The real motivation of one night stand seekers

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Looking for Just a one night stand a?
Apart from the small risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease one night stands can really be a lot of fun and add a ton of excitement to your weekend.

  • There are no strings attached
  • There are no complaints
  • There is no responsibility

One night stands allow you to express yourself without judgement. It can either be a horrifying or liberating experience.
This will depend a lot on your chosen partner for the night.
It’s the whole “one night only” concept. Your open for business with someone else for one night only
Your not initially interested in catching up again or though if they brought it up you would think about the encore.

  • It’s not necessarily the sex that’s going to be great ( it usually isn’t)
  • It’s the excitement and thrill of the chase.. The what if.
  • It’s the discovery of something new
  • It’s a new personality a new body a new smell a new life that is enjoying your presence

These are all of the things that you have lacked in the past and now they are all in one sexy package and you get them for one night with no consequences.
A one night stand is not the glamorous romantic ideal that is in your fantasy but I think you know that already.
I think you know that the one night stand would likely be:
During a drunken night out
Forgotten the next day
But that’s not to say it wont be one hell of a ride.
Surveys have shown that many (most) relationships are actually formed as a result of initial sexual attraction. One night stands and sites will have created many marriages as a result of hooking people up for casual sex.
I think most people would be open to the idea of a relationship after an “intimate encounter”… so long as their was a really great connection. Perhaps that is the underlying motivation in the first place?
Let’s run an example off…
Introducing… dan
Dan drinks a fair amount in the weekend not only because it’s fun but because he dislikes his job and so tries to pack as much excitement into the weekend as possible.
In the weekend he goes out to bars in search of one night stands.
He calls it a one night stand but what he is really seeking is a much deeper emotional connection (of course he would deny this).
Not too many of his friends really understand him – he is erratic and get’s violent after a few beers… he feels anxious about the future because he is not in control of it and so the alcohol filled weekends are a great way to forget about life.
To dan, one night stands are purely sexual. He see’s women as objects of which he has every right to exploit. He has no regard for their emotions but has gotten ok at charming the drunker women of the night and so does alright for himself.
The women always leave disappointed.
What dan doesn’t understand is that his efforts to eliminate that erratic voice in his head only serve to drive him more insane.
He believes that one night stands are all about conquering women… proving his worth to other men and enjoying/satisfying his sexual drive.
These all seem like valid reasons to dan but he is mistaken.
The one night stands are a sad attempt to connect on a deeper level with someone else other than his erratic anxious mind.
The one night stands are an attempt to let down his guard…
To be accepted and loved by another if only for a few minutes.
The tough exterior that he presents to the world is an attempt to protect his fragile inner nature.
He struggles to open up and give away his power for a few minutes – he struggles to share secrets and appear weak and vulnerable… thus nobody is able to be close to him.
Dan is the one great expression of fake – he confuses others into feeling weak and unsure because he has crafted such an amazingly confident exterior.
He seems like he knows what he wants but really it’s all smoke and mirrors and his one great fear is if somebody finds out about the big lie.

But dan is just one of thousands of different and unique personality types that go looking for sexual encounters.
Most one night stand seekers are able to open up and just want someone to warm the bed on a Friday night.
These are the people that often fall for their casual dating partner. They cant help but open up and share their life with people. It’s not so bad falling in love with a one night stand but it’s a risky proposition.
Your nuts are not great determinants of compatibility!

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