The Real Secret To Attraction Is Good Health

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This includes both inner and outer health!
I have talked about this before but no harm in reiterating an important point…


  1. You feel better
  2. You live longer
  3. You look better
  4. have more energy
  5. more enthusiasm and vigor
  6. more sexual energy and stamina

I could go on and on… think about any positive thing in your life and good health will make it better.

The REAL Secret To Attraction

It’s not some silly line or personality trait that you dont have and could have if you read this book. The real secret to attraction is rooted deeply in the evolutionary truth of survival and reproduction.
With health comes all of the little things that make up an attractive man. The sparkle in his eye, the cheeky grin, the knowing smile, the charm wit humor and confidence… Health is more important than you care or want to accept.
I could suggest to you a paid plan of attack for better health but I think it’s such an easy thing to master. Some find it extremely difficult but it’s really just centered in one decision…
It’s just the understanding that you will feel better long term by removing the units of instant gratification. That’s not to say you have to give up that bag of chips you love so much or takeout every weekend. You just have to make better choices overall.
I have a fool proof get healthy plan for you. If you can stick to this you will see dramatic results in a short amount of time… You wont stick to it because it’s actually rather hard to tell your emotions one thing when they want to do another. But alas I will try my best.

3 Step Fool Proof PL Health Plan To Attract Women

#1 Eliminate All Drugs
I told you most wouldn’t be able to stick to this health plan for attracting women…The reason for this is that it’s hard to see the benefit of not drinking alcohol in the short term… That’s because there isn’t  any. Your more awkward in social situations and you feel more nervous and anxious than usual. But it get’s WAY better.
The skys open up 2 months in and you will wonder why everyone else is still poisoning themselves and feeling terrible the next day all for an hour of bliss. I personally dont see the point in caffeine either… a good cup of green tea , milk or water is really all you need.
If you cant go cold turkey on the alcohol try and stick to less than 3 standard drinks per week. (3 beers or 1 glass of wine)
#2 Exercise for 15-20 minutes each day
This one is DEAD easy – it doesn’t  matter if you skip a day or two during a busy week. Just do some extra in the weekend. Make sure that the exercise that you do end up doing is enjoyable for you. Don’t put yourself through toil in the gym if you hate it!
Get a friend and go play a game of sport like tennis or squash. 30 press-ups will do if you cant get out during the day for whatever reason… start slow and build up in steps. Laying off the drugs will help with motivation!
Exercise get’s the heart moving and adrenaline pumping – I hope your aware of the person you become if you DONT exercise.
#3 Eat Healthy
Now this is a very broad topic,
Here is what I would consider eating healthy:
Eliminate all refined carbs and cut your current refined sugar intake by 80% of it’s current. Eat more fish, beans, vegetables and start loving the food you prepare. If you eliminate drugs you will find that the food you cook actually tastes better!
When your just starting off and your not up for wheat grass smoothies and protein powder just yet try this.
You allow yourself the creamy sauces that make that pasta taste so good but you reduce your portion sizes. Rather than slamming a whole pizza cut it to half. Make more intelligent decisions when you are at the supermarket – rather than buying packaged foods buy fresh and cook it yourself.

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