Thoughts On Love And Money

Thoughts On Love And Money
There seems to be this romantic notion floating around that money is not necessary for a relationship to be successful. It does not take money to be attracted to someone but you sure need it to pay for the night out.
With money you can spend more quality time together
With money you can go on romantic vacations around the world
Without money you are left powerless sitting at home ( if you have on ) eating mac and cheese.
Sound romantic?
At present money is required to live. You don’t need excessive amounts to live well but without it your relationship with
women will be put under huge strain.
Women are defiantly interested in your ability to provide for her and her offspring. The better you are able to provide the
more desirable you are to her. This does not necessarily mean she will be more sexually attracted to you but your defiantly on the right track with cash in your pocket.
What kinds of ideas do you have about money and relationships?
How your potential mate spends their cash will have a huge impact on your life. When searching for a date should their financial situation be important? Is it something that you look at first or is it an afterthought?
How about their social status and their families thoughts and position?
I know many families are very aware of their high status and allow only certain families to enter their realm of riches.
But surely Love Conquers All?
I have a feeling there is a middle ground here…
Perhaps an area where you are only slightly conscious of his/her spending habits to ensure they are not a crazy gambler or have no job. Other than that you are open to anyone who earns between x and y dollars/year. So basically you are open to a wide range of income earners so long as you are compatible with them. This means the two of you will have enough money to get by and the love will be what keeps you together.
Most dating sites give little time to the subject of how their partner spends their money however their money consciousness and money intelligence will directly affect your life.
PerfectMatch is one of those sites that respects this problem and issue for what it is. Perfect match have a love and money matching system that analyze how you relate to money.
There is such a big emphasis on likes dislikes and hobbies but the subject of money is completely overlooked. It’s ok to talk about money and relationships but at the moment it seems like it’s a bit taboo. Like you are shallow if you bring it up.
You have every right to know how your partner relates to money so I recommend questioning them on certain monetary issues such as savings accounts and future money goals.
After all if you want to holiday or have any sort of retirement you are going to need to save.
I think financial compatibility matching is a great idea and should not be a taboo subject.
It’s called perfect matches duet compatibility system within it 7 are related to financial and economic potential.

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