Things Women Hate About Men

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In our last post we have talked about things that women like about men. Or the types of men that women like. We have enumerated several characteristics that women are attracted to and why they like it.

But not everyone would fall into the magic category that makes them natural women magnets. Even the perfect guys would once in a while slip and do something to turn a woman off. The following are the common things that women hate about men.

When she gives you the silent treatment, you know that you did something wrong. When it happens go and check the following list. Try to spot which of the following thing you did wrong.

Things Girls Hate About Guys

#1. You Stop Being Romantic

What you have is a romantic relationship. When you stop being romantic, it will destroy the very reason why you are being together. This will affect everything that you have or whatever you had accomplished.

You stop being romantic when you don’t bring her flowers, presents, or you just stop making her feel special. When you are living together it does not mean that you will have to stop wooing her. You stop dating, and all the fun things that you used to do.

Try to find ways on how to keep the spark on your relationship going.

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#2. You Turn Down Sex

It’s an insult to turn down an offer. If you say no when she wants to have sexy time then she will be offended. She will feel that she no longer excites you. We understand that your little man may not feel all too excited about her specially if you are not feeling like doing it. Boredom, stress, and health reasons may drain you out of your precious testosterone. That is why you should always be ready for times like these. Workout and be sure that you have that reserved stamina to keep her happy.

#3. When You Ignore Her

Don’t ignore her. Men are good in focusing their 100% attention to whatever they do. She wants to think and feel that she is your priority. So there are times when she will try to get your attention. No matter how annoying it maybe you still have to give her your attention.

Don’t ignore her over your video games or over your guy buddies. You may spend a lot of your affection on your car and she will be jealous about it. So try to balance your time.

#4. You Watch Too Much Pron

It’s okay to watch pron once in a while. But to be addicted to it and enjoy watching it compared to having sex with her will definitely turn her off. Watch pron to start a sexy time with her. Invite her to watch it with you.

#5. When You Avoid Commitment

Women like guys who plan for the future. When you stop being committed and stop planning then she will think that you are being uncommitted and immature. It’s not enough that you have plans. You must work to make it happen and pursue your plans.

#6. When You Talk About Your Ex

There is a reason why it’s called ex. It means previous and it should belong to the past. Brought it up but don’t get too excited about it. Don’t be tempted to compare her to your ex. This is a very sensitive matter specially if you think that your girlfriend is a bit too insecure. But maybe it’s because you don’t make her feel secure about your relationship. You should think about this.

#7. When You Start Nagging

Nagging is for women. They don’t expect you to nag at them. Specially if you start hot topics like how she spends her money. Don’t talk about her spending if you are not the one providing her with cash. It’s just unreasonable. You may also nag at her attitude and the way she treats you. This will be an easy avenue to get your ass kicked. Women are slackers too. Just like men, they may procrastinate, become messy and all too lazy. They are people too. When you were dating all see was her good side, very tidy, organized, and attentive. Well after months of living together you will start to see her other side. And it may not seem too attractive.

#8. When You Become Too Dominant

A woman likes a man or a guy that has the alpha male character. It means that you command with leadership. You plan ahead and pursue your plans. You have rules and you want them followed. But what they don’t like is a dictator. So be careful with this.

#9. When You Make them Your Nanny

Don’t look at women as your nanny who will look after your mess, laundry, dishes, and makes you a sandwich when you need it. If that is what you’re looking for then you are better off with a nanny or babysitter than a girlfriend.

Let them serve you, do favors for you and pamper you but don’t order them to do it for you. You may request a favor every now and then but be sure that you return the favor.

#1o. When You Become Too Dependent on Her

Generally women expect guys to be the provider. But life is full of uncertainty and you may find yourself in between jobs. At times like these all we need is her comforting arms to inspire us to get going and start somewhere else.

But don’t be too comfortable when she is the one providing for both of you. It’s okay to ask for support and swallow your pride. What is important is you strive to do your best and work hard on landing another source of income except her savings account.

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