The *NATURAL* daytime approach to dating

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Day time dating is the new cool thing as far as seduction goes. Forget the bars and clubs guys get out their during the day and find out what it really takes to date that hot girl. Body language confidence communication skills and some daytime dating tricks. The real girls are out during the day so get out there and make it happen!
Mehow from love systems is taking dating back to basics with this book day time dating. No more pre recorded message style pickup lines at late night venues but real people in real scenarios.
We are talking about coffee shops book shops malls central city streets day time social events flower shows car shows even at work. Day time dating encapsulates the reality of approaching real women. You have to look the part act the part and know how to communicate your unbiased intentions. The success of your day game will depend on many things but communication is the big one.
daytimedatingBeing able to quickly get attention but do so in a way that makes the women feel at ease in your presence. Quickly building trust is a tough thing to do especially with a women on the street but there are many things that you can do that makes it easy. There are a ton of subconscious ques that women pick up on instantly and it’s these ques that can make it or break it for you.
Come across threatening in any way and you’re screwed
Come across having some sort of obvious motive an your toast
The hard thing about approaching women during the day though is the very fact that you DO have a motive and you are slightly threatening simply be being a strange guy approaching a women.
So you’re up against it from the start mate.
Mehow goes about piecing the day game puzzle together in daytime dating “never sleep alone”
For now you should be able to get by with the obvious daytime approach tips such as:
Dress: I mean dress very well! Dress appropriate to the occasion but make sure you come across “well put together”. This means your hair is well organised you are wearing some sort of suit or ironed shirt.
Confident: You know exactly what you want and some silly arrogant girl is not going to dent your confidence. You approach the women you have chosen with style and grace rather than trepidation.
Relaxed: You are not nervous! Day time dating is about being completely relaxed in the presence of beautiful women. You are simply there to ask her some questions and get her attention at first. Don’t get down if she blows you off or you don’t get a number out of her.
Compliments: Even authentic compliments from a stranger are tough to accept sometimes, especially when you know they are after your lunch. The key to day time dating success is to NEVER let her discover that you are actually doing this to get her number or get a date. You should be completely undercover! Just talk about the surrounds/ common interests and then mention an upcoming event she might be interested in.
If she discovers your real intentions to early your screwed.
(women hate to get manipulated as your kinda beating them at their own game)
Communication Effectiveness: This is where the game gets rough and where you can really benefit from some expert advice from a guy like mehow.
Saying the right things at the right time can dramatically if not guarantee that you pick up a women on the street every time. Of course your going to meet some girls that are taken but you will soon be able to pick the single women open to the approach.
Your ability to break down her defensive barriers and establish trust in less than a minute will come down to your communication effectiveness.
There are various “openings” and “strategies” that guys have come up with but what you really want to become is the natural guy who can just chat about what seems natural at the time. The book she is reading or the coffee she is drinking soon leads onto a wonderful encapsulating and engaging story. Once you get their she is all yours.
The problem is that most guys just are not able to be that relaxed easy going talkative guy in front of hot women. They are fine with mates or family members but as soon as they are presented with the women of their dreams they freeze up…
I am guessing you are this guy?
Dont worry you can get over this fear as thousands of noble men have done in the past and are doing this very second. Those with the knowledge of what to say and how to say it when it counts.
Mehow has those communication secrets and he is giving away some of them here.

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