Top 10 Sexiest Body Parts According to Men

Have you ever stopped to wonder what are the sexiest body parts according to men? Have you ever considered the scientific or biological reasons why they are attracted to specific body parts? Even if you haven’t, you are probably wondering about it now. Perhaps you want to know which are the sexiest body parts you should work on or accentuate the next time you go out, or maybe you are just curious as to why we like the things that we do. Keep reading to find out the sexiest body parts for men and why.

The Top Ten Sexiest Body Parts According To Men

Here are the top ten female sexiest body parts, according to different surveys, including one conducted by Cosmopolitan.  You’ll also find the reasons they find them attractive. Some of the results may surprise you.

Sexiest Body Parts: Feet 

Many men find women’s feet to be very sexy. In fact, they are the found to be attractive to men across all cultures and eras, suggesting that there is an innate neural connection that causes men to find women’s feet attractive. Another interesting and universal fact about this phenomenon is that small feet are considered more attractive than large feet.

One suggested reason for this attraction is that feet and sexual organs are “neural neighbors”. This means that the neurons that process sensation in the genitals are near the neurons that process sensation in the feet, suggesting that it’s possible that men get their wires crossed in a sense.

One question that arises is why there is such a wide variation in specific foot fantasies. Painted toenails, pantyhose, and high heels are just a few variations on the foot fetish. It’s thought that men are born with an innate attraction to feet, and specific fantasies get formed at a sexually impressionable age. It’s thought that an experience like seeing your first girlfriend in high heels or silk panty hose can get imprinted in the brain, leading to a specific foot fetish.

The odor that feet give off can contribute to the sexual attraction, and make it more likely for sexual imprinting to occur. This doesn’t refer to the smell of stinky feet. The natural smell of feet can act in the same way as pheromones, which are sexually exciting to men.

Many researchers have asked the question why feet and not hands? After all, there are many structural similarities between hands and feet. Hands are commonly taken better care of and adorned with rings and nail polish. Hands are also much more commonly portrayed as doing sexual things. Hand jobs are much more common in pornography than foot jobs. Yet there is no disputing that feet are found much more desireable than hands.

A comparison of sexual searches yielded nearly 94,000 searches involving feet, and less than 6,000 for hands. To put this into perspective, this translates to 94% of searches being about feet, and only 6% being about hands. The Alexa Adult Website List’s numbers are even more striking. There are 276 foot sites in their most popular erotic websites list, and only one devoted to hands.

Those with an attraction to feet are also more likely to be submissive. Science hasn’t been able to explain this connection, but it is clearly there. The website Extra Lunch Money (ELM), caters to very specific tailor made adult content.

You can purchase a video of a blonde smoking a menthol cigarette wearing red lipstick with a Redsox baseball cap and nothing else, or a picture of a woman with pink toenails walking barefoot on a beach. The very specific and detailed nature of the site makes it a great place to conduct sex research. Most of the men who purchase foot related content from the site seek out simple visual representations. However, there is a fairly large minority who want male humiliation or female domination along with their foot content.

Sexiest Body Parts: The Back

There’s something sexy about a woman’s back, particularly her lower back. Whether you enjoy the bare look or are a sucker for a sexy tramp stamp, finding backs attractive seems to be pretty universal. More specifically, a 45° curvature of the spine is seen as the sexiest in a woman’s back. Which of course begs the question, why?

One study showed men three different women’s silhouettes. The silhouettes all had the same booty size, but they were due to different reasons. One of the silhouettes had more muscle, one had more fat, and the third had more spine curvature. The one with more spine curvature was overwhelmingly found to be the most attractive. Another showed men silhouettes of women with different levels of spine curvature. The one with a 45° curvature was found to be the most attractive.

Scientists think that the answer is evolution. More specifically, a woman with this curvature of the spine would have an easier time keeping her balance when she was pregnant. This would allow her to continue foraging for food well into her pregnancy. This trait would also allow them to have multiple pregnancies with less risk of spinal injury.

Without this curve, the pressure on a woman’s hips during pregnancy increases by 800%, making it very difficult for them to continue to be mobile later in their pregnancy. It is thought that many men who think that they prefer curvier booties are actually more attracted to the curvature of the spine. However, it is possible that men are attracted to curvy spines as well as fuller booties.

Sexiest Body Parts: Stomach

The stomach is a very interesting area in terms of female attractiveness, because there are so many variations in what men are attracted to. The media tries us to convince us that flat defined female abs are the only type of stomach that is attractive. However, studies have shown that men are attracted to heavier women when they are hungry or stressed.

From an evolutionary point of view, heavier women are more likely to have a consistent food source, which could explain why men are more attracted to heavier women when they are hungry. Heavier women are also less likely to appear physically frail or sick, which could explain why men prefer them while they are in stressful situations. However, different cultures have vastly different ideas of what comprises a sexy female stomach.

Many  Caribbean islands including Tonga and Samoa, Kuwait, and South Africa are just a few of the countries where being obese is considered sexy. Even in America, where thinness is considered the ideal, men are attracted to all different sizes of women.

Interestingly, there are two fetishes that are related to the stomach. Navel fetishism is the second most popular fetish, according to Google. Navel fetishism is, of course, a sexual attraction to the human naval. Many men find the naval attractive. From middle eastern belly dancers to low rise jeans, exposing the naval seems to be universally sexy.

Those who are considered to have a naval fetish usually like to play with the belly button in some way. They may enjoy fingering it or licking it with their tongue. Some people, however, are turned on by navel torture. For these people, dripping hot wax into the navel, poking it with pins, or sucking it out.

The other common fetish related to stomachs is finding pregnant women attractive. This is a bit of a mystery to women, because most women feel anything but sexy, especially later in their pregnancy. This appears to be a form of sexual imprinting.

Studies conducted found that men who found pregnant women particularly attractive usually had a younger sibling. Men that were exposed to a pregnant or lactating mother between the ages of 1.5 to 5 had a higher instance of being attracted to pregnant women.

Sexiest Body Parts: Hair

Hair came in at number seven on our list. While there is certainly debate over which hair color and hair style is the sexiest, men seem to agree that healthy hair is the most important. One survey found that 89% of men said that a woman’s hair is the first thing they notice.

Down and straight is the sexiest hair style according to men, with 38% of men favoring it. Down and curly is just slightly lower with 33%. 13% preferred a simple updo or ponytail.

It’s no secret that most men prefer women with long hair. However, women with their own sense of style can be just as sexy, if not sexier, than women with long hair. A woman’s hair is a reflection of her personality, and it should reflect her own sense of style.

Studies have concluded that long healthy hair can signal a woman’s health, and that younger women tend to have longer hair than older women. These factors could indicate that part of a man’s attraction to long hair on a woman is actually because it signals optimum reproductive age and health, which makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

What about hair color? It appears that blondes really do have more fun, or at least get more dates. Numerous experiments were done with women wearing blonde, brunette, black, and red wigs found that blondes were highly favored in all situations. These experiments included hitchhiking, asking for donations for charity, working for tips, and men asking a woman to dance in a nightclub. Little difference was seen between black and brown hair colors, but red hair color consistently scored the lowest of all.

Previous research found that 80% of people dislike people with red hair. Another study conducted in Britain found that men found women most attractive when they were seen with brown hair, but they were still approached much more often as blondes. They uncovered an interesting perception about blondes seeming more “needy”. Perhaps men are less intimidated by blondes, which makes them more likely to approach or be nice to them.

Sexiest Body Parts: Legs

Men are attracted to women with long legs. Legs that are 5% longer than average are the sexiest, according to scientific studies. One study digitally altered photos. The people in the photos remained the same height, but the leg length was adjusted to be average, 5%, 10%, and 15% longer than average. What is it about these long legged women that turn men on?

Evolutionary scientists say that long legs are a sign of health. Particularly for women, because a woman’s legs stop growing once she reaches puberty, so a woman’s leg length is an indicator of their nutrition during childhood.

A woman’s health and nutrition during childhood also has an impact on her reproductive ability, so longer legs are a sign of reproductive health. Leg lengths of 15% longer than average were seen as the least attractive. which raises another question that doesn’t seem to have an answer.  If long legs are a sign of health, why is 5% such a magic number?

Sexiest Body Parts: Hips

Hips are clearly a sexy body part. Women who know how to add the perfect amount of hips sway into their walk just do something to men. It makes the woman appear attractive and sexy. It also gives the impression that she knows what she’s doing inside the bedroom as well as outside. After all, the hips don’t lie. According to science, it isn’t the size of a woman’s hips, but the ratio of the hips compared to the waist that makes a woman more attractive. The magic number is 7. This means that a woman’s waist is 70% as wide as her hips. This ratio seems to be optimal across all cultures, regardless of whether they prefer skinnier or thicker women.

Other research conducted on this optimal hip ratio reveals that these women are more promiscuous. Women with the .7 hip ratio have more sexual partners, have sex at an earlier age, and they are more likely to cheat. Are these women more promiscuous by nature, or is it because they are seen as being more attractive? Women with this ratio are more fertile and better equipped to bear children. Could this lead them to be more promiscuous? Sometimes science provides more questions than answers. It is believed that men find women with this ratio more attractive because it offers an evolutionary advantage when it comes to bearing children.

Sexiest Body Parts: Lips

Full red lips are considered the sexiest. A study that tracked men’s specific eye movements found that when women didn’t wear lipstick, men spent 2.2 seconds staring at their lips. When the women wore pink lipstick, men spent 6.7 of the first ten seconds staring at their lips. This increased to 7.3 seconds when the woman’s lips were red. Red seems to be a universal attractant in the animal kingdom. In women, blood rushes to their lips when they become sexually excited. This makes them plumper and redder, so plump and red lips can be seen as an indication of readiness to have sex. Another possibility is that full lips are a sign of good oral development, which is an indication of good genetics.  Full red lips also occur when a woman engages in kissing or other sexual acts with her mouth, so it’s possible that seeing a woman with full red lips gets a man’s imagination going.

Sexiest Body Parts: Breasts

Men love breasts. That’s no surprise. However, some of these fun facts about which breasts men love may come as a shock. First, the size breasts men prefer seems to be influenced by their level of financial security. It’s thought that men who struggle economically subconsciously see women with bigger breasts as having more resources than those with smaller breasts. Men who are financially secure prefer smaller breasts. On a similar note, hungry men prefer bigger breasts and satiated men prefer smaller breasts.

Apparently, men who aren’t interested in being parents prefer smaller breasts, and those who long for fatherhood prefer bigger breasts. Larger breasts seem to signal that a woman is reproductively healthy, which may account for this preference. Sexist men also prefer larger breast, but men who like submissive women prefer smaller breasts.

One study found that 32% of men prefer C cup breasts, 24% prefer D cups, and 19% preferred DD cups or larger breasts. 15% like B cups, and 8% prefer A cups. This means that 75% of men prefer C cup or larger breasts.

Sexiest Body Parts: Butt

The Butt is the second sexiest body part a woman has. Why is the butt considered so sexy? For one, women with bigger butts may be more intelligent and have more intelligent offspring. Apparently the type of fat that is stored in a woman’s butt has unique polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for a baby’s brain development. Studies have shown that women with larger hips and butts and their offspring do better on cognitive tests. In terms of evolution, women with larger butts are carrying enough fat stores to become pregnant. A butt that’s firm and perky is usually an indication of a woman being young enough to bear healthy children.

Interestingly, men’s love for the booty varies by culture. More than half of Argentinian men like butts more than boobs, but British men aren’t that interested in a woman’s backside. In America, ladies butts take the number two position, making it the second sexiest women’s body part.

Sexiest Body Parts: Eyes 

Perhaps the most surprising result of all, women’s eyes were found to be the sexiest body part. It’s been said that eyes are the window to the soul. When it comes to sexual attraction, eye contact is critical. It can even predict whether someone is interested in you physically or romantically. Larger eyes make a woman younger, which is thought to be the reason men are attracted to women with larger eyes.

Women with larger eyes also have higher levels of estrogen, which is needed for a woman to be reproductively healthy.  The most attractive eye color was found to be blue, followed by green and then brown.

The most attractive eye color was found to be blue, followed by green and then brown. A woman’s pupils dilate when they are sexually excited, which may be another reason why men are fascinated by a woman’s eyes. Looking into a woman’s eyes can let a man know if the woman finds him attractive, quickly letting him know whether to spend time trying to get to know her, or more on.

And that’s it for the sexiest body parts according to men. Did we miss anything?



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