The Natural Process Of Attraction


Some guys find that they have to be very proactive when it comes to getting a girlfriend. They actually have to consciously get out their and play the seduction game before anything happens.
This is in part due to their work schedule which keeps them away from any opportunities. For the most part though you will find that you’ll have plenty of chances during your day to day activities to meet women with similar interests. It’s a roughly 50:50 M:F split remember!
The natural process of attraction occurs because you are actively living in the moment and doing something you love.
This within it’self is very attractive. By being unaware that you are attractive to others because you are so present in your day to day living you end up attracting the right kinds of people into your life.
To successfully pull off the natural process of attraction rather than actively learning methods and going out to bars to pick up you have to know what you want.
Your going to attract that like minded compatible women into your life by becoming very active socially. You are going to say YES to every social situation and opportunity that arises even if you would usually say no.
Write down 10 things that you LOVE doing in your spare time and join clubs or local groups related to them.
If you have always wanted to learn the guitar but never taken it seriously now is the time to take lessons (online or offline)
The trick with finding a women organically is becoming magnetically attractive. Meaning that you become so interested in living life and reaching your goals that people want to be around you because of your success.
Your success breeds more success and it becomes a snowball effect.
The more interesting you can make your personality and lifestyle the greater the chances of finding someone like you.
Rather than getting into the routine of work weekend work break it up and be different.
Part of the natural process of attraction is understanding the evolutionary laws of survival and reproduction.
Imagine you were living thousands of years ago…

Think about what you could offer and why the women you seek should choose you over the next guy. Attraction isn’t a choice – meaning you have little say in the “chemistry” that you feel for someone else.
The whole process occurs in a different brain center than that used to process conscious thought. It’s a scary thought but you do have some control over the whole process.
Your attempts to increase your survival and reproductive value…


First we seek to survive – those men that are able to lead and provide in this world become attractive to women. Owning your own house is a clear modern equivalent to being able to provide.
Holding down a good high status job or owning your own company is an obvious indication that know how to lead a “tribe”.


How does your reproductive value measure up when compared to the next singles guys?
Facial dimensions
Body posture
Fat %
Athletic ability
If you score a C- on all of the above mentioned indicators of fitness it should give you an indication of why you currently dont have a girlfriend.  It’s not because you dont get out much or that you can never seem to capture the attention of a girl… it’s because your not ready.
You could score an A on the reproductive fitness which means that you get alot of female attention but they never seem to stick around because you have no survival fitness.
If she does not feel safe because of the constant anxiety relating to money she will find a guy that has this part of his  life sorted out.
This might seem like a cold and heartless description what is essentially “love” but once again love can come and go… it’s not processed by conscious thought. Like you – she is seeking to up her own fitness so that she can find the most eligible male to have kids with.
Do not mistake the natural process of attraction as a passive thing. It’s requires you to be very active in your attempts to increase your own value.
Note down some of the reasons why a women would find you unattractive and seek to improve these aspects of your life.
It could be your financial situation, your nervous personality or something completely unrelated.
Remember to get out there and enjoy the success that you have when you complete a goal that you set for yourself. Each successful completion of a goal puts you one step closer to attracting the women of your dreams.

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