This Is My Reality… And She Is A Guest

Do guests lead and take control in a social interaction?

Does the guest of the house get to choose what is fed to him or where they sleep?

One of the biggest realizations you need to have with women is that (in the beginning) they are a guest in your life.

Which means

  • they don’t make your decisions
  • they cant tell you what to do
  • YOU are always in control

And this is despite how attractive she is and despite how much you want her at the time.

When a women enters your life she should feel like she is entering YOUR reality… A powerful and enjoyable reality in which you are in control. A place where she cannot negatively effect your emotions with her words or games.

This is my reality… and she is a guess reminds you that  you are the rightful leader in this interaction.

You might find that a women will send you a compliance test or bitch test to check if she can affect your state.

Keep this in mind – strong exceptional men that are in CONTROL of their realities and their emotions are RARE. About as rare as a 10/10 women…

So what does a man do who is in his own reality? He lives by his terms…

His reality is exiting and people want to be apart of it!

But he doesn’t allow women to dictate their terms… An example would be when a women tries to take you by the hand and lead you through a crowd of people… She is leading the interaction, she is in control and she is lowering your value while increasing hers… You might be thinking that this is just a harmless and nice guesture right?

No… You start stacking a bunch of those playful tricks on top of each other and she has artfully wound you around her finger. She now knows that you are no longer living in your reality. You have stepped out and allowed her to lead.

Before she goes to grab your hand grab her around the waist and ask where on earth she plans to go… “where the hell are you planning on going?”

Then lead her yourself.

Some guys (including me in many respects) are naturally introverted and submissive in some areas. Get over it! You just have to learn to be more dominant and learn to take what is yours… When you do it for the first time it will feel really weird but  in time you will grow to LOVE it.

Some of the best seducers that have ever lived have been naturally introverted… You don’t have to be a loud mouth to be successful with women – you do have to be in control of your reality and inner game.

Be prepared for bitch tests and qualification questions! Rather than blowing all of your power by complying use them as fun ways to increase your own value.

Once again remember – no matter how attractive she is and no matter how far out of your league you think she is… She is in YOUR reality… your world. And in your world you are in control.

By making her a guest you give yourself the permission to react appropriately to her questions.

I very rarely comply or agree with a women during the attraction phase… If she say’s “let’s go sit over there” I would say “No… over there’s better”

This can get tricky when  you are with a stubborn strong willed women and happen to be in a group. She may be able to sway the group and hence lower your value much more than if you simply complied to her dominant statement.




  • The best way yo get over one guy is to get under another. Go ahead and move on to something new and better…

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