conflicts with what it takes to achieve it.
The journey from needing wanting boy to able secure and providing man is the real solution here.
Once you reach the status and emotional security of the an “elder” which is not age determinant by the way you will have no trouble attracting women. There are still  46 year old guys that have not learnt to transfer their lusting emotions into something useful. They are yet to control their emotions and require drugs such as alcohol to numb the pain that is their life.
Yet their are young men that are able to flirt with gorgeous women on a sexual level that does not come off as explicitly sexual. This is the real secret of seduction – the ability to infer and imply sexuality in your body language and innuendo without saying it directly.
This is basically known as flirting – women are masters of flirting – they love the idea that they can turn a guy on without risking anything up front.
You will know when you are coming across needy and lusting and when your not… Work on becoming that stable certain man that women want while also conveying a sense of knowing sexuality.
Women will pick up on your sexual body language! you dont need to say anything sexual for them to read into it.
You might be terrible at first! Be prepared to fail – it’s going to happen and it’s ok.
But sooner or later (with practice) you will be able to make a women weak at the knees rather than creeping her out with your nervousness.
Learn the art of flirtation!
Learn to dance – latin dancing is a form of sexual expression that is accepted
Learn to “keno” or use touch to create desire + measure interest
Use authorative and fun body language and eye direction cues rather than creepy stares and needy handshakes.
All of this LUST –> LOVE transition stuff takes time and effort. But learning to feel comfortable and even confident and dominant in the presence of a women that you desire will ensure that you influence her positively rather than make a fool of yourself.

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