The Trouble With Being Single: What You Should Know

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There is a fine line here between being single for individualistic purposes such as maturing as a person, “growing up” or even arguably having more fun and being single because you are scared of settling down.

How long do you leave it as it is?

Is say 25, 28 or 37 to late to be still single ? this all depends on the person involved and whether they are confident and secure enough to know where there life is going and they are actually where they want to be in life at that point in time. Maybe you never want to settle down and thats fine too.

Being single for periods of time are healthy in that they allow you to

  • grow up
  • discover life
  • experiment
  • “find yourself”
  • learn essential silly life skills such as laundry and cooking without relying on a partner

Being Single: My question is…

How long is too long to be alone?

Because being single is being alone, sure you might have a close nit group of friends who tackle one night stand after one night stand… but are you not simply filling a void by doing this?

The trouble with being single for too long is dependent on how the person in question deals with the problem.

YOU could be lacking enthusiasm for the dating scene altogether and have simply given up on being intimate with another person? This leads to withdrawal from other areas of life and a lack of fullness

A lack of confidence in yourself after being single for too long could be the reason why you were single in the first place. By not facing your fears and getting together with someone you are letting this fear of rejection take over. Be aware that this lack in confidence permeates other areas of your life.

You may have an inability to be intimate with someone due to a past trauma. Once again you must confront this fear, revisit your past no matter how horrific so that you can heal and start living in the present.

How do you picture your life being in the future?

Do you plan to have children?

If you have no one to share all of your magnificent talents and joys with how much worse off will your life be?

Your group of friends can be only as understanding as the depth of your bond with them.

Do you want to live without the feeling of a true intimate connection and complete trust or “soul mate”

Humans were born and live to establish life long connections and friendships with people, the trouble with being single therefore is the loneliness and lack of completeness or oneness you feel when you are with your partner who completely understands YOU

I’m sure you have a story to tell about how you were single and how it affected you…

Place you comments below.

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