The Single Thing That Hurts Guys The Most: Women

Men don’t let many people close to them – they don’t allow themselves the opportunity for people to hurt them as a result.
During any casual sex relationship men are (in the most part) able to keep any attachment from occurring. The keep the women at arms length emotionally until they they are ready…
When we fall for a women – we go all in! Emotionally – Financially – Spiritually – for guys it’s an all or nothing game. A guys first love never really leaves him…
Your current gf is the one person besides your family that can cause you real pain… If you have ever been through a breakup you will know how deeply women can effect you.
This is why there is so much motivation from guys who want to get their ex girlfriends back – They want that safety and security again… The thought of the one women that you gave everything too with another guy tears at the soul.
The single thing that really get’s to most guys where others fail (like water off a ducks back) is a breakup.
There are many emotions and situations that can cripple you as a guy – not being able to contribute to society in a meaningful way pretty much renders you useless… A powerless man is not an attractive man.
Physical pain, boredom, starvation and any other superficial pain is nothing… until you feel the deep psychological mind fuck that is the effect that women have on you.
The combination of emotions that breakups create will be one of the hardest events you will have to deal with in your life. Big statement.. why?
The pain that you feel is often equal to how much you loved them.
All of the love and joy that you gave and received during the relationship is now hitting you in one sudden week long surge… Except it’s now reversed and rather than love and joy it’s hate and sadness.
The equal and opposite reaction law taking affect on your heart.
No wonder you feel the strong urge to eliminate this pain by recovering her. Getting her back is like taking the on source of pain and simultaneously shooting it in the face while morphing it into all of the best emotions she ever gave you.
Your killing the bad emotions and recovering the good…
It’s a sweet deal right? Getting your ex back is a sweet idea…
But is it really what needs to happen?
Despite the elimination of the picture of her getting banged by some other dude…
Despite all of the pain and sadness you feel…
Despite the joy she would bring…
Is getting back with her really a good idea?
Usually a breakup happens for a good reason – usually there is a LOT of stress in the relationship – usually there is a personality conflict…
Sometimes money and stress issues cause temporary conflict that can be resolved if there is maturity and open mindedness in the relationship.
If this is a marriage + infidelity issue… you have more emotional and logistical complications than you are aware of!

  1. Your friends network is now segmented…
  2. Your family is now broken…
  3. Your children are affected…
  4. Your love-life obviously is…
  5. Your routines will be different…

If you decide that all of this is to much to deal with there some information on how to start the process of getting her back here:

In many cases healing the pain and accepting your differences is the best thing to do. You just need to find a way to convince your ex that it’s the right thing to do. She might think that giving you another chance is the worsts decision she could possibly make. Perhaps it is:

  1. If you cheated on her you killed all trust you once had.
  2. If you let the romance die she will feel no attraction for you
  3. If you argued or were abusive she was right to call it quits

Somehow you have to find a way to convince your ex that your worth another shot – you do this through ACTIONS not words. Because it’s likely your words don’t mean alot to her right now.

Moving On After A Breakup

Remember: Women are the single thing that can hurt you the most – Which makes them the single thing that can give you the most pleasure.
“it’s better to have loved and lost… than to have never loved at all…” or something like that right?
You have to decide if getting her back is really going to back everything ok. If not it’s time to move on – be happy and focus on the fact that the love and friendship happened in the first place rather than the fact that it’s over.
Be happy that you have the chance to love again and find a women even more compatible.

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