Tips On How To Get Laid Tonight

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A quick system you can use to get laid tonight
If you don’t have enough nuts to approach women and talk to mixed groups then this is not for you.

If you need alcohol when you go out on a Saturday night to ease the nerves I wouldn’t recommend this either.
The reason I talk about laying off the alcohol apart from obvious health benefits is that real pick up artists don’t touch the stuff when they are out. Seek to increase your ability to control your own emotions rather than throw them out of control.
There is one BIG mistake that every guy makes when trying to seduce women… He is completely unaware of the stages and transitions that need to be progressed through. He will start with lowering his own value by saying something seemingly harmless like “what do you do for a living” or “what’s your name” as an opener.
Straight away he is asking her for information about herself… He has no idea if she is interested and he will allow her to control the conversation while he sits there wondering where to go next.
Rather than sticking to phases that are natural… eg
Attraction –> Qualification –> Comfort –> Seduction
Most guys will jump straight to comfort or straight to seduction… Or they will nervously jump from one phase to the next. If you take nothing away from this page but this… Know which phase your in and which phase is next!
Important points:

Create mutual attraction before you build comfort

Basically almost every guy is intimidated by an attractive women… Doing the intuitive thing they will try to build comfort and trust from the word go. They will do this before there is any attraction. The big secret is that you have to build mutual attraction FIRST before you start asking her about her passions and goals for the future.

Don’t lower your value

Don’t show that you are interested in her UNTIL she in showing you some sort of indicator of interest first. But this means that you have to create interest and stimulate attraction without conveying interest…!
Somewhat of a paradox right?
This is why so many guys get the whole game messed up.
for pointers

Tips For The Night:

Use funny stories while being entertaining to a group… Don’t force a funny story to happen. Get in state first and allow a funny story to express itself through your emotions.
Teasing – Whenever a women teases you recognise that she is testing you in some way. Be playful about it and tease her back. Don’t respond emotionally!
Never seek to change her mind on any matter or try to convince her with words you are a good catch. Rather seek to change her current emotional state.
ORGANISE: The night will run smoothly if you are flexible but have some areas set up such as transport. Your role once you are somewhere between the comfort and seduction phase is to reduce friction and resistance. Some guys call these “state blocks” and they will arise when a women is forced to logically explain to herself the idea of having sex with you or going home with you.
These blocks are forced when she has to:
Move from one location to the next… eg from the bar to outside, from outside to your place, from your lounge to the bedroom.
During sexual escalation… when she has to think about taking her clothes off, first kiss etc.
To increase your chances of getting laid and having a mutually enjoyable night is to reduce friction points.
Basically you want to move between phases and from locations smoothly by giving her an easy option.
There are various ways you can go about doing this.
Remove any pressure on her! One big mistake I see a lot of guys make is asking her to make the decision about going home with you.
A women does NOT want to make the yes/no call on going back to yours! Think about what that makes her look like…
Rather than forcing a stressful situation on her suggest that you are going to grab some food before the next bar.
Suggest that your having a party back at a friends place.
Use intermediary locations.
Other ways to reduce friction points while trying to get laid or seduce women is keeping her emotional states flowing.
Don’t let conversation run dry! keep chatting so she doesn’t have a chance to intellectually mull over the current situation.
If your out of interesting topics ask her about herself and her life. Passions and past emotional stories are great topics to get her emotions going.

Attractive personality traits you should convey tonight

– Health
– Social Intuition
– Humour
I am unable to change your social intuition – some guys have it and those who dont are often unaware that they have a problem. It takes time to create a solid awarness of emotions and interactions taking place around you. You should be working on this for the rest of your life.
– Status
– Wealth
– Pre-selected
– Challenging
– Confident
Let’s talk about congruency… I was out the other week and I noticed this guy that was not congruent…
What did I mean by this and why did I know that he would be unattractive to women?

“Being congruent is when, who you are (values and beliefs), what you say, and what you do is in agreement or harmony.”

Guys that try to get something for nothing will attempt to boost there ego with loud talk, expressive clothing and a “strut”… However evolutionary biology and the attraction game is to smart for this. Women can immediately pick up on this unattractive quality as being disconnected with real value.
When you go out tonight should aim to be congruent… which means convey a personality that is confident and pre-selected but also resonates with you internally.
There is nothing worse than a FAKE…
So now that we have covered some ground rules, how can we take this new found knowledge and turn it into a sexual experience?
The first thing I would say is this – Don’t go out specifically looking to get laid.
It indicates neediness and desperation – there is nothing wrong with being honest about wanting sex I am just saying that your main focus should not be getting back to your house.
With this mindset you will constantly be forcing the issue. You will be in a wanting and needing mindset rather than an attraction mindset.
I understand it’s not intuitive to remove the act of sex from your mind. Sexual transmutation into flirtatious and energised personality traits is really what you should be focused on.
Saturday nights are great for meeting new people and grabbing numbers. Wednesdays and Fridays are great nights for following up on those initial positive experiences.
If you are receiving texts from women that have your number from Saturday then it’s an excellent sign that you have made a positive emotional impact in her life. From here you are in a great position to further the attraction and comfort.
By the way… This follow up contact with multiple women during the week and over several weeks will enable you to “get sex tonight”… any night. Going for the long term play rather than rushing in and blowing it early is the real secret to sexual seduction.
However in saying that it’s still relatively easy to find a same night girl and have a one night stand. Using a service like adult friend finder is an option for those that are not interested in seducing women long term or going to bars.

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