The Vital Importance Of Non Verbal Communication

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93% of your success with women is going to be based on non verbal communication!
Hard to believe isn’t it?
Which means all of those lines and conversation skills that your working on are actually not your most high value task.
If you really want to make huge in roads in your success with women (and anyone else for that matter) it’s your subconscious communication that you should focus on.
It’s your body language that will influence them… Not your tricky pick up line!
Don’t you think then that it’s going to be extremely important to be at least ok at sub communication?
Most guys believe that one should not have to work or be conscious of this sort of stuff – but we don’t get taught how to act around women. For most guys using flirtatious techniques is a complete mystery.
Which is why if you know just a little bit of body language “game” you be ahead of the game. And being ahead of the game is all relative to those that are present in the room at that time.
If you are amongst loud mouthed idiots it’s pretty easy to look good. Just keep quiet and act natural.
If you are amongst smooth talking pick up artists you don’t have a chance in hell of impressing that women surrounded by everyone… she’s already taken – because attractive women have the privilege of being able to pick from the group.
Remember that all non verbal communication really means is sending and receiving messages without using words! Which means how you choose to style your hair is a form of sub communication.
How you dress, how you walk, how you talk… it all matters… and according to statiscs it matters alot!
I will remeind you that all of these methods add up to 93% of the total impact you have on someone…
the problem is that many guys have no idea what kind of message they are giving off.
It’s kind of like an accent – you dont really know what your accent sounds like… you dont really know how your personality comes across to others… Most guys are unaware of how rude or how uninterested they seem to others. Some guys constantly reframe any positive reinforcecment from girls into negative.
Some guys think that they come off weird and shy to women when in fact they come across very much dominant and over bearing! It’s all based on your perception so I would advise you to get an honest opinion tonight from your family or close friend of how (HONESTLY) you come across.
Are you aware of how your personality affects your ability to communicate non verbally?
It’s ok… almost nobody even thinks about it… but this doesn’t means it’s not VITALLY important. I mean we are talking about how you interact on a core base level with other people and what you dont know you cant fix right?
can you DANCE? it’s a vital form of non verbal communication that would you believe it women LOVE… Any excuse women can get of flirting and increasing the attention on them they are all for

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