How To Get The Girl (Plus Tips On How To Get The Life You Want)

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You have been manipulated and lied to all your life. Do you want to truly be in control of your life? Do you want to know how to get the girl, or many girls if you choose? How to have women chasing you instead of the other way around?

How To Get The Girl

Breaking free from the lies and living the life you want begins with understanding how and why you’ve been manipulated.

What Gives Me The Right?

For anyone wondering what gives me the right to dare say the things that I say in this article on how to get the girl, first I am a woman. Second, I’m the sole provider for my family, because my husband can’t physically work anymore. I’ve never belittled him. I’ve never made him question my love or my willingness to stand beside him no matter what comes. That’s what true love means. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find it these days.

So let’s get started on how to get the girl by understanding some basic concepts.

 The Lie

Guys, you’ve been sold the greatest lie ever told. You’ve been made to believe that you want or need women more than they need or want you. The truth is that women want companionship and sex just as much as a man does, and there are other factors that mean they need you more than you need them. But you don’t know that.

This causes you to chase them. You do everything you can to be nice to them, and somehow someone who hasn’t done half of what you have done for them gets the girl? Why? Because once you understand that women actually need you more than you need them, you get your power back. You become much more attractive because you are no longer desperately trying to get a girl to notice you. There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who understands his power, and isn’t manipulated by a woman.


You may wonder why women act like they are disinterested in sex, and force you to work your tail off to get some tail. It started out as a survival mechanism for women.

Even 100 years ago, women had no rights. They couldn’t own a business or property. The only real job open to many women was prostitution. They had to have a man to provide for them so that they could survive. They had to hold on to the one thing that they had, and make sure that it was valuable enough to convince a man to stick around and provide for them.

Sex was the only thing they had to work with. When a woman doesn’t offer up sex easily, it becomes valuable because it is hard to get. To get sex without paying for it, a man would have to marry a woman. This met his need for sex and companionship, and it met her need for security and survival. It also met their mutual need to have children.

Women became skilled enough at using their only asset (sex), to help level the playing field to a certain extent. Men got their power simply by being male. All a woman’s power was derived through sex and her ability to have children.

Fast Forward

How To Get The Girl

Women Entering the Workforce

Then women began getting the same rights as men. They gained the right to vote and own property. They fought for the right to be able to work outside of the home.

This leveled the playing field, right? Perhaps it did at first. The problem is women pushed so hard for equality that men became the second class citizens.

I’m sure you are thinking “Wait a minute. What?” Women are still trying to gain equality, right? How could men be the ones at a disadvantage when you still hear so much about women’s rights? Keep reading with an open mind, and I will show you why men are the ones at a disadvantage today.

Free Love and a Respite From Madness

The sixties saw the beginning of the feminist movement as we think of it today. Women began to demand equal pay and equal opportunity for jobs. The pill and changing societal values also allowed them a sexual freedom that before then had been enjoyed solely by men. Things finally seemed to be nearing a form of equality.

Women were going out into the workforce. They were dressing provocatively, and they were having sex without fear of getting pregnant. The independence and equality they began to see was hard fought and well earned. What would the women who led this movement in the 60’s say if they could see where it ended up?

Do you think they would be pleased to see women taking advantage of men instead of asserting the independence they worked so hard to attain? That feminism has become synonymous with women being entitled to anything they desire? That men have been demasculated and are now firmly under control of women?

As a woman myself, I am grateful that my equality with men has been established by women who came before me. I am, however, embarrassed by the amount of women who seek to control men for their own needs instead of taking advantage of the opportunities they have today.

 Old Fashioned Equality

I was raised with old-fashioned values. Much of this has to do with being raised in the South where the traditional values hung around just long enough for me to pick them up. I’m still old-fashioned, and while it may not be fashionable in today’s society, it’s a fact I’m proud of.

Old fashioned values at least give a man a reasonable return on his investment. It used to be that the man worked, and the woman stayed at home and took care of the home, her children, and her husband. It was expected for the house to be clean and dinner to be made when he came home from work. She was expected to get up before he went to work, and have his breakfast fixed as well as a lunch he could eat at work. In short, the woman put in her fair share of work.

Even when women began to work, they were still expected to take care of the household duties. If a woman and a man both work, it seems reasonable to share the household duties. But women have lost sight of taking care of their man, making today’s relationships one-sided.

Men are expected to work and pay for everything. If a woman does have to work outside the home, she expects the man to do his fair share of the work inside the home. Which would be fine if what he did was acceptable, but women are all too happy to tell their men that they did the laundry incorrectly or ask them why they didn’t mop the floor after they did the dishes.

Building Up Vs. Tearing Down

The problem is that women have lost sight of a key component of having a “good man”. Small things like fixing a man a plate of food or offering his friends something to drink when they come over makes him feel like a man.

Giving a man a compliment when he does something good makes him feel like a man. Heaven forbid a woman walk into a room and say “Thank you for mopping the floor”. They’ll walk in and tell him he missed a spot.

A man that feels like a man will be able to perform better at work and at home. However, men that feel like men aren’t as easy to push around and control, so these old-fashioned concepts have went out the window. The truth is that behind every man there’s a good woman. The truth also is behind every average man there’s a woman telling him he isn’t good enough.

The Sad Plight of Women

It really is sad in a way. One of the saddest things I’ve heard is when a friend told me that she had to have sex with a guy because he took her to McDonalds. The concept of using sex for personal gain goes from the top where women are seeking to improve their already lavish lifestyle, to the bottom where a woman feels obligated to spread her legs for a Big Mac.

Women claim they want a man who treats them well and loves them for who they are. Then they put that guy in the friend zone for a man with a larger bank account. They end up with everything they thought they wanted, enough money to live comfortably, but they aren’t happy. They can’t understand why they don’t feel fulfilled with their life. It never occurs to them that a truly fulfilling life involves making others happy, not just yourself.

Of course, since she isn’t happy, her husband isn’t going to be happy either. He’ll bury himself in his work, a hobby, time with his friends, anything to avoid being stuck at home with her. This gives her a reason to blame him for all of her loneliness and sense of unfulfillment.

She’ll start living in fantasies where a man who “truly cares” about her will come and sweep her off her feet. It never occurs to her that the man that “truly cares” is the man who has been supporting her for the last ten years. Eventually, one of them ends up seeking what they aren’t getting in the marriage outside the marriage. Then they become just another divorce statistic, and the cycle starts all over again.

Learned Behavior

Men and women are taught to play their roles from the time they are born. Girls learn to wrap daddy around their little finger, and this quality is praised as being adorable. Sure it is adorable at 4, but not so much when she’s 40 and using the same tricks on her husband. Women are told that good girls don’t give up sex without making a man “work for it”.

This is the test of how much a man cares, and a test of how valuable her vagina is. How much time, effort, and money he will put into getting to have sex with her. A woman derives her self worth from the caliber (income) of the men she can attract, and what they are willing to do to be with her.

It’s Not All Women

Men are also taught that women are a prize to be won, and that the more attractive a woman is, the more effort she is worth. To make matters worse, men see having a beautiful woman on their arm as a status symbol.

It gives the more beautiful the woman, the better they feel about themselves. Women complain about being seen as a sex object, and then they use that very thing to get what they want. Men are also taught by society that their worth is measured by their bank account. Ask a man who he is, and 9 out of 10 times he will tell you what he does for a living. On a logical level, we can all understand that who we are goes far beyond our looks or our occupation. On an emotional level, most people view it this way without ever questioning it.

Men and women alike have been trained all their lives to fall in line with the system without question. What happens? The divorce rate in America is over 50%. Why? For many couples, the reason is because they never truly loved each other in the first place. He wanted an attractive mate, a companion, and children. She wanted financial stability, someone to give her companionship on her terms, and children. Both parties will say that love is what they were after, but it’s simply not true. They lie to themselves as well as everyone else, and then wonder why it all falls apart at some point.

You know why it all falls apart? Because they are always looking for something better. When things get too difficult, the debt piles up too high, too many wrinkles start to show, there’s always something better out there. What happened to real love?

What happened to judging someone by their actions, instead of their looks or bank account. What happened to vowing to love each other for richer or for poorer, for better or worse? When you really love someone for who they are, you’ll stand by them through life’s tough times. You’ll be their strength when they are weak. You’ll be their confidence when they have no faith in themselves. And you’ll do all of this with no thought of personal gain. You’ll do it because you love them.

When you look at the causes of divorce, 43% claim that it is basic incompatibility. Why don’t these couples realize they are incompatible before they get married? Maybe it’s because they are focusing on the wrong things in the beginning. Next is infidelity with 28%, and money issues with 22%. Is it possible that the majority of these problems are caused by men and women playing the shallow roles that society has set for them?

The Study

Does the male to female ratio affect the behavior of males and females? One study changed the perceived ratio of men to women, and monitored their economic choices. Women showed no change in their economic behavior, whether there were more men or less men. Men, on the other hand, were strongly affected when they thought there were fewer females and more competition (males).

Men completely changed their economic decisions when they perceived that women were scarce. Men would choose less resources now vs more resources later to a much higher degree in this scenario. They were willing to spend $404 more dollars on an engagement ring in this society. Maybe you can put a price on love?

There was one thing that changed in women’s behavior when they thought there were more males around than females. They expected the men to spend more money and resources on them when they believed they were in short supply.

Simple Economics

I was taught a very simple phrase in economics class that has always stuck with me. “More guns means less butter. More butter means less guns”. This meant that when a society focused on producing one resource, production of other resources would decline. As the resource declines and becomes more scarce, the value of the resource goes up. It’s called the law of supply and demand, and according to this study, it applies to human behavior just like it applies to tangible resources.

Magic Marketing

What if there are an equal amount of butter and guns, but everyone believes we are running out of butter? Prices go up because of the perceived scarcity. Gas runs are a perfect example of this. When the public perceives a resource as being scarce, they act according to their perception. So it doesn’t matter how many women and men are in a given area. What matters is men and women’s perception of the gender ratio in the area. Even if there are more women, if men believe them to be scarce, they will put more effort into getting them. Women become more valuable because of nothing more than good marketing.

The Animal Kingdom

How does our current behavior measure up to the animal kingdom and how you can use on understanding how to get the girl.

Bird Mating Rituals

When you take a look at birds, you see the same pattern that you see in people. The male bird dances around the female with his colorful plumage. The female simply watches the show. Many times the male will bring food to the female to show that he can provide for her. Some birds even build a nest (house) for the female. Sound familiar? However, we have a level of conscious thinking that goes well beyond the basic instincts of birds. How does mating occur in more intelligent animals?

Great Apes

Great Apes are said to be our closest living relative. They have sex with each other as a way to say “hi”, as a way to resolve conflict, and just for pure enjoyment. They kiss and have oral sex, so they are definitely engaging in these activities because they feel good, and not just for having babies.

However, female apes are known to withhold sex when they aren’t pleased with the males in the group. Maybe the ability to use sex to control men is literally in women’s DNA. It almost has to be if you believe in evolution. However, we have the brain power to overcome our primal instincts. When someone gets angry, there is a temptation to act out physically. To break something, or punch someone in the face. However, most of us resist this primal instinct, because we are intelligent enough to use other means to solve our problems.

Why Women Need Men 

In an age where women have the same financial opportunities as men, why do we still need them?

Taken Care Of

Deep down most women want to feel taken care of. I’m not talking about finances or what a man can buy for her. Women want a strong man who will take some of the decision making off her hands. She wants a man to take care of the yard work and open jars for her. She wants a man to kill a spider for her. Most women would never admit to this desire, but it’s there.


Women want a family. Men may want children, but they don’t have the biological imperative to reproduce like women do. She wants children, and she wants a partner to help raise them. She wants stability.

Companionship and Sex

Women may act disinterested in sex, but for many women, it’s just a front. Our bodies were designed to enjoy sex. Once you get our brain (which is our most important sex organ) going, we will start thinking. Fantasizing. We will want what you have in your pants.


Women also need a man to help support them. Today it’s certainly possible for a woman to earn just as much if not more than a man. However, when she has a child she has to take time off work. She needs someone to help support her financially while she is raising a baby.

Who Needs Who?

The truth is that we need each other. We were created to be different. To compliment each other. Simply shifting your thinking from “I need a woman” to “A woman needs me” will change the way you date. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that we are truly equals. That we need each other equally. This attitude will foster a relationship of mutual love and RESPECT. You’ll get the girl that you want without having to chase her. You’ll learn to let her chase you, at least part of the time. However, it only works if you believe it. When you believe it, your attitude and actions will begin to change to reflect your belief.

Types of Women

There are four basic types of women. It helps to understand these types, so that you can identify them in your life. This is your guide on how to get the girl.

1. The Good Girl

The good girl is looking for a man to marry so she can be set for life. She may be high maintenance, and her pussy is like gold. It’s worth a lot because it’s hard to get. The good girl doesn’t sleep around, and it takes a lot of work( and money) to get into her pants. How to get the girl? It requires a commitment on the part of the man.

2. The Ho

The ho is the most common type of woman who you will run across today. The ho takes care of herself and her pussy because she understands it’s her paycheck. She gives it up much easier than the good girl, but it’s still gonna cost you. Once you are running low on resources, the ho moves on to the next victim.

3. The Freak

Now the freak throws a wrench in things for the other two types, because she isn’t selling her pussy. She’s liberated enough to have sex for the pleasure of it. The only thing she expects in payment is a good orgasm. She is the true feminist. The one who isn’t afraid to do what she wants and take care of herself.

4. The Genuine Girl

Freaks are one type of genuine girl. These girls aren’t afraid to be on their own. They are independent and have plans for their future that don’t involve catching a rich man so they can live off him. They are honest about who they are, and they don’t play games. They don’t see their vagina as a meal ticket.

They will never look at their child and think it’s a child support check or a pawn in their game. They may fall into the freak category, or they may be a good girl. These girls aren’t defined by their sexual habits, because they don’t use sex for personal gain. These girls are looking for true love, and they don’t care as much about the package it comes in.

The problem is the genuine girls are often overlooked. You see the genuine girls aren’t going to be the flashy girl that flirts with you every time you walk by. They aren’t going to play games to get you to notice them. It’s rare to find them at the club on Friday night. Why? Because genuine girls are independent.

They are working on making their life better themselves, instead of waiting for Prince Charming to do it. They are too busy to worry about the frivolous things others worry about. You won’t see them spending hours in front of the mirror. Their clothes may be a bit out of fashion. They are more concerned about the inside than the outside, so they aren’t as concerned with their outward appearance as other girls.

If you can find a genuine girl, you can have a real relationship. You can have the kind of marriage where you know they will stick around if the bank forecloses on your house. They will be there holding your hand if you find out you have cancer. Because when they fall in love, it’s real. They fall in love with who you are, not what you have.

 How To Get The Girl: Avoiding Gold Diggers and Finding a Genuine Girl

The easiest way to avoid a gold digger is to be cheap and romantic. Buy her a $4.99 bouquet of flowers from Wal-Mart. Take her on a picnic with sandwiches and cheap champagne. If it’s the thought that counts, these gestures should go a long way. They are sweet and romantic. If she doesn’t seem pleased with this, or comes out and asks you to take her shopping or to an expensive restaurant, she’s not really into you. She’s into your wallet.

Many men try to impress women by throwing their money around in the beginning. This is the worst thing that you can do, because now the woman expects that. When you stop (your bank account is saying no more), she’ll feel undesirable or unwanted, because you aren’t doing what you used to do. Don’t be a cheap A-Hole, but be frugal. Put more thought than money into the things you do for her, and if she’s the real thing, she will stick around. If she doesn’t, be glad you found out quickly.

How To Get The Girl: Secret Revealed

Here’s a bonus secret. If you really want to get a woman chasing you, tell her you don’t want to sleep with her. Say something romantic like you don’t want to sleep with someone until you get to know them, because it makes the sex better. Women are so used to having sexual offers thrown at them from all directions that when a man says he doesn’t want to sleep with her, it drives her crazy. You’ll find her working to get into your pants, instead of the other way around. This can backfire if the woman doesn’t feel like you are really into her. Make sure she knows that you are attracted to her and would like to sleep with her, just not right now. That you want the experience to be special. It’s like catnip to a cat. Seriously.

How To Get The Girl: Moving Beyond Men vs. Women

If you are going to have a real relationship, you are going to have to move past men vs. women. A relationship should be a team. When one of you wins, the other wins as well. When your team member needs help, you help them. When both people have this mentality of being a team instead of fighting against each other, you get a sincere and peaceful relationship.

If a girl is adversarial toward you or has a negative attitude toward men in general, don’t waste your time. It may be tempting to “be her knight in shining armor”. The one that shows her that not all guys are out to hit it and quit it.

However, this attitude is usually just a way of manipulating you into being extra sweet to her, so she can get what she wants. Real recognizes real. If she’s real, she’ll recognize it if you are real, without you having to be extravagant to prove that “you aren’t like all those other guys”. If she’s not real, she might be good for a fling, but if you are going to pay for it, why not pay for a professional. They are a lot cheaper and much less trouble than gold digging women.

To learn more about how to stop a woman from manipulating you and take control of your life, read Stop the Manipulation and How To Get the Girl.

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