Top 10 Tips For An A+ Online Dating Profile

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Top 10 Tips For An A+ Online Dating Profile
Implement these top ten tried and tested dating profile tips and wait for the women/men to come to you

1. Honesty

What is the point in lying when your intention is to meet someone face to face? They will hate you for lying and wasting their time anyway.

2. Images

Honesty and trust cannot be gained if you are not willing to show yourself to your potential date

3. Descriptive

Flesh out the profile – be informative and insightful. Why would users bother with you if you cant be bothered filling out a few short fields?

4. Light

Keep the mood light and to the point in your online dating profile… Users want to be uplifted – add to their lives with comedy and a positive attitude. Hint: Leave out the dark past and negativity.

5. Different

Writing about your own attributes can be a real tough one at the best of times… But do so well and do it in a fun and interesting way and you might just stand out from the crows of millions

6. Attributes

Use benefit related bullet points. Ask your friends what they think are your attributes. What can you add to the members that are looking at your profile

7. Open

– Be open to new suggestions and members who you typically have not dated before.

8. Paragraph

Reading online dating profiles online can be tough if they have no line breaks in them. Online reading is all about one sentence bullet points. Keep your sentences broken up for easy reading.

9. Grammar

NO CAPS and NO crazy dollar dollar signs in your profile. At least throw everything in to MS word before sending it out to the world… It doesn’t have to be perfect but at least readable.

10. Desperation

However needy you are at the time people will not contact you if they know you are desperate.

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