Top 10 Easy Free Sex Methods

You have just jacked off for the 3rd time today and your sick of solo Que. If only that hot nerd would reply and come over for some hot free sex.

Here’s 10 of wackiest methods for attaining free sex known to man. Some of them just might work.

1. Start A Fire With Tinder

Doesn’t get much easier than swiping – if your thumb gets tired and even tinder is to much for you… Uninstall – your life I mean.

2. Date down… way down!

Derpina needs the D. If your a 5 approach 2’s. It’s bottom feeding I understand but we can’t put buy a p-t on this list because it’s all about easy free sex. And sex don’t come easy in most cases.


3. Creep The Forums And Personals

Free forums job boards (craigslist) time consuming and potentially a fruitless exercise but the odd cherry may present itself.

4. Go Gay… wait what?

One of the craziest methods we came up with was to do a dude. Promiscuous and as horny as you are, find out for yourself if this stereotype is true. They wont say no to anal at least like your ex did.

5. Booze and Drugs

Drunk college parties are easy pickings not to mention immoral, but this list has no boundaries as you just took it hard from the local gay guy… the drunk freshman is practically saintly at this point.

6. Swingers Parties

Show up and join in the fun, some may cost are few bucks and others may be creepy weird.

7. Cougars are Casual

You would be surprised how promiscuous horny and open older women are until you have tried. With age comes familiarity and a little boredom, spice up their life with your young D. They have fcked so many times it’s kind of like doing the washing at this point. Add it to the easy free sex list!

8. $$$

If money is easy for you – then using it to show status (cars, houses, boats) makes the rest a cakewalk.

9. Chat & Free Dating Sites

Badoo and POF are perhaps the most well known.


The obvious one here is the best. No condoms and easy free sex when needed. A loving relationship cannot be beaten.

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