The Top #3 Sub Communication Traits Of Successful Men (80:20 Rule Applied)

Let’s assume you don’t have all day to work on this stuff… If that’s the case you should be asking yourself this question:
What is the one thing I should be working on that will give me the maximum results with the minimum time spent.
The 80:20 rule suggests that 20% of your efforts will account for 80% of your results. Meaning the other 80% of your efforts are pretty much a waste of time…
You need to work out what areas of your life will create the biggest change in your success. Don’t assume that these are always going to be the areas that need the most urgent work… The best table tennis player in China won because he worked relentlessly on his forehand shot.
It got so good that it was unstoppable! His backend was terrible but he worked on his strengths and ended up being the best. He worked on the one area of his game that gave him the highest leverage.
I am not suggesting that you completely ignore other areas of your life… Just focus on what your good at and what makes you stand out from the crowd.
93% Of Our Communication Comes From Body Language And Voice Tone!
Most guys are focusing on the “what do I say” aspect of seduction rather than the how do I say it and how do I realistically come across to women.
Asking a friend about the persona and confidence you convey on a daily basis is a good exercise. At least then you will get an honest answer.
Women are always on the lookout for confident BODY LANGUAGE and they are especially aware of what you are really like when your out of the spot light.
If it really is all about voice tone and body language don’t you think this would be a great thing to start on?

#1 Appearance

One area that you can see immediate results in is outward appearance. Literally within half an hour of online shopping you can have a new wardrobe. You really don’t need much and you will see big changes in your confidence when you move from sweat pants to dress pants and leather dress shoes.
You have to wear what works for you of course but keep it smart and in style. Women pay CLOSE attention to the fact that your socks don’t match your shoes or your hair style doesn’t really “go” with your personality.
Do yourself a favour and steal confidence from stylish clothing. Women and men will notice that you are a guy that has class…
Clothing is not something that will immediately turn women off but it’s one of those 80/20 elements you should take advantage of.
Do you see marlon brando walking around in mismatched clothing and rags? James Bond rarely is seen out of character… He is always wearing a dapper suit or uniform fit for the occasion.
By body language I mean what sort of image you are portraying!

#2 Body Language

Becoming conscious of your body language… You need to first be consciously aware of how you hold yourself so that you can adjust and change it. Over time you wont these good habits to fall back into subconscious so that you do it all naturally.
Many men are unaware that they avert their gaze when they talk to women or fail to walk TALL with their head held high.
Do you slump your shoulders and walk without purpose with your eyes lowered? It may feel comfortable for you to do this but women are watching…
You have to get a point where you perform this body language subconsciously… You act this way because you believe you are worthy and high status enough to warrant it.

Eye Contact And Movement

Are you one of those “fidgety” guys? If so this is an area that fit’s into the 80/20 rule. Perhaps it’s become part of your personality… perhaps you just feel like this when you are under stress or after a long day at work. I have found exercise to really help this feeling of unease and tension.
You need to get to a point where your inner voice is silenced enough to allow you to hold a steady gaze with an attractive women or someone you feel is of higher status than you.
Become self aware next time you find yourself averting your gaze… Note down how you felt and what forced you to pull your eyes away from theirs. If you can remember a time when this happened in the past it was likely that you felt anxious and nervous holding eye contact with them. This forced you to lower your gaze! You just cannot afford to do this with women…
SLOW DOWN your movements and your speech… Move with a grace and ease rather than with sudden jerks.

Other Sub Communication

How you communicate yourself to others really makes or breaks your dating success. Women can get all of the information they need about you without you even saying hello. So if your sub communication sucks you may have screwed your chances before the approach! No wonder your body is giving you anxiety triggers! It’s trying to warn you of impending danger.
So to give yourself the best chance use the main 3 categories of sub com listed above but also take note of the following.

  • One that I got from the attraction forums… Spray yourself with female perfume to signify to other women you are pre-selected. Which means you are already able to attract and hang around with women.
  • Sub communicate pre-selection and popularity by going out with other women and groups of friends and couples.
  • Get yourself in great shape is an obvious but powerful communicator of health and sexual fitness. You shouldn’t draw attention to your health with words and statements (you dont need to)… A women will pick up on this immediately.
  • Sub communicate inner confidence by being unaffected by external events or put downs.

Dr Albert E. Scheflen, professor of psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City has done research on courtship patterns… He found that there are very specific steps from first contact to sex that take place. Check out  Body Language (Julius Fast) free chapter…
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