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FINALLY REVEALED: The secret techniques used by the most successful pickup artists to consistently get beautiful women’s phone numbers — and turn them into dates and sex
Nick Savoy has long been a master and teacher of phone and text game through his company love systems. He is featured on a number of daytime television shows such as Tyra Banks and Dr Phil.
Online dating is THE best tool for rapidly getting womens phone numbers that live in your local area. The ease of the screening process and filtering ability is revolutionary for the dating world. You can screen by ethnicity, age, hobby, interest area etc etc.
phone and text gameOnline dating only gets you so far… it is very limited to the amount of connection and intimacy you can establish. The next step is usually using phone and text game to set up first dates. This is where Nick Savoy comes in.
His book phone and text game details EXACTLY how to turn phone numbers into both dates and sex. Some would say that getting phone numbers online is easy, repeatable and systematic – the hard part is getting women to commit to a tangible meeting and time set by you.
The new rules of the text and phone game for 2011 have been set so don’t get left behind.
It is no secret anymore – the social media landscape is changing how we interact and connect. This is also changing how we find dates and set up first dates. You need to get educated on how women are connecting with other men with this new technology, it’s not enough to just connect with someone on a one of situation and then not see her again for a week.
You need to be relevant and present with this women on a continuous basis. This involves using texting emailing online chat and phone game to increase interaction and face time. This does not mean you are constantly there in her face all the time (often vacancy is more powerful) but when you are talking to her via phone you have to make it count (or else someone else will).
The world is becoming exponentially more connected so move with the times or get left behind.
Luckily pick up artists have been at this and weary of this change for the past few years and have refined their online and text chat skills. They know what works and what doesn’t so you won’t screw it up with that one girl on your mind.
Phone and text game will allow you to.
Use secret sets and words to get a womens number every time
Avoid silly phone timing errors that kill 70% of most mens chances with hot women.
Use deadly sequences of words to trigger interest and longing
Use little know phone text : phone call ratios that seem to work every time
Use phone and chat humour to lighten the mood and triple your first call success rate
Implement winning text scripts within the book
The book from lovesystems about phone and text game is written by a guy called Braddock. (ranked in the top 10 pickup artists in the world)
Phone text and phone game has been developed by experts who have spend hours studying and exposing shortcuts of successful online to offline game.
Establish trust and comfort before your first date even begins with phone game
Trigger playful chemistry and attraction before you meet
Using comedy and role playing to position yourself as one of high vaule
Get her to make the first move on your first date by setting her up using text sets.
Finally all the answers to how you respond to a women who doesn’t text or call you back. This can be a real weakness of guys who think they had a womens attention online or in a bar and then they flake out and don’t respond. Inside the system you will discover just how to get any women to respond to a text every time. If she does not pick up there are scripts and examples of voicemails that will guarantee you results (pg 99-100).
Do you bring sexy chat and seduction into phone calls or do you leave attraction and seduction to the first encounter? These guys have tested this out and can explain when the best time is to introduce sexuality.
Get a girl with phone and text and be able to get her in the mood before she meets you.
Got old friends and old phone numbers you could use to set up dates with? Iphone and text game bonuses am sure you will have crush’s from high school (or even before then) , well these girls are all grown up now. Use the first bonus of phone and text game to revitalise old contacts.
Anti Flaking and beyond phone game is Bonus 2 and it’s all about guaranteeing the women you met online or in the bar keeps to her word.
Bonus three is killer – a complete encyclopedia of phone scripts and text scripts to refer to in real time so that you never screw up a phone conversation. Dont know what to say on the phone? Refer to BONUS #3 and use the phone game encyclopedia.
Gotta love those tried and tested transcripts.
Savoy know this stuff works and can “guarantee” it or you money back because he is actually in the field. The guy invented this stuff so he knows it better than anyone else.
But don’t take the word of just ONE guy. It has also been tested by 500 beta testers in the field. Guys just like you have taken the phone and text game and tried it out on unsuspecting women. They were able to highlight any areas that could be worked on and now it’s ready for market.
Alot of these guys had great offline game before they got phone and text game but found that a ton of women would flake (not call) or just not show up on dates that were organised. With phone and text game they were able to iron out wrinkles in their seduction techniques so that almost every women they ring up wants to meet them.

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