The Secret Is There Is No Secret

Secrets to attracting women?
Bit of a joke statement if you asked me but the leader in dating advice online david d’s lead generation blog is titled so I know that many many people are aware and interested in that closely guarded secret that will get them laid.
There are techniques lines and ways of thought that will help you commnicate and get along with the opposite sex but as far as a secret… it’s marketing b.s
But hey it works so they’ll and maybe even I’ll keep using it.
Dating really comes down to psychology. It’s all about mindset:
Once you have the right mindset about how your going to date as well as your own self worth everything else falls neatly into place.
Like the video above suggests there really is no secret: You might think that some guys have more success that others because they know some closely guarded secret or line that you dont but come on…
They just speak and connect with women better.
They understand social dynamics and female feelings infinatley better than you currently do which allows them to say the right things at the right time.
And as the video suggests the right thing at the right time so happens to be ANYTHING… As long as it’s about what interests her.

Weird Riff On Dating Emotions – Ready?

Keep the conversation flowing and keep smiling… If your feeling your losing your nerve a little or your feeling anxious recognize that it’s just your bodies way of letting your know that your doing something silly (not in alignment with what you want or what’s best for you)
Say you enter a room and sit down without introducing yourself or talking to any women. You might start to feel a bit weird and anxious. It’s because before the night started you promised yourself that you were really going to to get to know people tonight and make some people laugh.
You getting sweet Fu*K all done sitting in the corner and your subconscious knows it.
Respect the negative emotions for what they are and deal with them by understanding their function. Anxiety has a negative connotation but the reality is it can help you if you thank it for giving you a heads up about how shit a job your doing.
Next time when it pops up and lets you know what you said was wrong you can thank anxiety and do the right thing.
The secret to successful dating and relationships really comes down to common sense and understanding your emotions.
This simplicity does not mean it’s easy to deal with your emotions – sometimes it seems IMPOSSIBLE to deal with emotions of love regret jealously, anxiety, fear and loss but deal with them you must.
If you let these emotions run your life and control your actions you will be at the mercy of lifes hardship.

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  1. David’s a cool guy. I think that some of his stuff is mis-guided into the realm of manipulation at it’s finest. But I think you can learn some basic confidence boosters to take into a better environment. I like getting my dating advice from sites that let users exchange ideas and vote on the best ways to do things with women. I think it’s the mans job to eventually become a guy girls actually want to date. As appose to manipulating a current and very short term version of themselves and there situation in order to gain a purely physical and shallow goal.

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