The One Night Stand Formula

get laid tonight with ease… (using an unfair advantage over the “other guys”)

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I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you get laid and set up one night stands tonight – and you don’t have to be rich or handsome to do it…
This book jumps into the deep end!
It focuses specifically on Sexual Attraction
It’s not about having money, buying her dinner or looking amazing
Almost everything you have done in the past has failed for a very good reason.
I have a tested unfair advantage over almost every other guy out there because I know what get’s women turned on sexually as well as emotionally.

This Is The Real Secret To Getting Laid Fast
– James Walters

But it wasn’t always like this!
I used to be that scared nervous guy who couldn’t even muster up the courage to talk to attractive women let alone seduce them into bed.
But through months and years of testing I managed to uncover the secret to seducing women ethically and effectively so that there was an instant mutual attraction.
And I’m not talking about long term relationships or though you could transform your O.N.S into a long term relationship if you wish using the girlfriendattractionsystem.
This is the ability to be introduced to a women and (if you choose) have her instantly attracted to you sexually.
You see most women need a significant period of time before they will commit to the decision of “going out with you”. So you need a certain kind of trust building and LUST creating skill set that few men possess.

within 3 minutes she was kissing me passionately
– Nigel Slater

Nigel actually emailed me and told me a little more about how the whole night panned out for him. He had recently come out of a tough divorce where he had been cheated on by his wife!
He had very little social skills as far as seducing women was concerned because he has never really needed them.
Being in a long relationship had turned Nigel into a nervous dater again however he went out with the one night stand formula and “crushed it” apparently.
The reality of not learning sexual seduction is dating below your means – you end up having to accept the efforts of an unattractive women that cant actually turn you on sexually.
You end up lowering your own standards because you get desperate.
I was never great with women when I started out. It took time for me to establish my own personal confidence and inner game. So this is just a message from one normal guy to the next.
Much of what I know about ethically getting laid and even creating lasting relationships from them is within this one night stand formula. Obviously if you can get a women into bed you have the option of choosing whether you want it to get serious or not.
You see – usually it’s the other way around! It’s women that choose if the sex is going to happen or not and only when it does has SHE decided that you are relationship material.
Well for guys it’s a little different – Rather than wasting time we would rather decide BASED on a one night stand if she is going to be a great long term partner.
With the ONSF you can get sex anytime… but not only that you can have a great time finding your long term girlfriend
As much as I would like it to be the ONSF is NOT a system that works every time on every women.
You have to realize that we are working with different personalities and human emotion here. But using the SELECTION module you will triple your success rate with a few easy fix’s.
We are working with the strongest if not the most persistent of human emotions on earth here. You must learn to control and channel this energy if you want to have success with women. To get laid tonight you have to understand women better than you do now as well as learn techniques that will influence them positively.
Are you sick and tired of not getting laid?
Have your Saturdays gone from failed nightly seductions to lonely sexually frustrated nights in?
The web is full of sexually related dating sites – how do you use these to best effect?
This book is for those guys that want to jump straight to the good bits and get “in her league”


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