The Truth About Online Dating

Heres the cold hard truth about online dating…

No Love Just Connections

You cannot fall in love online: Despite what you might like to think you cannot fall in love with someone you have only chatted to on a virtual site.
Even if you video chat for hours on end it’s tough to really find love online. What online dating is great for is simply to find other singles near you.
Just that. Connecting with more people than you currently do. Can you do this offline? Absolutely… Online dating just speeds up the process and helps those who find social interaction intimidating.

Online Cheating… OK

Because of the complete lack of intimacy online it seems to be globally accepted that “online dating” more than one person is fine. Perhaps due to the anonymous nature of online dating and the “play the numbers” style of most users it is fine to just go hammer and tongs on the setting up of dates.

Superficial Attraction Or Reality?

Attraction and annual revenue seems to be the only thing that matters. Women are rated almost exclusively on their profile picture. If you don’t cut it in the looks department you will see substantially less emails and winks. If you’re a guy who does not show decent signs of future earning potential or some sort or interesting life like travel or hobbies your cut.
Think this is a little harsh? Getting all sour because online dating is to superficial? The truth and reality of online dating is not that it’s harsh! The truth of online dating is that it’s brutally honest.
That is all. Men rate women based on looks first and women usually make decisions on men based on earning potential. Online dating is not some enigma of human behaviour… IT IS HUMAN BEAHVIOR.
So if you’re a women and using online dating either get hot or… no actually, just get hot.
If you’re a guy using online dating then use interesting travel photos, pictures with you and hot women or proof of earning potential in metaphor form.
Sad but true.
You will see and hear feminists screaming of inequality of genders online but they don’t seem to understand human nature.
Online dating is simply an extension of the offline world but with no risk of embarrassment or accountability so users just superficially filter based on animalistic needs.

Not Much “Sex” Going On

Sex is on the minds of most users online but it is rarely used in conversation and casual chat. Perhaps daters online are quick to judge someone if they use any seedy naughty talk. So surprisingly little of what you think goes on inside private chat rooms actually happens.
The reality of online dating is that the sexual intimacy is established offline. Most likely because physical contact is required to get any chemistry going.

Socially Awkward Users

The truth about guys and girls that visit online dating sites… Most people visit online dating sites because they cannot find dates offline. This is not always the case but in most cases you will find socially awkward men and women.

Excellent Connection Tool

The truth of online dating: The web is one of THE best inventions of our time. It is the best way to quickly get a list of singles in your area and organise dates FAST. Online dating is fast efficient and in most cases completely safe.
So now that you know the truth of online dating sites are you still prepared to give them a shot? If you go for it you have to commit and give it a good shot.
There are certainly some hot women and “normal” men online and you have to be prepared to kiss some frogs to find your prince. If you give online dating a shot and it does not work out all you have to lose is a few dollars.
But if you happen to land 4 or 5 dates out of your experience you might just thank me for giving it a shot.

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