Tips to remember when creating an AdultFriendFinder Profile

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Have you ever asked what are some tips to remember when creating my adultfriendfinder profile?Your online dating success will greatly depend on your profile. This rule applies to every dating website. As you can see, your profile is the page where you sell yourself. If you make your profile interesting and appealing you will get a lot of clicks or views. This will attract a lot of potential matches. So how do you really make a good AFF profile? Continue reading because we will share tips to remember when creating an AdultFriendFinder profile.

Here are tips to remember when creating an AdultFriendFinder profile.

Tip # 1. Upload a profile picture. 

Members with profile pictures have better chances of getting a message from an interested match. Actually it has been observed that by just having a profile picture you get 10 times more page views and hits compared to those who don’t have.

So go ahead and choose a good profile picture. It’s important that your profile picture will show one or some of your best assets. If you have great abs go ahead and show it, maybe you have good biceps that will do too. But the best thing is something that will clearly show your face.

Just get an image of you from a digital camera or by using your webcam. It’s very easy to upload your profile pic and you can get it approved in no time.

Tip # 2 : Create a Catchy Profile Title  

Each time that your profile shows up on search and match results, your name will show up together with your profile tittle. So think of a catchy or interesting profile. This should be something that will convey others to read your profile and build an interest on you. Don’t use one word tittle like “Hi”, “Hello” etc. they prove to be ineffective.

Tip # 3: Plan what to write on your profile 

Take time to plan what to write on your profile. Make it simple and easy to read. Maintain your reader’s interest. But above all be honest. Your profile is a way to tell everyone who you are and what who you’re interested in meeting or hooking up with.

Make sure that your profile includes the things you like to do. Don’t be too general. Don’t say something like “I like to travel”, “I like dogs”, or “I Like to watch movies/tv”. Everyone loves to travel, like to have a pet specially dogs, and watch TV and movies. You need to be specific and be more personally convincing.  If you like to travel at least describe what sorts of travel you like. Do you want to go abroad and travel the world? If you like dogs what kind of breed? If you have one why do you like your dog? We all like to watch movies and TV shows but say something about genre you like to watch. Or say something about your favorite TV show or the latest movie you just watched.

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