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Dating Tips

When going on a date… whether it be meeting her at your local bar, playing minnie golf, catching up for coffee or seeing her in the nightclub…
be sure to where clothing that not only suits the occasion but more importantly YOU feel comfortable in… (however their are exceptions)
Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and where something that really stands out.
It’s amazing how clothes can change your mood – if your wearing a bulky sweater on a sunny day you quickly begin to sweat and feel uncomfortable. If you feel you really need to relax throw on some shorts and tshirt + some sandals/jandals and away you go…
Dressing to the occasion is important! Geeks tend to wear the jeans and sneakers no matter where they go – they just tend to look so out of place when it comes to going to the beach.


Sites you might be interested in:
For a Laugh: (bum)
Texts From Last Night
Hilarious texts that are sent in by users from their previous weekends and nights on the turps….
Whether many of the texts that are sent in are actually REAL is another story… Perhaps they have writers coming up with a bunch of crazy stories and posting them to keep the site fresh… Or they are really user generated stories.
One Night Stand Story
A new site where you are able to submit your story about how the one night stand went… Great idea and I hope they get users submitting some amazing and horrifyingly awkward stories… There sure are plenty of ONS’s going on and the stories are all anonymous…
The “rate my” network
This whole rate my idea has really taken off –
Perhaps the most graphic would have to be rate my naughty
It amazes my that girls are happy to take pictures of themselves (face included) and send it right in for everyone to check out and rate. The comments are seedy and weird, the site seems to be very active.
Other “rate my” sites


Life really is full of great disparity… One man can be working his arse off for his family and never really get anywhere or even close to financial security… whereas another man could have been born into wealth and never had to work a day in his life…
Dont be ashamed to admit that every now and then your life SUCKS…
Gratitude is important but wanting more is what sets you apart. Remember to work SMARTER… not harder – or though you still may have to work pretty hard at the beginning…


hmmm ideas a…
check out
type a word and get some inspiration… often the best idea comes when you least expect it!
GET ACTIVE – the mind and body are LINKED… go for a run every day and get that heart rate up. You might find waves of inspiration flowing through you later that day.
Some people just are not that creative but everyone has something to add to this world that is unique. Dont think that just because you thought it it’s already been done. Even if it has – could you do it BETTER? or with a more artsy flare? Take the IPHONE for example – simple enough idea but marketed and designed to be easily consumed…genius
Think big and start small – it’s a marathon not a sprint

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