Top 15 Things to Know About Hooking Up on Tinder

Is Tinder just for hookups?
Tinder is synonymous with hooking up. However, not everyone on Tinder is just looking for a hookup.

Lots of people on Tinder want to hookup, but some are looking for serious relationships as well.

What should I say in my bio?
If you want your Tinder bio to stand out, then make it fun. Let it show your personality, not boring first date small talk info.

One way to do this is with a one liner joke. “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.”

Another way is to say that you are a spy or not a spy. You can also get creative with what you do for work and your hobbies.

For example, “Dentist by day. International espionage specialist by night”.

Or, “Legal orator by day. Budding mixologist at night.”

These are fun ways to tell a little about yourself and show your personality without being boring.

What photos should I include in my Tinder profile?
Pictures are probably the most important thing you will do on Tinder, so make them count.

Don’t post photos where who you are isn’t clear in the picture. A group photo should not be your main photo.

Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses, at least in your main pic. Let people see you! You should also avoid shirtless or bathing suit pictures, at least as your main profile pic.

If you happen to be at the beach surfing, with your dog, etc. then those pictures are acceptable in the proper place.

As for exactly what type of pictures to post:

A headshot (not a selfie)
An action shot
Picture of you with dog/other pet
Picture of you with friends where you are clearly visible
1-2 more action shots if you wish
How does Tinder’s algorithm work?
Tinder’s algorithm works based on a few things beyond age/sex/location. The other major factor is the elo score. This is essentially how popular you are on the app.

Tinder will try to match you with people “in your league” or in this case, a similar elo score. If your elo score is low then you will see less attractive people.

If you notice this happening, try changing your profile pictures. You can use photofeeler to help you choose the best pictures.

How can I get more matches?
To get more matches, you’ll need to be picky and active. Tinder rewards being active each day and being picky (not swiping right on every profile) by showing your profile more often.

This should result in more matches due to more visibility.

Tinder Premium

What is Tinder Plus?
Tinder plus is the original premium Tinder subscription. It has some benefits, including:

Rewind (redo swipes)
Passport (swipe in other cities)
Unlimited likes
5 Super likes a day (1 for free members)
Is Tinder Plus worth it for Tinder Passport?
Tinder passport allows you to swipe in different cities. Since Tinder is a geo-location app, it generally matches you with people in your area.

Passport can be a big advantage if you live near a large city or plan to travel. You can find matches and plan dates before you come to town.

It opens up many more options, so it is worth it if you enjoy travelling.

What is Tinder Gold?
Tinder Gold is essentially an add on for Tinder Plus. In addition to all the plus features, you get to see who has already liked you.

This saves a lot of time, because you can browse people who have already liked you. When you swipe right on them, it’s a match.

Is Tinder Gold worth it?
If you already have Tinder Plus, Tinder gold is just $4.99 a month. It’s well worth it to have access to who has already liked you.

Why does Tinder Plus charge different prices based on age?
Tinder charges different prices based on your location and age. The most common prices are $9.99 a month for those in the U.S. 30 and younger, and $19.99 for those over 30.
According to Tinder, they chose this pricing structure based on how much people are able (or willing) to pay.
Younger users generally have smaller budgets than older users, so they get lower pricing.

Chatting and Hooking Up

How do I hookup on Tinder?
Tinder claims that Tinder Plus results in 60% more likes, so it’s a good place to start.

To get laid on Tinder, first you should understand that no woman wants to feel like a slut. Ever.

This includes sending dirty photos or texts too soon. A little innuendo is fine, but save the dick pics. They will only back fire on you. Treat women like people, not just sex objects.

It’s also important to know that most girls aren’t really looking for sex. They are looking for companionship, and generally have a “whatever happens happens” attitude.

Your approach should be laid back. Ask them if they want to hang out, not if they want to have sex. A low pressure attitude will get you much more success, and make women feel more comfortable around you.

Should I transfer the conversation to Whatsapp?
Many times it is easier to get a woman to chat on Whatsapp or similar platform like snapchat, kik, etc. then it is to get their number.

Women are often hesitant to give out their number. However, you want to get them chatting off Tinder asap.

This is because as long as they are on Tinder, there is competition.

When should I move the conversation to Whatsapp?
You’ll want to move the conversation off Tinder as soon as possible. This means in your first conversation.

Do not fall into the trap of chatting endlessly on Tinder. If they don’t want to move off Tinder, just let it go and move on. They aren’t that interested. Particularly if you are requesting Whatsapp instead of a phone number.

How long should I wait before meeting someone from Tinder?
Most women are on Tinder for Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right. They want excitement. They want someone to sweep them off their feet and have them saying “I don’t usually do this”.

To be that person, you have to be willing to take a bit of risk. Ask them out after you have moved off Tinder.

You can do it subtly so you don’t spook them if they aren’t ready. “Have any big plans tonight? :)” is a great way to feel them out before asking for a date.

If they say “No, but I wish I did” or something similar, this leaves the door open for you to give them some plans.

Never chat with someone you’ve met on Tinder for more than a week without meeting. If you haven’t met by then, you aren’t going to.

What is the best opening Tinder message?
The first rule of Tinder messaging is say something interesting. Do not say “Hey, How are you, How you doing, etc.” No matter how cute you are, you probably won’t get a response.

Second, be respectful. Don’t use a line like “If we flip a coin what’s the odds of me getting head?”. This is creepy, not sexy.

Lastly, remember that she already likes you. You aren’t trying to impress her so much as move things along.

Messaging examples:

What have you been up to? I just saved a duck from drowning.
Let’s cut to the chase. Latte or cappuccino?
Looking for a getaway driver for various crimes. Must love kittens.
When our friends ask how we met, what are we going to tell them?

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