Personal experience suggest that when it comes to dating sites…

Volume matters!

As in volume of legitimate users is the most important thing. Blasting out emails and winks to every passable girl in your area might just be your best option. Make sure they are not all the same like “hi”. Once you get bitesn follow up and get to know the interested parties and you will be whatsapp chatting on your way to meetup!

A fuck finder is not that different from your typical messaging or dating app. In fact in many cases they are the same thing.

The hard thing about choosing the top fuck finders is legitimacy… You are always going to get mad users that never got laid and hate on sites. Adult dating sites are certainly in the firing line when it comes to the question of spam. There are plenty of crap adult dating sites full of fakes. So I would advise to chat on sites that have security measures such as only allowing facebook registrations or they have some kind of spam sheild or users checkup.

So if the number of real users is the most important thing… what’s the second?


if they are looking for marriage like christianminglies then for christ sake don’t bother. Although if the size of a mormon family is any indication of the sex drive of the divine you could give it a shot.

So adult friend finder with many millions of worldwide users is going to be a great fuck finder. You pay for the membership and enjoy the new design and features of this giant jizzbucket.Its no surprise that everyone on this site is looking for one thing. Swinging , bdsm dating, casual, and even married men and women cheating with whoever they can find. It’s a crazy porn filled social sex site that keeps on growing.

Here is a reasonable list of sites you should check out

  1. (100% free adult sex finder)
  2. (the adult section of the popular free dating website)
  3. ( a new paid sex dating site)
  4. (paid cheating dating site)
  5. xhamster dating (porn site with members search and message area)
  6. adult friend finder (because of scale and intent)

Dont forget about these fuck finder web apps

  • tinder
  • badoo
  • skout
  • grinder if thats your flavour


Not all of these fuck finders are going to be filled with girls as aggressively looking for sex as you are. They might be online just for fun, cam or instant message chat or just looking to be friends. Show value and a trusting nature first as it’s understandable that the members of the sites above will have their guards up as a self preservation mechanism.