No Matches on Tinder? Here’s #7 Tips to Boost Your Tinder Profile

Getting no matches on Tinder, or any other dating site can be a frustrating experience. And it happens, to a lot of guys. 


So, you’ve heard all the fascinating stories about Tinder, or you’ve read an article online that tried to persuade you to believe that it’s easy to make a simple profile and get hundreds of matches with hot girls in a blink of an eye.

Or you listened your friends boast about their newest Tinder conquests, and you finally decided to try it for yourself. Because, why not?

You’ve downloaded the app, quickly uploaded a few of your “good” photos, and started swiping. And you swiped, and you swiped until there was no one left to swipe on.

Since then you’ve made your Tinder account for the 6th time, every time hoping that this time things will be different. This time your Tinder inbox will be full of messages from girls wanting to hook up.

But in the end, you got no matches at all on Tinder. Nothing seems to work.

You swiped on every girl available, and instead of matches, you received a message from Tinder -there is no one else available near you. Discouraged and frustrated you decided that online dating is not for you, and you’re better off spending your time with some other method of meeting girls.

But the truth is that online dating is hard. It’s tough work. It’s tough on your ego when you’re not getting matches when everyone else is. That’s why a lot of people never even try online dating. They are afraid of rejection.

Although it’s getting harder and harder to get matches on Tinder, because the competition is stronger than ever, it is still possible. There’s a lot of guys that are successful. If you can’t get matches, even if your life depended on it, it probably means you’re doing something wrong.


In this article, we’ll go in-depth on what works and what doesn’t work on Tinder, and give you the best tips to improve your profile and get those first matches when you feel that nothing seems to work.

Is Tinder Really Just a Shallow Hookup App?
Tinder is Still One of The Most Popular Dating Apps
Examples of Guys That Get Matches On Tinder
#7 Tips to Boost Your Profile
How Tinder Algorithm Works
Still No Matches-Try Tinder Plus
Best Tinder Alternatives

Is Tinder Really  Just a Shallow Hookup App?


At first glance, yeah, it seems that Tinder really is just a shallow hookup app. You’re swiping on girls left and right, and make judgments in seconds, based only on the first impression you get.

Your first photo and that little thingy you write in your bio are fundamental elements deciding on your fate on Tinder.

Sites like Ok Cupid place much more emphasis on matching people based on similar interests and similar life values. That’s great for people looking for long-term relationship compatibility, but in the end, again you’re making your decision based on the information in other person profile.

A great first impression is crucial on almost any dating site, not just on Tinder. Maybe we can describe Tinder as being more shallow than the rest of them?


So, shallow maybe, but calling Tinder strictly a hookup app is wrong in my opinion. I’ve personally used Tinder to find, not only hookups but also relationships and travel buddies.

Different people use Tinder for various reasons. On Tinder you can find

  • party girls looking for quick one night stands,
  • people looking for committed long-term relationships,
  • gay people,
  • married people looking for an affair, 
  • swinger couples looking for a third person to join them and spice up their relationship, or
  • world travelers looking for new friends and good company.

Look at Tinder like on a giant web store where you are a product trying to find customers.  Your Tinder profile is like a shopping window where customers can glance and quickly decide are they interested or not. Just like in real life where every product doesn’t appeal to every customer, your Tinder profile won’t be attractive to every girl.

The quality of your profile is a deciding factor on you getting matches on Tinder or not getting any.

Tinder is Still One Of The Most Popular Dating Apps.


With over 50 million users overall, 10 million active daily users, and around 13 million matches happening every day, Tinder still holds the first place among the most popular dating apps on the market.

The stats show that people spend on average from 35 to 70 minutes a day on Tinder. Man to women ratio favors women with 67% of users being male and 32.2% women.

While researching the popularity of Tinder app on Google trends, it’s evident that Tinder is not going anywhere. It holds it’s position as an industry leader with more and more users every day.


Tinder searches -source: Google Trends

So from the stats, we can see that people are using Tinder, which means it must work. The people who get no matches on Tinder haven’t learned what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re not getting matches on Tinder, you’re doing something wrong, or you’re not playing by Tinders rules. And yes, Tinder has regulations or to say it better, tinder uses an algorithm to help them match people with other people with similar attractiveness score. We’ll go in-depth on how Tinder algorithm works and how you can use it to your advantage a little later in the post.

But the first thing you must take care of if you’re not getting any matches on tinder is your profile. It probably sucks.

Let’s look at some examples of the types of guys that get matches on  Tinder. By seeing your competition, you can take notice of what makes their profile stand out.

Examples of Guys That Get Matches on Tinder

You have six slots available to upload your best photos on Tinder. It’s advisable always to use all six of them.

But sometimes it’s hard to objective and decide which photos to use and which to discard. Maybe you have your favorite photo, and you think it’s the best one when in reality it’s subpar and not as attractive as you think.

That’s where a site like Photofeeler

where you can upload your photos and get feedback from real people comes in handy. We advise you to try it because it’s free and you’ll save yourself some headaches and time.


After we’ve analyzed a bunch of photos of guys that are getting matches on Tinder left and right, we came to the conclusion that the most successful guys really understand girls and what they are attracted to.

If you use women’s psychology as a starting point and use photos that are showing attributes attractive to women you’ll increase your chances of getting matches on tinder tenfold.


Women are attracted to:

  • Power & Status

It’s nothing new that women are attracted to powerful men with status.

But how do you convey your status and wealth without coming off as an insecure tryhard?

By being subtle.

You don’t have to be the wealthiest and most influential man on the planet to get matches on Tinder, but strategically showing glimpses of your status can undoubtedly help.

Here you have an average looking guy, but with his simple bio, great photo, and great style he’s standing out from the competition. With only one picture he conveys that he is successful, has style and brims with positivity.

Avoid blatantly showing off your cars, jewelry, and house because you’ll look like an insecure douche. And that’s the exact type of girls you’ll be attracting.

  • Interesting lifestyle

Girls love guys that lead interesting and exciting lives. Try to convey that with your photos. If a bathroom selfie is the best photo you can capture,   you probably live a boring life. You should work on that.

We all have things we love to do in our lives. Maybe you like to read books or go to live concerts.  Next time you attend a show, snap a photo or two and use that as your tinder photo.

Just don’t blatantly lie by using a photo of you rock climbing if rock climbing is not something you enjoy often doing. Use photos to paint a picture and describe your life and your interests to the girl.

The truth always comes through. If not on the dating site, then on the first date.


  • Social Proof

To illustrate what I mean when I say social proof lets use an example.

Let’s say you’re planning to buy a used car and you see two car dealerships in front of you. One car dealership is empty, and there’s a bunch of people looking at cars in the other. You’ll naturally choose the second dealership because other people preapproved it.

People always choose things other people already pre-approved. It’s human psychology, how we operate.

You can use that to your advantage and upload at least one photo on Tinder showing you have social proof. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular-a simple photo with a group of friends works wonders.

Remember that girls don’t know anything about you when seeing your photo on Tinder for the first time. If you’re alone in every photo, all kinds of questions race through their mind. Is he a serial killer? Is he a loner that never leaves his house? Does he have any friends at all?


  • Great fashion sense

Excellent fashion sense can instantly transform a man that’s a five to a seven on an attractiveness scale. Never underestimate the power of a first impression and the power of personal style.

Your clothes don’t have to be new, or expensive designer clothes. But they must fit you perfectly, be clean and ironed, and fit your style. And please dress appropriately for your age. Don’t try to emulate a “fuckboi” style in your 40s, only because you’ve heard that younger women like it.

Your image will be one of the deciding factors of you getting matches on Tinder or not getting any.


  • Guys with cute animals in their photos

We all know how women are weak for cute animals. Thy can’t walk past a cute puppy on the street without stopping to pet him. If you’re a dog or a cat owner, snap a sweet photo and put it on your profile. You’ll be getting matches on tinder left and right.


Now that you have an idea of what works best and the types of guys succeeding, let’s analyze where you’re probably going wrong and why you’re getting no matches on Tinder.

#7 Tips to Boost Your Profile When You’re Getting no Matches on Tinder

no matches on tinder


Tip #1 – Be selective who you’re liking-but not too picky

We already talked about sexual market value in our previous article-  The dating sites secrets only 20% of guys know.

Your sexual market value is a score from 1-10 that you get when you take into a consideration a few different factors-from your age, your job, your status in society, and your attractiveness.

Although it’s not politically correct to rate peoples looks with numbers,  that’s how the dating world works, whether in real life or on the dating sites.

You can use only six photos on your Tinder profile, and you should use them strategically to make your appeared sexual market value higher. After all, Tinder works based on attractiveness.

We’ll talk in a minute about the algorithm Tinder uses to match people based on their attractiveness score, which is unknown to the users. For now, you must know that Tinder will show you only the girls that are in the same attractiveness category as you.


What does it mean for you?

You should be selective about who you like on Tinder. But on the other hand don’t be overly picky and swipe left on all the girls.

In the beginning, it’s better to get a few matches, even if the girls are not your ideal type.

Getting matches will boost your profile in Tinders algorithm and your profile will be more visible to the most attractive girls.

It’s a well know rumor by now that Tinder doesn’t show the most beautiful female users to new profiles. That’s why it’s an excellent strategy to acquire a few matches first, even if the girls are not your ideal perfect type.

If you’ve been swiping and liking every girl and after a few days you’re still getting no matches than the problem is most certainly your profile.


Tip #2 Pick only quality photos for your profile


Getting matches on Tinder is easy if you have good photos. If your photos are of bad quality, or plain unattractive, you’ll have a tough time.

Researchers say that you have less than 7 seconds to leave a good first impression, and psychologists say even less than a second.

Some girls won’t even look past your first photo if it doesn’t seem exciting or attractive. They’ll swipe left on you, and you’ll be quickly forgotten.

If you plan on getting matches on Tinder taking the time to make a great portfolio of photos should be of utmost importance.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your every photo should describe you-

  • what are your hobbies,
  • what is your clothing style,
  • are you an extroverted social person or more of an introverted book lover.
  • do you love traveling
  • What music do you like?
  • whats your fashion style?

Remember that you’re a product looking for your ideal customer. Always try to keep it truthful and don’t exaggerate.


Great photo ideas that work on Tinder  

  •  use a clean headshot as a profile photo

Headshots where you’re showing only 1/3 of your upper body work the best on Tinder. Girls who find you cute or attractive will check out your other photos.

Your headshot should be clean, professional with good lighting. If you can, paying a professional to take care of this for you is a great idea. Black and white photos also work excellent.

One tip that worked wonders for me was to use the first photo where I look away from the camera. I don’t know why but it just works better. It makes the photo more spontaneous. Also, try not to smile too much. A sexy smirk works better.


  •  Full Body Shot

To get more matches on Tinder use at least one photo showing your full body. Again, avoid taking shirtless selfies unless you are proud of your body., but even then try to do it spontaneously and naturally. An example is a beach photo, swimming or some other variation where it’s appropriate to be shirtless.


If you have only photos showing your face, it looks suspicious or like you are hiding something. That’s enough for some girls to swipe left on you.


  •  Group Photos

Group photos are a great way to show social proof and appear more likable. Even better is if you’re having fun and smiling with your friends. Just try to avoid group photos as your first main profile photo. You don’t want to leave girls confused and make them swipe left on you because they couldn’t figure out which one are you in the picture.


  • Action Photos

Hiking, playing volleyball, working out in a park, riding a bicycle-these are all great opportunities to capture a lovely action photo.

It shows you’re not a couch potato and you’re living an interesting and exciting life.

Use photos where you’re doing things you’re usually doing in your life. Don’t join a rock climbing club only to have a picture of you rock climbing. Remember, be as truthful as you can. That will make your life easier when you’re chatting with girls, make you more attractive and as a result, you’ll get more compatible matches on Tinder.


  • Photos with cute animals

I always like to joke with my friends that my dog gets more matches on Tinder than me.

Girls love guys with cute animals in their photos. Every time I would use a photo showing off my dog, my match and response rate would go up. It seems I appear more likable and trustworthy.

But for the love of God, please try to avoid using  “drugged up Thailand tiger photos.”

It seems like every other person on Tinder has tiger photo.


  • Watch out for the details.

We often forget paying attention to the little details in our photographs. But small details left unchecked can ruin a perfectly beautiful photo. See that toilet paper roll behind you in your bathroom selfie? Remove it!

Watch out for your posture. Always try to sit right and stand tall. Nothing shows confidence more than great confident pose.

Avoid photos where your haircut looks like a mess and keep your facial hair trimmed if you have a beard.

Your clothes should fit you, be clean and ironed. Nothing will get you swiped left faster than showing a photo with stains on your shirt.

If you’re not familiar with male fashion, you can get a lot of excellent up to date information on Reddit fashion subforum. It’s been a goldmine for me till now.


It’s worth mentioning again to checkout Photofeeler if you have any doubts on the quality of your photos.


Tip #3 Set up your profile correctly and craft an eye-catching bio

Tinder is very simple to use, but you should check out the settings in your account and set up some parameters.

Decide on the 18-55+ age bracket of the girls you would like to meet.  Also, set up the distance for the girls you would like to meet.

With free Tinder account, you can swipe only on the girls in your location, but  Tinder Plus enables you to meet girls from other cities and countries all around the world.


You already know that without great photos you’ll get no matches on Tinder, but your bio is also very important. Your bio is a short description of you as a person.

It doesn’t have to be long, but try to inject some humor into it. You can mention your hobbies, personality or some other thing that describes you and makes you unique.

A good friend of mine mentioned that when he put his height in his bio, he got a lot more matches. I tried it, and it works. It seems that girls on Tinder prefer guys taller than 6,0ft.

If writing a catchy bio’s is not your stronger hand, you can use generic bio from the Internet, but try to use one that is not overly used and popular.

Another option is to use websites where you can generate your bio. You can create an original dating profile bio here.

A great bio will catch the girls attention, but for even better result insert a call to action and challenge the girl to respond at the end.


Tip#4 What to do if your age is a problem

What if you’re a man over 40? Is Tinder still a viable option?

Your age could easily be the reason why you are getting no matches on Tinder. The largest demographic on Tinder is in the 16-35 age bracket. There are also older people, but the number may vary depending on your location. If you’re living outside of the big urban centers, that could be a problem.

One way to bypass this hurdle is to invest in Tinder Plus. With Tinder plus you have the option to hide your age in your profile.

If you’re still not getting matches even after you’ve purchased Tinder plus, maybe it’s a better idea to try some other dating site.

We’ll list our pick of the best dating sites and apps on the market down below.


Tip # 5  Use social proof to your advantage and get more matches

There’s a lot of scammers and fake profiles on dating sites. That’s the undeniable reality.

Because of that, some girls have their defenses up, and they avoid swiping right on unverified profiles.


Girls are more likely to swipe right on you if you use social proof to your advantage. You can do that by connecting your Facebook or Instagram profiles to your Tinder account.

You’ll look more authentic and trustworthy if the girl can see your Instagram profile and confirm that you are who you say you are.

You also have the option to connect your Spotify account and display your favorite music and artists on your Tinder profile. A great way to meet girls with whom you’re sharing the same taste in music.

If you are active on Snapchat, leave your sig in your bio and connect with girls there.


Tip # 6 Reboot your profile if your getting zero matches

If you are getting no matches on Tinder even after you’ve polished up your profile, and you often get a message from Tinder saying: there is no one new near you, it means you have swiped on almost all available girls in your vicinity.

That’s the perfect time to delete your profile and create a new one. That way you’ll be able to swipe again on all girls you’ve already swiped. But make sure that you change something in your profile, especially your photos, because apparently, something isn’t working the way it should.


Tip#7 Don’t rely on Tinder only

Even if you have the best profile in the world, if you are living in a location with the small number of users, you’ll get no matches on Tinder.

Also if your age is a problem even after you’ve tried Tinder Plus and hidden your age, maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy and try some other dating site.

There’s plenty of alternatives today for everyone. The real online dating sites boom is happening, and you can find a dating app for almost any category.

At the end of the post, you can see the best dating apps and sites available today.

How Tinder Algorithm Works -And how to use this knowledge to get more matches

When Tinder just came out in 2012 everyone was doing the same thing-swiping on every girl that appeared in their stack. The guys believed that by swiping right on every girl, they’d increase their chances of getting a match.

And that strategy worked very well, at least for a brief period.

It seems that swiping right and liking every girl is not a valid strategy anymore.

Why? Because of the Tinders algorithm. People who built  Tinder haven’t released the details on how their algorithm works, but they admitted to using an algorithm to categorize Tinder users.


There are all kinds of theories on the Internet on how Tinders algorithm works, but we can’t be sure 100%. But I’ve found some things repeating in a few different places online which could give us a glimpse in how Tinder works.

We know that every Tinder user gets an Elo score. It is an overall score of your profile which determines to which users your profile will be shown and how often.


Elo score determines how attractive you are. For example, if you are a 7, Tinder will try to match you with girls that are also  7, based on your Elo score.

And if you want to find out your Elo score, don’t bother, because Tinder will never reveal that info to you. The only thing you can do is to play by the rules and continuously tweak and improve your profile.

A few different factors may influence your ELO score.

  • The number of people you’ve liked

That’s why it’s not a smart idea to swipe right on every girl. A much better strategy is to be pickier and choose only the girls you like the most, and you think you have a chance to match.

But being too picky and passing on a lot of girls could also work at your disadvantage. Try to swipe right on 20-30% of girls.


  • The number of girls that liked you

If a lot of girls swipe right on your photos, that’s a signal to Tinder that you’re attractive and in-demand.


  • The number of matches you get

The rich gets ritcher, the poor gets poorer. Something similar happens on Tinder. the more matches you get, the more you’re shown to the most attractive female users.


Potential ways to boost your Tinder Elo score:


  • Have great photos

Without great photos, you will get no matches on Tinder.  If you’re ever in doubt why you are getting no matches, always improve your photos first.


  • Write your Bio

Statistics say that 30% of guys don’t write their bio on Tinder at all. But having a catchy bio that gets the girls attention and invites her to take action and swipe right on you can drastically improve your results and your Elo score.


  • Check Tinder more often

Apparently the more often you use Tinder, the more often you’ll be shown to other users. On average users spend from 35 to 70 minutes a day on the app.


  • Be the first one to send the first message when you match with the girl.

A lot of guys don’t even message the girls when they get a match on Tinder. So always remember to start conversations often and don’t ignore your matches.


  • Connect your social media


I’m not sure that connecting your Instagram or Facebook account helps to increase your Elo score, but it certainly gives assurance to the girl that you’re a real person and not a fake account.

I had a few situations when I would invite the girl for drinks, and she would ask me for my Facebook account because she was still unsure if I was a real deal.

Still Getting No Matches? Try Tinder Plus

If you’re still getting no matches or only a handful of matches on Tinder even after applying the tips from the article, maybe it’s time for you to try  Tinder plus.

Tinder has two new paid extras called Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

photo source:

They are almost identical the same except tinder Gold has a few extra perks that can help you appear more often before the girls you like the most.

With paid options existing it’s not hard to believe that Tinder provides a much better experience for their paid users.

In a sense, you can say that Tinder is slowly becoming a pay for play app.  

But what exactly can you expect when you pay for Tinder and what are the benefits of Tinder Plus and Tinder gold?

Tinder Plus

  • Unlimited right swipes

With a free profile, you have only a certain amount of swipes available every day. With tinder plus you can swipe right as much as your heart desires.


  • Super likes

The free Tinder version gives you only one super like a day. With Tinder plus you get four more super likes to get your Tinder crush attention.


  • Profile Boost

Tinder boost makes you more visible for the next 30 minutes in your location. That means that your profile will be shown first in girls stacks for the next 30 minutes.


  • You can control the information on your profile.

You can hide your age or your location. It’s handy for older guys that want to meet younger girls. Some girls automatically set up their profiles to certain age limit so they won’t even get the chance to see your profile. With this option, you can hide your age and appear in their stack of Tinder users.


  • Control who can see your profile

If you only want to be visible for the girls you’ve already liked, you can do it with Tinder plus.


  • Rewind your last swipe.

Tinder rewinds are a life saver when you accidentally swipe left on the girl you like. With tinder plus, you can rewind the match and swipe right on her profile again.


  • Control who is visible first to you.

This is an excellent perk if you want to get matches on tinder fast. You can see the users who were recently active and the ones who are still on the app.


  • You can activate worldwide passport.

Worldwide passport is the best option for everyone who travels often. What it does is, it enables you to set your location elsewhere. For example, if you’re living in New York and you’re going to Europe on holidays, you can set your location to the place in Europe where you’re traveling and meet people and organize tinder dates before you’ve even arrived.


  • Hide Ads

With Tinder plus you have the option to turn off those annoying ads shown in a free version.


Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold


Tinder gold is identical to Tinder Plus with one added benefit-you can see who already liked you. Seeing first who already swiped right on you is great because you can match them immediately without waiting for them to like you back, which means you can immediately start the conversation.

Best Alternatives When You’re Getting No Matches on Tinder

If you’re not getting any matches on Tinder and you’re not fond of paying for tinder Plus or tinder gold, don’t worry because there’s a lot of alternatives.


Click on the dating site that looks interesting to you and read our full and honest review.


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So there you have it-a complete guide on how to set up your profile and finally get matches on Tinder.

As always, have fun!


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