The Monogamous Relationship Flaw

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Humans not designed for Monogamy?
According to
We are actually not designed to be with another mate for more than 2-3 years. Enough time to have offspring and for those offspring to be born.
Genetically we are designed to appeal to a mate for around 2 years, hence the honeymoon period and the 50% divorce rate in the US. If monogamy was not promoted by church parents and schools do you think that it would be as popular as it is today?
Is monogamy present because of more complex psychological needs?
The article goes onto suggesting potential benefits of a non monogamous society such as increased motivation of singles looking to impress.
There must be a deep need within humans to be loved by one person and be safe in the knowledge that their life will be emotionally stable in a non stable external world.
One of the reasons for monogamous relationships is that they are another way to control the chaos of transient and stressful lives.
But there are obvious benefits in that you gain a deeper understanding and spiritual connection with a long term partner. Many relationships end up in bitter dispute and painful arguments so itโ€™s clear that monogamy is not for everyone.
Those that are able to get past the 2 year honeymoon period really benefit from the increased stability and security that monogamy brings.

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